My 11 year old step daughter was sitting with me a few nights ago, while I checked into the cable news coverage of the Boston bomber chase.

"What is this?" She asked. "Bombs, guns, fires, killing. It's so crazy."

I looked at her, concerned at first that maybe I shouldn't have exposed her to the mayhem being acted out by those still stuck in 3D reality. But then, I trusted the wisdom of the mature soul inhabiting her young mind.

"That's not our reality, dear, though it is some people's. As a therapist who advises people on certain things, I find it somewhat helpful to keep track of what's going on in other people's realities."

She showed understanding, and a slight consternation. "Are any of my friends in that reality?"

I answered. "I don't know. It depends on each person's Higher Self, and each person's choice."

She was accepting of that.

Okay, I'm going straight for some 5D understandings in this post, folks, so if you're invested in holding onto linear, 3rd Dimensional ideas like victimhood and limitation, go no further.

Reality is created, individually and collectively, in each moment. That creative process only appears to have a sequence to it because we create realities in each moment that are very, very similar to one another, with just enough variation to give the experience of movement through time. And while we in a particular collective may agree to abide by certain "rules of the game" in the creative process - like gravity, the solidness of matter, the passage of time, etc. - said rules of physicality are by no means absolute, and in fact, since shifting to 5th Dimensional consciousness, those rules can more readily be bent, broken or otherwise played with.

In addition, there are infinite "lines of reality" that can be created as we connect our moments in an apparent sequence of events based on what we choose to experience. And more than we ever could in 3D, we now can choose our lines consciously, meaning with conscious intention.

So, as a simple example, there is a line of reality in which you turn left and find the perfect parking spot. Another line of reality where you can't find a spot anywhere. Another line where your car won't start. Another where you don't even own a car or know how to drive. (See my post: "WHAT TO DO WITH A PARKING TICKET IN 5D."

Get it? 

We have always created and chosen lines of reality, of course, and we always are doing so... and always will. The difference is, in 3D, if we found the perfect parking spot, we considered it "luck." In 5D, however, you can say to yourself - "I now choose a line of reality where I can easily find a safe, convenient spot for my car" - and pull right in!

Likewise, you can choose, and many of us did, to be in a line of reality in which two disturbed young men set off bombs in a crowd, severely injuring or killing many people. And in one line, you're right there, maybe one of the injured, or maybe observing it from across the street. Or merely observing it on a TV screen, a hundred or a thousand miles away. You can even choose a line of reality, where the bombs misfired and never exploded, or the bombers were captured before they were able to enact their crime. Etc. Etc. 

Where does this take us? 

Well, since every line of reality that any of us can imagine can and does exist, then 5th Dimensional living becomes a matter of choice, choice, choice, and more choice. If you want to live in a world without crime or terrorism or war or poverty, do the self-work necessary to clear out your 3D beliefs in those things, as well as your personal investments in separation, fear, hatred and victimization, and then meditate on shifting to your preferred line of reality where such things don't exist. 

Sound too easy? Still prefer the old, slow, exhausting 3D strategies for managing social problems, approaches like political action and governmental control? Still enjoying that game? 

Likewise, are you still attached to ideas like suffering and "working hard" in order to sustain your physical well-being, or to notions like compromising and "sacrificing" in order to maintain a love relationship?

Too easy? Really?

You can change the world, people, but not by force or resistance or outer-focused actions, but rather... by literally changing worlds!

Think about it. Read and re-read the "new rules" of 5D, and equally as important, practice, practice, practice, so you can choose, choose, choose!


1927. It's a close game. In the fourth inning, the Dodgers tag Negro Leaguer Smokey Joe Williams for five runs. But the Yankees battle back on an unearned run, a homer by Ruth (off the great Satchel Paige), and doubles by Gehrig and Beckwith. Paige leaves the game after the seventh inning, having struck out nine Yankees...

YEAH! Now that would've been something, huh?

Read about it RIGHT HERE!


Just got the verdict on the summons from the Parking Violations Bureau:


Read the original post HERE.


“It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations.”
Kahlil Gibran

Repost: Slip Slidin' Away

"You know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip sliding' away."

