This is something someone sent me, a true New Year's gift. If you are looking for a sign about the upcoming year, and future of our planet in 5D, look no further than the young people (with old souls) who are coming in. And watch the clip below!

Happy New Year!


"You have to remember that you ARE your Higher Self. It is not something that you have to become or something that you have to reconnect with. For you to experience the third dimensional range, you, as Higher Self, incarnated and projected into form and then overlayed illusions of separation, creating an ego or personality. You created filters to color the perceived reality. All the emotions, feelings and thoughts that say that you are separate, that you are not good enough, that you can’t connect, that you are not lovable, are simply an exploration in duality. It is so important to see it that way — an exploration that you decided to undertake. Some of you get very upset because you feel that you cannot connect, but in reality you are exploring and practicing duality and are NEVER EVER separate from self or source."


I began this year with a most amazing experience during a morning meditation on New Years Day. And I specifically call it an "experience," because it wasn't a dream or fantasy or vision, per se, nor was it directed by my intellect or ego or will. For all intents and purposes, it was something that I lived.

Here's the story...

One of my favorite things in recent times to meditate to is Dr. Joe Dispenza's mp3, "Tuning Into New Potentials." Dr. Joe, mainly using the language of science, is dedicated to demonstrating and applying metaphysical, mystical, and spiritual understandings through physics and biology, for the purposes of enhancing our capacity to create our lives, our realities, consciously, through highly focused meditations. The New Potentials meditation is 45 minutes long. At the 16-minute mark, there is a 6-minute pause during which Dr. Joe ceases talking, and just the frequency of the music is heard.

It was during that break, on the morning of 1/1/15, that I found myself transported back to the beginning of my life... as Peter Loffredo.

I didn't make a decision, as such, to do this, and as the events proceeded, I was not directing what I was "seeing," either. I was simply in it, experiencing it.

I was born on the same birth date, to the same parents, only not on the timeline that I have always thought of as leading to my current life. In this lifetime, my parents were self-actualized, openly loving, balanced, wise beings, raising me once again in the 1960's, but not in the familiar terms as I've recalled them. We lived holistically and in harmony in a natural setting. Although my father was still a homebuilder, the homes that he built were in harmony with nature and our lifestyle. (He looked great with long grey hair and a beard, by the way. Much better than the crew-cut he had in my familiar timeline, no offense, Dad.) My mother, still mainly occupied with caring for her children and our home life, was free and beautiful and balanced, unencumbered by fears and self-doubt, and she did not need to create the cancer experience for herself in this new life.

My younger brother wasn't born 2 years after me, as he was in my familiar lifetime, but rather 6 years or so after me, so I was able to be more a genuine older brother to him. And my younger sister, as in the Paul Simon song, was perfectly "Born at the Right Time." Our family life was joyful, peaceful, fun, exciting and, quite astoundingly, free from any childhood illnesses, damaging accidents, or traumatic events. We actually even went, as a family, to the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969!

As I moved through this lifetime, I found that I chose not to have most of the relationships I had in the familiar life. My agreements and contracts with friends, relatives, lovers, etc., who were such an integral part of my story as I've known it, were completed, and so they were not part of my story in this new line. Nonetheless, as I proceeded through the years, I found each one of them, and simply raised a hand and touched them in love and gratitude to acknowledge their role in my journey, and then to say good-bye.

My work, my way of being of service throughout this lifetime, was as a writer, rather than as a psychotherapist. (Apparently, I had completed those many hundreds of agreements, as well!) I was successful and prosperous, but money was not an end in itself, but rather a support for and by-product of expressing myself joyfully and creatively in the world.

I found once again, in this new line of reality, my current love partner, and together, we raised our same two children once again, and while she and the biological father of said children still separated when the kids were young, it was a "5D break-up," without anger or strife, and with said father pursuing his passion to become an artist. (By the way, all I asked my love when I encountered her for the first time in this new lifetime was, "Will you walk with me?" And her simple, cocked head response was simply, "Walk with you?")

