No joke, folks!

In an article in the International Journal of Epidemiology, experts concluded that the more bored you are, the more likely you are to die early!

The researchers analyzed questionnaires completed by more than 7,500 London civil servants 20 years ago, ages 35 to 55. The civil servants were asked if they had felt bored at work during the previous month. The researchers then tracked down how many of the participants had died by April 2009. Those who reported they had been very bored were two and a half times more likely to die of a heart problem than those who hadn't reported being bored.

Dr. Christopher Cannon, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard University and spokesman for the American College of Cardiology said if people's boredom was ultimately linked to depression, it wouldn't be surprising if they were more susceptible to heart attacks; depression has long been recognized as a risk factor for heart disease. Cannon also said it was possible that when people are bored, dangerous hormones are released in the body that stress the heart.

"Boredom is not innocuous," said Sandi Mann, a senior lecturer in occupational psychology at the University of Central Lancashire who studies boredom. She said boredom is linked to anger suppression, which can raise blood pressure and suppress the body's natural immunity.

Yo! Are you listening? Or are you bored?! Well, if you're bored, it's not because this information isn't interesting. Its because you're sitting on a bunch of suppressed feelings that this article is tweaking and you don't want to hear it. Or feel it!

As Alexander Lowen so brilliantly catalogued in his studies on "the language of the body," we know that what's going on inside ourselves emotionally manifests physically in our bodies. "He has a stiff upper lip," "She's a pain in the neck (or ass)," "He's a tight ass," "Get off my back!" "I have a lump in my throat," etc., etc. We remind ourselves through our verbal expressions that our emotions and our body are connected.

In other words, "Bored to death" is a formula, not just a colloquialism.

Boredom isn't a feeling, see? It's an "affective state" caused by the suppression of feelings. And trying to cover up your boredom with excessive activity or drama isn't going to work, either, by the way. No. People who die prematurely from "Type A" stressed-out living are suffering from the same disease as those who die prematurely from boredom. The disease is suppressed emotions.

Get yourself into some penetrating self-work, people. There's no other way. You're not going to be magically rescued from your boring jobs, from your dead marriages or from your addiction to Facebook. You need to get a life! For real. And yes, I know. I know. I say this so often on this blog that it's now... boring me to tears!


Good Morning America reported the story the other day of a mother who turned her back for just a minute on her 16-month-old and BAM! - the toddler swallowed 42 refrigerator magnets! (It was a record for the surgeon who removed the magnets, beating his previous removal record of 20!)

That's the way it is with kids, as any parent who tends to toddlers will tell you. Raising a little child is a 24-7 job of care-taking, monitoring, paying attention, setting boundaries, etc. (By the way, it's not much different babysitting for a puppy, which we are engaged in this weekend. Let yourself get distracted for a moment and your favorite Stegmann slippers that you bought in Santa Fe last year are in shreds.)

Likewise, raising the child within you is no less of an endeavor. Even though that child is no longer physical, and cannot itself go running out into traffic, it can nonetheless cause you to get into a traffic accident if you ignore the tantrum the child inside you is having. I say this to my patients often, and too often, they decide to believe, at their own risk, that I am speaking metaphorically, not literally. Bam! Just broke my favorite wine glass... again! 

That wounded and undeveloped part of us that holds the remnants from our actual childhood - the unmet needs, the suppressed rage and sadness, the irrational fears - that part of us needs to be heard, understood, felt and expressed through healing, therapeutic channels in non-destructive expressions until it is matured. 

The good news is that if you are dedicated to healing this aspect of yourself, it won't take as along as raising a physical child, and instead of costing you tons of money, raising your inner child will free you up to make tons of money! And enjoy great love, Eros and sex, expansive creative expression, good health and true adulthood. And you don't have to send your inner child to college!

Yeah, it's a hard job, but it's for a finite period of time and the pay-off is worth it, folks. Really.    


That's the title (Well, I added the 5D part.) of a blog post by Ann Brenoff on the Huffington Post. It's kind of a fluffy piece, but nonetheless, the sentiment is there. 

Here's an excerpt from Ann Brenoff:

"Think about it: More time to be with your family, your friends, take hikes, cook healthier food, sleep more, read more, think more, breath more. There's not a yoga class on the planet that can deliver what a 25-hour work week could."