So go the lyrics to one of Paul Simon's very popular songs. Wordsmith extraordinaire, Simon is onto a common conundrum here, one related to a topic I'm always hot on - "Resistance." On that subject, I often refer to Steven Pressfield's, "The War of Art," a sock-em-in-the-gut little book on the subject.


"The danger is greatest when the finish line is in sight. At this point, Resistance knows we're about to beat it. It hits the panic button. It marshals one last assault and slams us with everything its got."

I've see this one over and over again. A person has really done their self-work, put in their time uncovering old, subconscious beliefs, reconnecting to their emotions, facing the wounds and insults of their childhoods, owned up to their personal foibles - they are finally ready to reap the rewards for their years of personal excavation and courage... and they stall. Right there at the finish line. They have the winning lottery ticket, but they don't cash it in. The pain of not going forward is excruciating; the possibility of realizing the fulfillment of their desires is so close, yet they freeze in place.


Well, I've written about the battle within us over what aspects of ourselves will rule our day-to-day decisions - the ego & self-will or the heart and soul. If you've gotten to the finish line mentioned above, where happiness is a real possibility, then it means you have become ready to turn over control of your life to your heart and soul. But as Pressfield indicates, at that point, in its death throws, Resistance (the main tool of the desperate ego) will hurl the kitchen sink at you. (No reference to Hillary here intended.)

Here's something from the Pathwork Guide lecture called, "The Meaning Of Ego And Its Transcendence," channeled by Eva Broch:

"The ego must be healthy in order to transcend itself; in order to venture beyond its present confines and make as yet unknown spiritual land, knowledge, experience, and creative potentialities known and your own. In order to do this, the ego must adopt attitudes that are compatible with its original nature. All the tricks of the ego, all the negativity that are imbedded strictly in the ego, have to be recognized for what they are, with a very incisive, sharp self-honesty. The indulgence of denial, of glossing over, of rationalization, and projection must be given up. The searchlight must be ruthlessly turned on the little self. Only when you can put the strong light of truth, with your ego consciousness, on other aspects of your ego consciousness, can these other aspects adopt healthy and truthful attitudes. Then the ego gradually becomes healthy, and only the healthy ego can transcend itself and unify with the, of course, always healthy divine consciousness.
"It always seems at first frightening to go beyond the present ego confines. New land is unaccustomed, foreign, unknown. Man wants to avoid the unknown and rather cower in fear of it than have the courage of making it known, making it his own. To make the unknown known, outside as well as inside, that is the beauty of the spiritual path."

Yes. Fear of the unknown. Big one. Huge. See, our pain and suffering, our compulsions and repetitions may suck, but they are the "known," the familiar, and yes, we human beings do so cling to the familiar.

The Guide:

"The ego is under the illusion that to stay in the stagnant, narrow confines of the already known territory (regardless of how much wider it may be compared to the territory of others, it is still narrower as compared to one's potentials and the waiting task) is easy, relaxing, restful, effortless. To get yourself up by your bootstraps and moving beyond seems terribly tiresome."

Beautiful! That's a common erroneous fear I hear a lot from people at this stage, the fear that if they cross the bridge into a successful, fulfilling life of active creating and love and sex, etc., "too much" will be "demanded" of them. "I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep up," is the cry I hear. (Or "keep it up.")

More from the Guide:

"This feeling is an illusion because the stagnant state is really a manifestation of contraction, and contraction is by no means relaxing and restful, although it may seem so to the confused mind because of its immobility. But true restfulness is always alive and moving -- effortless moving. And this is impossible in a state of contraction. You can verify this by looking around you: the people who do the least are always the most tired. And the people who do the most are always most energized, restful, and relaxed (provided that their activity does not serve as an escape from the self).
"Harmonious movement is not tiring or exhausting, although the first manifestations may indeed give such symptoms to you, because to go from an unmoving state to a moving state -- on whatever level -- requires at first the acceptance of temporary effort, with self-discipline, faith, courage, and humility, until the effort becomes effortless."

We've all had glimpses of this, haven't we? When you're passionate about what you are doing, you jump out of bed early in the morning to do it, and you can put in a twelve-hour day if need be, but when you're uninspired, it seems like you can never get enough sleep, and the work day lasts forever. (On weekends, for example, when they could sleep late, our two kids are always up at seven-something ready for their day. On school days? We'll have to go through hell to drag them out of bed at the same time.)

