As is often the case, when I write a post about the deficits rampant in our approaches to parenting, the parents usually come forward first and in force to rail against my criticisms. But every once in a while, an adult offspring who suffered the slings and arrows of the kind of parenting I talk about will write in. It's always telling and always poignant... and always courageous. 

Here's something I just received this week on my FPL post "I'M STILL SORRY, PARENTS, BUT BETTELHEIM WAS RIGHT...": 

"Jesus Christ. This is the only page on the whole worldwide web I found which still dares to hold these views (and bring new input), despite the massive pressure of parents' organizations and pharmaceutical firms. I've outgrown autism, mostly. Every damn day, step by step, I have to fight each of my traumatic fears of hurting a masochistic mother whatever I do or say, and my traumatic fears of being killed by a violent sadistic father whatever I do or say. Each victory I win is another confirmation of the direct link between my parents' violence and my autism, which so many "professionals" tried to "help" me deny. You defend the parents, everybody sides with you. You defend the kids, you're called a misogynist, or far worse (if that is possible). Thank you for your courage. You are a brave man. Keep up the good work. When I hear those parents' organizations succeeding in shaming ayone stating that some parents may have a part of responsibily for their child's autism, I feel like I'm being murdered a second time."

Thank you, "Anonymous"

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