"When you permit yourself the luxury of openly, unabashedly, fantasizing about what it is you truly yearn for, and dream of, you set into motion the energetic parameters for manifesting your heart’s desire. Until you give free expression to the limitless vision you keep under wraps, you cannot, by definition, create it in your reality. When you operate your life from the mind-set of unworthiness to have your heart’s desire—when the thrust of your energy is not daring to ask for what you truly want out of fear of disappointment—that disappointment is virtually guaranteed."
(From "Oneness" by Rasha)


"All objects, all tools, all rituals, all techniques are 'permission slips' you attract yourself to because they are representative of something within your belief system that says that if you use this tool, ritual, or technique you will then be more likely to allow yourself to give yourself permission to be more of who you are."

Okay, what exactly is Bashar talking about here?

Well, it's nothing more or less than what every teacher of higher consciousness or any quantum physicist would say. It's directly related to what the placebo effect demonstrates, which even mainstream medical practitioners know is real (Read more on that HERE). 

In his own inimitable way, Bashar is reiterating the truth that matter is directed into form by consciousness. This is not theory, opinion or belief. This is demonstrable - through science, through experience, through unbiased observation.

Matter is directed into form by consciousness.

However, here's the caveat... for us. Since we played the 3D game for so long, a game which had rules that led us to forget all of the above, and who we truly are, for the most part, we needed external devices - permission slips - to allow ourselves to transform energy into form without thinking that we were really doing so.

So, we take drugs, have surgery, radiate ourselves, or we eat certain foods, exercise, do cleanses, meditate, read books, go to therapy... whatever... all with the idea of creating a certain effect in our mind-body-spirit gestalt. Likewise, we work at a jobs, and get degrees or specialized training to obtain said jobs, in order to survive or manifest abundance in our material lives.

But what experiments on the placebo effect have shown is that whether you are ingesting chemicals or simply water in a pill, whether you're having actual or fake surgery, if you believe said pill or surgery is going to heal you, it will. Likewise, what people’s experiences have shown them is that when we let go of control, and trust in the flow of life, things work out for our greater good, often with ease. In other words, life is full of permission slips to activate your beliefs in a preferred way.

We conditioned ourselves in 3D to call these things mysteries, coincidences, luck, etc. Now, in 5D, more and more people are coming to understand one of the basic tenants of human existence, which is we create our reality from our intentions at various levels of consciousness. In the transition period, however, we are still temporarily relying on beliefs and permission slips, even though they now may be of a higher vibration.

As the veil of limitation lifts, we will have more experiences of a synchronistic nature that will be akin to practicing creating our reality directly, without a permission slip, and out of the strict linear time continuum.

Here’s a personal example...

For 20 years, I have been using the permission slip of doing periodic cleanses, as per the formulae and regimens of master herbalist, Richard Schulze. My belief in his programs and products was strong, and the results I always experienced were extremely positive. I would feel vibrant, clear, energized, within days, and my face and skin glowed as if I’d been on vacation at the beach somewhere.

But… here’s what began occurring a few years ago. I would start feeling vibrant, and start glowing before I began the cleanse. In other words, I was showing myself that simply setting the intention to cleanse my body made it happen. No herbs, no juicing, no hot and cold showers. Just focusing my consciousness. Just a clear intention in my mind, and the anticipation emotionally of feeling good in my body, made it so.

So, to summarize... start with recognizing, without judgment, that virtually everything you use in your life to create an effect that you desire is a permission slip. Then, again without judgment, allow yourself through relaxed intention and elevated emotions, to create what you desire without a permission slip.

Try it. Go direct. Conscious intention to instant manifestation. That’s what we’re up to, folks. That’s 5D.


Bravo! Yahoo! I love this!!

This wonderful article, "In Praise of Lazy Parenting," once appeared in an issue of Wondertime Magazine. In a playful but dead-on bit of writing, the author and mother, Brett Paesel, describes the benefits to all of being an adult around your kids, so your kids can be kids. I have been saying this as loudly as I can for years now. But now, listen to someone else.

This is music-to-my-ears from Paesel:

"Your devotion to your own well-being may benefit your children more than you know. It could be making you a happier, saner mother. You could be doing your kids a favor by giving them a chance to develop a solid sense of independence. In fact, you could even consider your laissez-faire approach an act of faith in your kids and their ability to figure things out for themselves."