Folks, you can do this. Step over the line, cash in the ticket, embrace the unknown, because every day is a trip into the unknown anyway, whether you admit it or not. You don't really know what's going to happen each day when you start out. Think about it. And the things you have to suffer just to try and keep some semblance of predictability in your life are mostly the things you hate doing! Right? Give it up. Take the leap. You've come this far.

Have a great day!


"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."
Denis Waitley


I've been lately telling people this simple thing:

"You have to practice!"

Practice what?

The New Rules of 5D (Murphy's Law Is Reversed; You Create Your Reality Now Directly From Your Higher Self; Time Isn't Real; The Past Is No Longer Prologue).

I've been saying that no desire is too small or trivial to practice on, especially since we may still have fear and judgments about easily receiving the bigger things. (Fear of getting what we want?! Yes. Read the various 2013 posts.)

So, yesterday, I parked in front of store for a moment, ran in without getting one of those ridiculous print-outs from one of those ridiculous machines that have replaced parking meters to put in my windshield. In literally less than a minute, I saw a NYC cop there with her electronic parking ticket-giving gear in full gear. - apparently. My old 3D impulse was to run out in a panic trying to head her off before the electronic pen was put to summons. This time, though, I just stayed calm, took a breath, finished paying for what I bought in the store and simply said this invocation:

"I now shift to a line of reality where I won't have to pay a parking fine."

I walked over to the policewoman, who now had a puzzled look on her face.

"Ohhh..." I calmly said. "Can you give me a break?"

She looked at her windshield reading device, which apparently had temporarily malfunctioned, then at me and said:

"I already started... but the time hasn't gone in yet. Go get one of those print-outs and send it in with the ticket and you won't have to pay."

We smiled at each other. The person giving me a ticket was telling me what to do in order to not have to pay!

That's it. End of story.

Here's the deal, folks. To the Universe, that infinite reality creating factory within us that we are within, makes no distinction between "big" things and "little" things, because those distinctions are only in our system of judgments. $5 or $5 million is all the same to the Universe, but in our conditioned mind there is a difference.

So, while you're getting ready to bring the big things into your life, practice on the small things... until you really get used to the idea of always having your way.


This post is coming from the Caribbean, St. Martin to be exact, where I am reminding myself, among other things, of how thoroughly healing and healthful sunshine is... along with the sea, sand and fine dining. (Some channeled info I listened to yesterday informs us that as we traverse through 5D, eventually we will all become vegetarians, and after that, we won't be needing food at all, but rather, we'll simply be absorbing the energy we need from the sun. Thus, I am getting in as much foie gras and creme brulee as possible right now!)

I am also being reminded, as I've written about many times, including in one of my "TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING SERIES" posts - that "PARENTS ARE THE LEAST QUALIFIED OF ALL ADULTS TO RAISE CHILDREN!" - and not just in enmeshed, dysfunctional enclaves like Park Slope, where bad parenting has been taken to a fine art.

Here in Paradise, parents suck, too!

So far, I've witnessed a toddler nearly having his arm ripped off while he got stuck in a luggage conveyor belt because his clueless parents weren't paying attention to him. Yes, they had 3 other ducklings they were haplessly trying to manage at the time, one of whom, in a Superman costume, was making grotesque feral sounds as he flew around the customs area. And in a lovely French restaurant in Grand Case last night, we had the experience of one family having to leave the establishment because of their screaming tot, but even worse, another family staying while their truly monstrous little boy demonstrated what attaching spirits look like when inhabiting a child who doesn't have the wherewithal to exorcise himself of such demons. (Hint: Parents are supposed to know how to do that!)

Folks, there is no difference, in this sense, between caring for an actual physical child and raising the remnants of the little child inside of you. It's a 24-7 job! That's not a metaphor or meant to be a symbolic statement.

Raising a child, inner or outer, is a 24-7 job. One moment of distraction and your kids being eaten by a conveyor belt... or running into traffic... or ruining the expensive dinners of dozens of people. Likewise, ignoring your inner child for a moment and you stub your toe, have a car accident or blurt out a hostile screed towards a loved one for no apparent reason.