I'm with you on that, Ann. 25 and out!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post on FPL (on the same page as my "Joy of Quitting" post) that spun off from a FORTUNE Magazine cover story, entitled: "THE END OF THE JOB." The FORTUNE article was published in 1994. The lead into the Fortune piece started with this: 

"As a way of organizing work, it [the job] is a social artifact that has outlived its usefulness. Its demise confronts everyone with unfamiliar risks - and rich opportunities."

That quote came at a time that marked the beginning of many people starting to work as "consultants" and free-lancers, rather than salaried employees, a move that improved the lives of many working professionals and the profits of corporations. That was then, 18 years ago.

But... here's where Ann, just this week, goes off on an old 3D tangent:

"Yes, there would be less money to live on. It becomes a matter of learning to live on less. Fewer meals out. Fewer surfing trips to Hawaii. Community college for our kids...."

Wrong, Ann. At least wrong in 5D.

Working less in 5th Dimensional consciousness doesn't mean creating less or manifesting less. It means that the old energy of "working" - that tiring, stressed-out way of doing what we think we have to do in order to survive or be worthy and valuable in our world of relationships, regardless of whether or not said work gives us joy or not - that consciousness is not the prevailing motivation anymore. 

Working less in 5D can and does go hand in hand with prosperity and abundance... if you let itIt does not mean having less money or time or resources for your creative process. Not at all.

In Number 8 of the "TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING" series: "THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH!", I discussed the "physics" of creating abundance, or anything else for that matter, by directing consciousness. That's the way we've always done it, but now, we're doing it more consciously. It takes practice, but that can be part of the discovery process, and the fun.

So, work less, create and manifest more, folks. It's not a passive process, just a more directly creative one.


Had an interesting discussion recently about what Wilhelm Reich called the "three cosmic pulsatory movements": expansion, contraction, rest.

All three movements are present in everyone, and basically in everything that is alive, and ideally, the movements blend harmoniously with each other. Expansion, contraction, rest. Exhale, inhale, pause. The wave rolls in, pauses, then goes out. Look around and you will find the movement everywhere, although each human being is predominantly motivated by one of these pulsatory movements, creating different personality types.

And each pulsation also has a positive and negative expression.

Expansion in its harmonious form is expressed as creativity, growth, a building force, forward movement, outgoingness, generosity, searching for union with that which appears outside of the self, with the "Other" (the other you!). In its negative expression, expansion manifests as aggression, hostility, destructiveness, cruelty, impatience, often leading to quarreling, ultimately in some cases, war.

Contraction in its positive form is assimilation, balance, introspection, inward movement, caution, patience, thoughtfulness, a self-searching, reflective, integrating force. In the negative, contraction manifests as a regressive, backward movement, resistance to progress, selfishness, egocentricity, avarice, separateness.

Rest in its positive aspect is healthy passivity, preservation, gestation, a state of beingness, timelessness, a gathering of momentum before a new growth cycle. Rest is necessary for fruition to take place. In the negative, rest will appear as stagnation, lifelessness, inertia, helplessness.

Again, each of these three pulsatory movements are an equally necessary force in a balanced life. If you cling to one or judge another, you will find yourself out of alignment. If you insisted that only expansion was "good," for example, and judged contraction to be "bad," trying, therefore, to just keep expanding, it would become destructive and you would become ungrounded. People with "type A personalities," and very strong wills who force themselves to stay in expansion mode are in fact, blocking nature, which is why Type A types often end up getting heart attacks as reminders that they're out of alignment.

It's a beautiful day today, folks. Breathe!


Wow! Last night I watched the explosive HBO documentary, "MEA MAXIMA CULPA: Silence in the House of God." I was both moved to tears and was left with my jaw hanging open, but not for why you might think.

I have been fully aware for a long time of the cycle of horrendous sexual abuse of children occurring within the confines of the secretive and corrupt Catholic Church, an endemic problem that was first noted by a cleric in the inner circle of the Vatican over 15 centuries ago! 

To a newcomer, yes, and to those who have been in denial, the information as documented by the HBO piece will be shocking. But what moved me so much was the 5th Dimensional storyline at work here, one that directly connects to the news yesterday  of the first resignation of a Pope in over 600 years! 