The lifetime continued on past the "present," into old age, with the kids having grown up to be wonderfully self-actualized human beings, pursuing their passions unencumbered into the future, and my love and I spent our days, she as a spiritual teacher, me as a writer, living in and always building our dream house on the ocean, in peace, passion and joy.

When the 6-minute break ended, Dr. Joe guided us to a place of experiencing gratitude for the life that was to come, the life that we had created energetically already in the "Quantum Field of Unlimited Potentials," and would be bringing down into physical form. I opened my eyes, looked at my love, and cried with deep feelings of joy and wonderment.

In 6 minutes, I had experienced an entire lifetime, free from any obstacles or suffering, and full of everything I could ever desire, and more. And as the tears streamed down from my eyes, I knew it was real. And not that the lifetimes I'd already lived were less worthy, not that the relationships I'd had were mistakes, not at all. They were all wonderful, intense, magical, crazy, delightful, powerful and challenging journeys to bring me back home, home to the person I always was and was now arriving back to being.

I was born at the right time.


Have you noticed anything happening to your 5 senses? Is your sense of smell or taste becoming more acute, perhaps? Are you hearing overtones when you're singing in the shower, or subtle music in the wind? Maybe you're seeing halos of color around people, animals and plants?

Has your experience of time seemed to be slipping away from you, forgetting what time or even what day it is often? Do good days seem to be lasting longer, while hump or grump days seem to be waning? 

Does your memory seem to be fading, while your ability to focus is improving.

Stress levels down, even though you're very busy? Energy levels up, even though your nighttime sleeping is erratic and you need frequent naps? Weight down, even though you're eating whatever you desire?

How are your orgasms? Your tennis game? Better than ever?

Your financial situation? Money coming easily, maybe even out of nowhere sometimes, with less and less "hard" work. Or is your bank account empty, but yet for some unknown reason, you're not worried about it?

Have apparent calamities turned into splendid godsends, somehow?

Is the elapsed time between desiring something and manifesting it shortening? In fact, have you experienced manifesting something before you even put it out there?

Welcome to the upside of the "Ascension Process."

Yes, you've been going through the symptoms - the purges and cleanses, revisiting old anxieties and fears and habits... But something else is happening, too, isn't it?

You're having more peak experiences.

"This is the best meal I've ever had!" "This is the most money I've ever made!" "My husband and I have been having really great, deep talks... and amazing sex!" "This has been the perfect day!"

How many times in the course of your week do you use the words: "best," "most," "great," "perfect?" Well, get used to it. As I've written before, if you're reading this, you're in 5D. You made it. And if you continue the work that got you here - letting go of your old beliefs and fears, unblocking your physical and emotional bodies, and retiring your ego - and if you steadfastly engage in a practice to dismantle your old reflexes, judgments and habitual thought patterns in favor of new, positive ones, without judgment, and you do whatever it takes to keep your frequency and vibrations up - then this is going to be a magnificent ride.

We are rapidly approaching a time of near instant manifestation, folks, where your thoughts and feelings create your reality in the relative blink of an eye, and with the full force of 5th Dimensional consciousness behind it.

Now, mind you, if you're still indulging the old ways, want to sniff that childhood "blankie" one more time, pay homage to the familiar shame-based judgments, prideful arrogances or fearful imaginings, well, the manifestation will still be fast and furious.

It's up to you... but me? Right now, I'm going to have the best lemon ricotta cheesecake I ever had!


Or this?!


3D was a dualistic dimension of good and bad, right and wrong, heros and villains. 

One of my heros in 3D was Mario Cuomo, who left the planet yesterday at the linear age of 82. He moved many with his lion-like authority and countenance, and, of course, his unequaled eloquence. He was the spokesperson in dualistic times for justice and the dignity of all, a concept not relevant in 5D, not needed where consciousness is connected to oneness.

Mario tortured many by refusing to run for president in the late 80'/early 90's, even though he was the front-runner on 2 occasions. He was not inclined towards that level of politicking, but neither was he wired for 5D consciousness. He did not come to take that trip on this planet.

Farewell for now, great warrior. And thank you.


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