If you don't want to live off the grid for a couple of years, or if you don't have enough money to hire a staff of caretakers, or if you don't live in an actual tribal village where everyone raises everyone else's children, and in any of these cases, if you haven't put in enough serious years of self work to become relatively self-actualized, then...



Here's how a piece, by Ted Gup, in this morning's NY Times, starts out:

"The news that 11 percent of school-age children now receive a diagnosis of 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' - some 6.4 million — gave me a chill. My son David was one of those who received that diagnosis.

"In his case, he was in the first grade. Indeed, there were psychiatrists who prescribed medication for him even before they met him. One psychiatrist said he would not even see him until he was medicated. For a year I refused to fill the prescription at the pharmacy. Finally, I relented. And so David went on Ritalin, then Adderall, and other drugs that were said to be helpful in combating the condition.
"In another age, David might have been called 'rambunctious.' His battery was a little too large for his body. And so he would leap over the couch, spring to reach the ceiling and show an exuberance for life that came in brilliant microbursts.
"As a 21-year-old college senior, he was found on the floor of his room, dead from a fatal mix of alcohol and drugs. The date was Oct. 18, 2011."
You can read the rest of Ted's piece HERE, if you need to.


I've written a lot on this blog and elsewhere about people having children, so often for reasons rooted in their own egos, rather than in a calling from their own soul and the soul of another being looking to incarnate on Planet Earth. In my writing, I've also tried to alert prospective parents as to what it really would take in our society (still not yet a "Highly Enlightened Society," as outlined in Neale Donald Walshe's "Conversations With God" books) to raise a child well, which means guided towards self-actualization as optimally as possible.

In addition to the two main tenants of good parenting - 1. foster independence in your offspring as early and fully as possible; 2. demonstrate/role model self-actualization and fulfillment - it basically takes a village to raise a child. Or at least a staff. If you want to have a personal life and career.

In her new book, "LEAN IN," Sheryl Sandberg does the math and calculates what it would actually cost for that child-rearing staff: about $96,261 per year. About?!

Still feel ready to do the deed? Hope you've got the cash!


This is from a report on this morning:

"The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the bible of psychiatry published by the American Psychiatric Association, currently defines "unusual" sexual turn-ons as paraphilias. Paraphilias include everything from foot fetishes, S&M and erotic eating to exhibitionism and pedophilia. These paraphilias are now to be considered harmless unless the person experiencing them feels distressed about their preferences or if their unusual sexual practices are harmful to others."

"Simply put, the latest edition of the manual, DSM V, will say that happy kinksters don’t have a mental disorder. But unhappy kinksters do," wrote Slate's Jillian Keenan.

Well, we're getting there. Here in 5D, the "Pleasure Principle" is in full force. Like the survival instinct, our instinct to follow pleasure is hard-wired into the human organism. Simply stated, the Pleasure Principle comes down to this: if it feels good, it is good, with the one not-so-small caveat - that in order to know what truly feels good, you have to actually be in touch with your body and your feelings which, because of the wounds we all endure in childhood, requires a fair amount of self-work first in order to dismantle the defenses created to survive those early slings and arrows. Once in touch with yourself in that way, you can then live well by following the dictates of your pleasure principle and Full Permission Living.

Here's an excerpt from the Pathwork Guide Lecture entitled, "MOVEMENT, CONSCIOUSNESS, EXPERIENCE: PLEASURE, THE ESSENCE OF LIFE":

"Experience contains the pleasure principle. The possibility for utter bliss is contained in the life force. It is your inborn longing to partake of this experience, which becomes possible when your entire organism is in harmony with reality, when you no longer fight against it because of misunderstandings."

The "in harmony with reality" part is key in this way - to have sadistic or masochistic fantasies, and to consciously and mutually indulge them in sex play, is fun. But to actually be sadistic or masochistic in your intent, and to act out those aspects in your relationship life is not. In his book, "Dark Eros," Thomas Moore, a former monk and Jungian analyst and writer, writes that it is precisely this topic [sadomasochism] that needs to be explored mentally, even spiritually, through fantasy and play, in order to prevent it from erupting into anti-social, or even criminal acts in the flesh.

So, back to your fetishes... the bottom line is this: if your sexual fantasy life, and the concomitant games you play in bed (or in the kitchen or the dungeon), don't stress you out or hurt anyone else, well...


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