 In Mea Maxima Culpa, Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning filmmaker, documents a decades-old effort to protect and aid sexually predatory priests, a conspiracy that the film shows, snakes through every level of the Roman Catholic hierarchy including the current and past popes. The narrative is framed by the case of a priest being publicly accused of molestation — Father Lawrence Murphy of Milwaukee's St. John's School for the Deaf. There, we learn through the signed testimonials of four former pupils — Terry Kouhut, Gary Smith, Pat Kuehn and Arthur Budzinski — how the beloved priest systematically raped and abused more than 200 pupils during his unstoppable 24-year tenure.

What hit me like a ton of 5th Dimensional bricks was the idea that a handful of young deaf boys from the mid-west, now middle-aged adults, could take down the hierarchy of the most powerful institution of the Piscean Age, one that has defined male power for over 2,000 years. Four deaf guys versus the Pope and his megalithic Church... and the deaf guys win!

Now that's 5D!

You can watch Mea Maxima Culpa on HBO on Demand now. It's an eye-opener!


THIS is one of the most enjoyable articles on parenting I have ever read! It's called: "IDLE PARENTING MEANS HAPPY CHILDREN," by Tom Hodgkinson.

I'm just going to print excerpts and not even comment. Click on the LINK HERE or above to read the whole piece.

All of what follows here is Tom Hodgkinson:

I recall when our eldest child, a victim of chronic over-stimulation by his anxious parents, screamed "I need some entertainment!" during a bored moment. A chilling comment, particularly from a five-year-old. What now? What next? These are the questions our hyper-stimulated kids will ask. What has happened to their own imagination? There is a way out of this over-zealous parenting trap, a simple solution that will make your life easier and cheaper. It will make your kids' lives more enjoyable and also will help to produce happy, self-sufficient children, who can create their own lives without depending on a Mummy substitute. I call it idle parenting and our mantra is: "Leave them alone."

The welcome discovery that a lazy parent is a good parent took root when I read the following passage from a DH Lawrence essay, Education of the People, published in 1918:

"How to begin to educate a child. First rule: leave him alone. Second rule: leave him alone. Third rule: leave him alone. That is the whole beginning."

To the busy modern parent, this idea seems counter-intuitive. Aren't we always told to do more, not less? All parents have a nagging sense that somehow we are doing it all wrong and that more work needs to be done. But the problem is that we put too much work into parenting, not too little. By interfering a lot, we are not letting children grow up and learn themselves. The child who has been overprotected will not know how to look after himself. We are too much in children's faces. We need to retreat. Let them live.

I love DH Lawrence's idea of childcare. He says babies should "be given to stupid fat old women who can't be bothered with them… leave the children alone. Pitch them out into the streets or the playgrounds, and take no notice of them." Do not view them as raw material to be moulded into an obedient slave for the workplace of the future. Let them play. And yes, get your friends around. Life is so much easier when the work is shared. Friends bring laughter and joy. There's no sadder sight than the lone parent, pushing her child around the gloomy municipal park, trying to tell herself that she is having a good time.

My idea of childcare is a large field. At one side is a marquee serving local ales. This is where the parents gather. On the other side, somewhere in the distance, the children play. I don't bother them and they don't bother me. I give them as much freedom as possible.

We reject the idea that parenting requires hard work;
We pledge to leave our children alone;
That should mean that they leave us alone, too;
We reject the rampant consumerism that invades children from the moment they are born;
We read them poetry and fantastic stories without morals;
We drink alcohol without guilt;
We reject the inner Puritan;
We fill the house with music and laughter;
We don't waste money on family days out and holidays;
We lie in bed for as long as possible;
We try not to interfere;
We push them into the garden and shut the door so that we can clean the house;
We both work as little as possible, particularly when the kids are small;
Time is more important than money;
Happy mess is better than miserable tidiness;
Down with school;
We fill the house with music and merriment!

In Praise of Lazy Parenting

Bravo! Yahoo! I love this!!
This wonderful article, "In Praise of Lazy Parenting," once appeared in an issue of Wondertime Magazine. In a playful but dead-on bit of writing, the author and mother, Brett Paesel, describes the benefits to all of being an adult around your kids, so your kids can be kids. I have been saying this as loudly as I can for years now. But now, listen to someone else.