Yes! Yes! That is one of my biggest chastisements of the over-involved, course-controlling parent - you are showing no faith in the child's innate ability to learn and grow in a direction set forth before birth by their souls. In fact, you are treating your children as if they were soulless, and therefore in desperate need of your self-ordained Godly intervention.

Here's more from Paesel:

"I’ve noticed that an unintended benefit of my indolence is that my sons have made do with each other as playmates — thereby becoming best friends. This is something I hadn’t anticipated, since they’re almost four years apart. But last Saturday, after spending the entire afternoon with just each other, they told me they’re starting a business together: selling information they’ve printed out from the Internet. I feel proud. And why mess with this potentially lucrative partnership?"

Right. Children learn best from each other. Parents can only input information to children, and that inputting decreases their independent capacities to learn and be inquisitive, and the information being given is always, ALWAYS biased by the parents' set of experiences, beliefs and values.

Keep going, Brett:

"Since Spence [the oldest] wants more sophisticated company, he’s teaching 3-year-old Murphy to read. Spencer started reading at around 4 because, though I love reading chapter books, I tired of his repeated requests to hear dry accounts of the life cycle of beetles or termites eating dung. If he taught himself to read, I told him, he wouldn’t have to depend on me to entertain him. Now he has something to do on long car trips while Daddy and Mommy rock out to Led Zeppelin."

Mmm-hmm! But what about domestic duties?

"I wish I could say parenthood has awakened my dormant interest in cooking. But it turns out the interest isn’t dormant — it’s nonexistent. So in an effort to keep my kids healthy, I’ve stumbled onto the raw foods craze. True, Spencer and Murphy won’t eat foods that touch each other, but they do eat tons of fresh strawberries, broccoli, and avocado. So I’m not just a mom who can’t be bothered to sauté; I’m on the cutting edge of nutrition. I can’t face picking up toys that will simply wind up back on the floor. As a result, I’ve mandated “clean-up time” after dinner: The kids have to throw all of their toys in the appropriate bins in 10 minutes, and then they get their gummy vitamins. I set the kitchen timer, and the boys run around picking up toys like it’s an Olympic event. Their lucky wives are going to thank me later."

That's a big one. I am always railing about how treating your children like Princes or Princesses, with the parents in the role of servants, is not only discouraging the kids from ever growing up, but also making it impossible for them to be in an adult relationship one day. I can assure you that no adult partner is going to trim the crust off your son's toast when he's 30 years old, and any daughter who continues to need to be told that she's the "fairest in the land" in order to feel secure is in for a lot of psychotherapy!


"As Spencer and Murphy have gotten older, they’ve found it increasingly difficult to fall asleep at 7:30. I, however, still need two or three hours to myself at night, precious childfree time to devote to my husband and Jon Stewart. So, instead of pushing their bedtime, I’ve created “Adult Time”: The boys can stay up until 9, talking and playing quietly, as long as they don’t bother me for anything more involved than a glass of water. “Adult Time” was initially enforced to serve my needs, but I’ve found the boys enjoy conspiring and giggling in their beds. Last week, I was delighted to be shooed out of the room when I came in to close a window. “No adults allowed,” Spence said. I deferentially retired to the living room and a make-out session with my husband under the unknowing eyes of Jon Stewart."

JOY! JOY! JOY! ADULT TIME!! Listen, folks, if you're an adult and you think you don't need much adult time, YOU'RE NOT AN ADULT! And if you think you don't need regular doses of heavy-duty making-out, you're letting your children know how passionless adult life will be for them one day, too. Like the author/mother here demonstrates, when you live your life like an independent, sensually alive adult, your kids become self-reliant and confident, they love their bodies and feelings, and they discover the true joy of mastery. One of the things James Lipton of the Actors Studio is always remarking on is how many really successful and talented actors who come on his show came from broken homes, either through divorce or death. Well, how obvious is that? LESS PARENTAL AVAILABILITY equals MORE SUCCESSFUL OFFSPRING!

Thank you, Brett Paesel! You are one heck of a great lazy mom!!

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