Frank on the sex lives of the candidates!

Frank's response to my post on Eros and politics (below) was so great, I'm putting it up as a post itself instead of as a comment. Enjoy!

Hey Peter,
l am glad l am not the only one thinking about this. l have been holding it in for a few months now. So l will start with the Republicans. l am not sure he is still in the race, but l have to go with Fred Thompson. That sexy little trophy looks like a total whore in the bedroom that will do whatever it takes to keep her old man smiling. The only other contender is the middle aged Mormon male model. l think we are only looking at about once a season ( yes, the big 4 ) for 7 minutes on a Saturday night (not too late ) and "don't you dare mess up my hair baby" for a real Mormon throw down. The rest of that pack makes me queasy when l think about it, like drinking too much coffee on an empty stomach, and besides if you read the NY Times today you know that Rudy will find YOU. So the other camp. Poor John Edwards, sorry dude, really. He brings to mind the Rod Stewart lyric " ...some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain... " Last year Jon Stewart summed it up for Hillary best: "... this is where penises go to die. " l think that has always been crystal clear. So that leaves Barrack and Koo-sin-itch. They are neck and neck. l think Cleveland has been treated to screams coming from the congressman's bedroom windows on more than one occasion. That Julianne Moore lookalike definitely has the look of love and she's red fuckin' hot. You just know she's grabbing those big ears and riding like the thoroughbred she is. He's always grinning, like he has a secret. lt's no secret dude, she's tearing the skin off that thing everynight and everyone but the blind and sleepy know it. Congrats. Too bad he can't see over the podium - people might know who he is and what he is saying. lf he looked like that Mormon clown, he'd be our next president. So that leaves Barrack. You just know those secret service dudes are nodding and winking at each other when those two are tearing it up. l wouldn't be surprised if early on in their detail they busted into the room thinking someone was having a limb severed. She's kicked the windows out of the back of the bus on more than one occasion l'll bet. Yeah, they got "it." Those smiles are real. l'll bet part of Oprah's deal was: " You gotta tell me what its like girlfriend, PPPLLLEEEEAAASSSE!! " Those two would have some party making over the White House, Chi-town style. Rock on. That's all l got. Frank

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Frank's observations. I was actually thinking some of the same things. But, honestly, it's got to be Kucinich! The fact that that hot babe is still with that 3 and a half foot tall Hobbit, can only mean one thing... he's got some mad skills between the sheets, over the sheets, on the floor, in the bathroom, the kitchen, the neighbor's back yard, the grocery store... you get the idea. Let's just say that he's obviously taken advantage of the fact that he only comes up to her hips.
Vote Kucinich: health-care and orgasms for everyone!!!


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