This is music-to-my-ears from Paesel:

"Your devotion to your own well-being may benefit your children more than you know. It could be making you a happier, saner mother. You could be doing your kids a favor by giving them a chance to develop a solid sense of independence. In fact, you could even consider your laissez-faire approach an act of faith in your kids and their ability to figure things out for themselves."

Yes! Yes! That is one of my biggest chastisements of the over-involved, course-controlling parent - you are showing no faith in the child's innate ability to learn and grow in a direction set forth before birth by their souls. In fact, you are treating your children as if they were soulless, and therefore in desperate need of your self-ordained Godly intervention.

Here's more from Paesel:

"I’ve noticed that an unintended benefit of my indolence is that my sons have made do with each other as playmates — thereby becoming best friends. This is something I hadn’t anticipated, since they’re almost four years apart. But last Saturday, after spending the entire afternoon with just each other, they told me they’re starting a business together: selling information they’ve printed out from the Internet. I feel proud. And why mess with this potentially lucrative partnership?"

Right. Children learn best from each other. Parents can only input information to children, and that inputting decreases their independent capacities to learn and be inquisitive, and the information being given is always, ALWAYS biased by the parents' set of experiences, beliefs and values.

Keep going, Brett:

"Since Spence [the oldest] wants more sophisticated company, he’s teaching 3-year-old Murphy to read. Spencer started reading at around 4 because, though I love reading chapter books, I tired of his repeated requests to hear dry accounts of the life cycle of beetles or termites eating dung. If he taught himself to read, I told him, he wouldn’t have to depend on me to entertain him. Now he has something to do on long car trips while Daddy and Mommy rock out to Led Zeppelin."

Mmm-hmm! But what about domestic duties?

"I wish I could say parenthood has awakened my dormant interest in cooking. But it turns out the interest isn’t dormant — it’s nonexistent. So in an effort to keep my kids healthy, I’ve stumbled onto the raw foods craze. True, Spencer and Murphy won’t eat foods that touch each other, but they do eat tons of fresh strawberries, broccoli, and avocado. So I’m not just a mom who can’t be bothered to sauté; I’m on the cutting edge of nutrition. I can’t face picking up toys that will simply wind up back on the floor. As a result, I’ve mandated “clean-up time” after dinner: The kids have to throw all of their toys in the appropriate bins in 10 minutes, and then they get their gummy vitamins. I set the kitchen timer, and the boys run around picking up toys like it’s an Olympic event. Their lucky wives are going to thank me later."

That's a big one. I am always railing about how treating your children like Princes or Princesses, with the parents in the role of servants, is not only discouraging the kids from ever growing up, but also making it impossible for them to be in an adult relationship one day. I can assure you that no adult partner is going to trim the crust off your son's toast when he's 30 years old, and any daughter who continues to need to be told that she's the "fairest in the land" in order to feel secure is in for a lot of psychotherapy!


"As Spencer and Murphy have gotten older, they’ve found it increasingly difficult to fall asleep at 7:30. I, however, still need two or three hours to myself at night, precious childfree time to devote to my husband and Jon Stewart. So, instead of pushing their bedtime, I’ve created “Adult Time”: The boys can stay up until 9, talking and playing quietly, as long as they don’t bother me for anything more involved than a glass of water. “Adult Time” was initially enforced to serve my needs, but I’ve found the boys enjoy conspiring and giggling in their beds. Last week, I was delighted to be shooed out of the room when I came in to close a window. “No adults allowed,” Spence said. I deferentially retired to the living room and a make-out session with my husband under the unknowing eyes of Jon Stewart."

JOY! JOY! JOY! ADULT TIME!! Listen, folks, if you're an adult and you think you don't need much adult time, YOU'RE NOT AN ADULT! And if you think you don't need regular doses of heavy-duty making-out, you're letting your children know how passionless adult life will be for them one day, too. Like the author/mother here demonstrates, when you live your life like an independent, sensually alive adult, your kids become self-reliant and confident, they love their bodies and feelings, and they discover the true joy of mastery. One of the things James Lipton of the Actors Studio is always remarking on is how many really successful and talented actors who come on his show came from broken homes, either through divorce or death. Well, how obvious is that? LESS PARENTAL AVAILABILITY equals MORE SUCCESSFUL OFFSPRING!

Thank you, Brett Paesel! You are one heck of a great lazy mom!!


You got that right. No one is immune to the vortex of energy we've been identifying as 5th Dimensional consciousness, not even the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Benedict XVI, who announced his resignation today, the first time a sitting pope has stepped down in almost 600 years! (Benedict, of course, was mired in the scandals of the Church covering up decades of sex abuse of parishioners, including children.)

I've been writing about the "Whatever happened to..." phenomenon for a while now, taking note of the unusually high number of people not only leaving the planet via the death experience (a record last year), but also those disappearing from our personal and collective realities by more or less receding into obscurity.

You can read some related posts HERE.

Meanwhile, all we can say as we keep shifting is...



“You keep giving Aderall to my son, you’re going to kill him.”
(Read the full article HERE:


I gotta post this excerpt from a news item entitled: "College Student Wins Restraining Order Against Helicopter Parents!"

I mean it just made me, as a crusader of sorts in the battle to get enmeshed parents to let go of their children, this made me smile.

"Sometimes parents just don't know when to let go, but it's rare when a judge needs to intervene.That was the case for Aubrey Ireland, a 21-year-old music theater major at College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. She convinced a judge to grant her a restraining order against her parents, David and Julie Ireland. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ireland told the court that despite making the dean's list, her parents would routinely drive 600 miles from Kansas to Ohio to make unannounced visits to her at school. Then they accused her of illegal drug use, promiscuity and mental illness.
Her parents allegedly became so overbearing that they installed keylogging software on her computer and cell phone to keep track of her every move."
"She told the court, 'I was a dog with a collar on."
"According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the school hired security guards to keep them out of their daughter's performances in school productions. When she cut off all contact with them, her parents responded by stopping payment on tuition checks."
"Both the school and the court have sided with Aubrey. The University of Cincinnati gave her a full scholarship for her senior year, and the judge issued a civil stalking order against her parents, ordering them to stay at least 500 feet away from her and have no contact with her until September 2013."


So, what kind of time have you been having so far in 5D? How have you been spending your time?

Well, if you're operating according to 5D principles, you are finding that you have an abundance of time and you are spending it liberally. In other words, time is no longer being experienced as something you can "run out of," "not have enough of" or have to "race against," as if it were an adversary. 5th Dimensionally speaking, time is more like a river you are swimming in, or a climate you inhabit, now. And much more than ever before, time is something you can "manipulate," meaning give yourself more of, slow down or speed up, stretch or shrink at will.

We've all had experiences with "bending" time. We say things like "time flies when you're having fun," for example, not quite realizing that it is in fact true that time moves faster when we are in a place of higher excitement. When we're in a creative "zone" or experiencing Eros, we'll "lose track of time," or experience "timelessness." Again, this is an actual reflection of our ability to "warp" time when we are vibrating at a higher frequency. Conversely, when engaged in an activity that is of a lower vibration, something that bores us or aggravates us, time slows down and "takes forever."

How 5D is different (see my previous post: "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!") is that can more readily manipulate time with conscious intention. We can now do what we've always been able to do unconsciously by directly invoking the 5D principles, in this case, #3: "Time isn't really real." To be more precise, of course, it's linear time that isn't so real any longer, that "one thing follows another in a certain rigid sequence" kind of time. Now, we can, with deliberateness, go from A to Z without having to go through the whole alphabet. We can still have a "process," that "going somewhere/having a journey" experience, but we can kind of skip the parts that don't intrigue us now.

I'll remind you again, folks, if you're reading this, you are in 5D. But... you may still be operating according to 3D rules, which puts you out of alignment with your actual vibrational reality and out of alignment with the collective reality you've chosen to participate in. So, your self-work now has to include not just clearing your emotional body of the effects of your old 3D beliefs and your ideas of your past, but very importantly, your self-work now must include practicing - regularly - the 5D principles for creating reality and the new rules of existence. Until these become fully integrated in your daily life and you achieve a comfortable clarity with the new reality, you will need to focus and invoke 5D consciousness... consciously. Clear yourself of extraneous thoughts and exaggerated feelings, breath deeply and simply say this when you wish to do a little time bending: 

"I now shift to a line of reality where..."

You can do it... if you choose to.

More to come...


A little squeeze may be all that it takes to prevent malignant breast cells triggering cancer, new research has shown. Laboratory experiments showed that applying physical pressure to the cells guided them back to a normal growth pattern.
Think about that. 
The findings, presented Monday, Dec. 17 at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco, "show for the first time that mechanical forces alone can revert and stop the out-of-control growth of cancer cells. This change happens even though the genetic mutations responsible for malignancy remain, setting up a nature-versus-nurture battle in determining a cell’s fate. We are showing that tissue organization is sensitive to mechanical inputs from the environment at the beginning stages of growth and development,” said principal investigator Daniel Fletcher, professor of bioengineering at Berkeley and faculty scientist at the Berkeley Lab. “An early signal, in the form of compression, appears to get these malignant cells back on the right track.”
I love it when medical science finally catches up to something and calls it the "first time" it's being shown. Anyway... don't underestimate the power of touch, folks, especially loving touch. When with a loved one, friend, family member, etc., trust your inner guidance, follow your hands. They may be leading you not just to a place that feels good, but to a spot that needs healing. 

Squeeze away!


I wrote the piece below 3 1/2 years ago. Thought it would be a relevant addition to our understanding of the events in Sandy Hook this past week. Some have asked me to post something about the 3D nature/nurture connection in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. This link also has several FPL posts on the subject of parents and their connection to their children's disturbances. At the 3D level, there is always a cause and effect relationship between parents' unactualized disorders and the disturbances found in their children.

We do come into each lifetime with certain predispositions, yes, including genes, to move us in the direction of a particular life task/seed plan that at the soul level, we have chosen to enact. This is so, and would seem, in a sense, to exonerate parents from the heinous things they do to switch on the genes, to bring forth the predispositions in children who do heinous things.

Indeed. At the levels of consciousness higher than 3D, there is no blame to go around, no guilt, no punishment, but... there also are no psychological disturbances, no crimes, no suppressed, distorted emotions, no erroneous beliefs or paranoid fears. But to arrive to that place, that vibration, we need to clear up all denial at the lower levels. So, here's something on that:


This is a very important story, by Jesse Kornbluth, about a very important book, COLUMBINE, by Dave Cullen.

Kornbluth, in his article asks the question, "Do you know who your children are?" Spinning off the conclusions in the book about the two boys who went on the infamous killing spree in a Colorado school in 1999, finally, after ten years, it is coming into some level of mainstream consciousness that these two murderous boys were not ever "normal" kids. They were deeply disturbed psychopaths, overlooked by an educational system and a society that places little value on regularly keeping tabs on the mental and emotional health of its children.

I wrote about this issue respectively in 1998 and 1999, in letters that were published in the New York Times. Those letters landed me on Barry Farber's nationally syndicated radio program. Mr. Farber featured me on the show because he seemed to think that it was a radical idea that these killer kids were not normal, but discernibly ill. Farber suggested I should be on a presidential commission for my unique insight!

How sad, I thought, that recognizing severe emotional and psychological problems in our kids would be considered so uniquely brilliant. But of course, that goes hand in hand with the narcissism I write about all the time (just do a search for the word on the FPL blog).

Parents, teacher, doctors, society at large, all want to see in their kids what they want to see, and when they don't, they want biology or nature to be the problem not parenting. (Take a look at the flack I got on this blog for suggesting any parenting connection to autism.)

Here's Kornbluth:

"No writer has scored an interview with either set of parents, so we cannot really know how they were unaware of their kids sneaking out at night and buying guns and writing about killing in their journals. The opening line of Eric's? 'I hate the fucking world.' It wasn't as if there was any murkiness about his feelings. Dylan? He just 'craved death.' Getting him to go along with the massacre plan wasn't a career effort for Eric."

Parents are always part of the problem, folks.


‎"Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you."
Kahlil Gibran


Ed Koch became mayor of NYC the same year - 1978 - that I first moved to Manhattan, and he remained mayor until 1989. For me, those were the City Rock years, the beginning of my career as a social worker and psychotherapist. For the first five of those years, I was a single young man living in a cold-water flat with a bathtub in the kitchen and a toilet in a water closet in the hall of the building on the Lower East Side. I don't make any claims about New York City in the Eighties, or of Koch as a mayor, other than that he was a memorable character who loved to ask: "How'm'I doin'?". Guess he wasn't ready for 5D, though. Bye Mr. Mayor!


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