Okay, this is a system buster. See if you can really wrap your mind around this one.

"Your manifestation therefore might be a physical condition that persists despite every conceivable effort you can make in physical terms to thwart it. The fact is, this condition does not exist at all. You merely have persisted in telling yourself it does. And the more mental and verbal reinforcement you add to the equation, the stronger the foundation you have constructed to sustain it."


Here's the headline: Amid Departure, John Boehner Promises To Avoid Government Shutdown: The House speaker says he'll also "clean the barn up a little bit" in his final month.



John Boehner and the Pope found themselves alone during a visit on Thursday, something Boehner, a devout Catholic, had sought since taking the helm of the GOP caucus.

Said Boehner:

"The Pope puts his arm around me and kind of pulls me to him and says 'Please pray for me.' Who am I to pray for the Pope? But I did," said Boehner, struggling to hold back tears.


As I often say to people in therapy, always follow the sequence of events to understand the connection and cause and effect of events. So,
this was yesterday...

And this is today...


Is that a 5D pope, or what?!


Have you ever been in "The Zone," a moment of creative expression or performance of some sort in which time seems to fly by without you paying attention to it in the "usual" way? Conversely, have you ever been in an accident of some kind or experienced a trauma in which time seemed to move in slow motion?

An interesting report on NPR recently explained the phenomenon in terms of brain functioning. According to neuroscientist David Eagleman, a Baylor College of Medicine professor, "The brain records more sensory information in traumatic experiences. Time isn't slowing down, but the hyper-memory makes it seem like it is by processing and storing all this additional information."

But is that it? Is that all there is to it?

Einstein once said this about the apparent movement of time: "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity."

Many people would assume that Einstein's joke was simply about perception, but what if in fact the amount of time there is in any given moment is relative? What if we actually are, through our state of consciousness, slowing down or speeding up time, or put another way, changing the amount of time there is?

Here's "Seth," being channeled by Jane Roberts: "As I have said many times, time as you think of it does not exist. The fact is that all ‘time’ is simultaneous. Events are not things that happen to you. They are materialized experiences formed by you, according to your expectations and beliefs.”

In other words, time is a construct of the human mind, a framework within which we experience things in a linear sequence for the sake of having that experience, but it is not the true nature of the greater reality in which we exist.

Okay, how many readers have I lost at this point? And anyway, why is this information useful?

Well, so many of us feel trapped or pressured by time, or the notion of it. Clocks are always ticking in our brains, measuring how much time we have, or don't have, for various activities and experiences, and that creates a lot of stress, which in turn creates many negative consequences in our lives. But if time isn't really "real," and if its movement is literally relative, flexible, malleable, then time can become a tool rather than a tormentor.

Think about it. If we become able to understand and use time in this way, we can choose to "spend" more or less of it according to our desires and preferences without worrying about it running out, or dragging on. We can create more time to do the things we love to do, and "use up" less time doing things we don't prefer to do. People have asked me how I am able to work as a therapist, write movie and TV scripts, and this blog, be in a love relationship, while raising two kids and acting as landlord of my building, and still have time to meditate, make home cooked meals, walk in the park and watch the Yankees. My answer is always the same - when you're not spending any time worrying or obsessing about how much time you have, there is an endless amount of it. Because it's all relative.

Think about it.

Okay, time to go back to bed... Happy Sunday everyone!


This is from a post entitled,  "CHANGE CAN BE EFFORTLESS," on the Higher Frequencies website of Wendy Kennedy:

"Many of you currently repeat to yourselves, 'I can’t. No matter what I do, things never change. I don’t know how. I know these higher spiritual concepts, but it’s hard for me!' Well, the truth of it is that it can be easy. It can be effortless, but you cling to the old stories of self. Sometimes out of the fear of safety and self preservation. Sometimes out of acceptance or rather the fear of not being accepted. Sometimes you cling to the old so you may maintain the illusion of control. The universe is like a vast and flowing river. You have the choice to effortlessly flow with it or frantically try to cling to the shore."

This is from the recent FPL post entitled, "GIVE THANKS! THE RIVER IS TAKING YOU, WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT!":

"One can exercise free will as a human being by swimming against the current, struggling, fighting, ultimately exhausting oneself, or one can turn around, and go with the flow, having a much smoother and faster time of it on this trip called physical life... The key point I've made, however, is that someone on the bank of the river would see that whether you're swimming against the current or going with the flow, either way, you're being taken downstream to your destination, which is self-actualization and awakening to the truth of your oneness with All That Is."

Well, there's a really revolutionary aspect to this, now, folks. Right now, right here, as we draw 2014 to its amazing conclusion, the river is roaring! The power of the current, the literal energetic rapids thrusting us forward into full 5D consciousness, is rapidly altering the process... of process!

Here's more from the Higher Frequencies piece:

"It is not for you to have to mentally solve every single 'issue' you have but rather for you to more consciously and consistently align your vibration. For in truth, no issue is ever solved at the level of the ego, a.k.a the operating system of the mind. Integration happens from the higher level of consciousness or the operating system of the heart. Because of your engrained belief that the ego is in control, most of you will not fully release a lower thought or emotion until you are capable of mentally perceiving it. As you align your beliefs with the awareness that you are a Divine Being of Light having a physical experience, the conscious awareness of a subconscious belief is no longer required. It is simply a matter of maintenance of vibrational alignment. In truth this awareness never was, but as you identified with your egoic self you added a step in the integration process that said, 'I must figure this out.”

Whoa! Now, I've been a therapist in a variety of modalities for over 30 years, and consider myself to be operating pretty far out of any traditional box. But no matter what the approach I employed or experimented with, one thing I always accepted as truth was that the "the conscious awareness of a subconscious belief" absolutely was a requirement for self-actualization.

But I have to admit, I have found myself more and more, especially over the last two years, skipping steps. And it's not because I've become jaded or lazy, but because I have to keep up with my patients who are moving through their evolution at warp speed! The younger ones especially are doing in 2 years or less what took us First Wavers 10 to 20 years! (Take heart, though, 50-somethings, you're moving at warp speed, too, now. You did the job you signed up for, cutting a swath through the jungles of 3D for the First Wave, the under-30-somethings, and now you're serving the coffee to them as they wake up. Many thanks!)

More on Effortless Change:

"What is the frequency you would like to experience? Joy, gratitude, infinite abundance, connection, acceptance, ease, grace, peace? When you work with the ego, you tend to think about creating a specific form to experience one of those frequencies and usually only in one area of your life. One of the benefits of working [directly] with frequency rather than focusing on form is that the universe assists you in receiving the frequency in multiple forms and typically by expeditious means. Too much of your energy is focused on the masculine 'doing' state and not enough on the feminine 'being' state. I will be _____ when I _____. I will BE something after I DO something else. In higher dimensional existence where there is no time, both [what you desire and what manifests in your life] are simultaneous expressions."

And a bit more:

"As it has been more socially acceptable to be mental rather than emotional, some of you may find this a bit challenging. But as we said, you do know at the subconscious level exactly what the frequency [of joy, gratitude, abundance...] is. It may simply take some practice to identify what that actually feels like in the body. For others, you believe accessing these frequencies will be too painful so you refuse to allow yourselves to open. In your past you have experienced strong negative emotions and as a result have closed down access to all emotion. Your belief is that if you start to feel you will unearth all the pain that has been suppressed. Sometimes you may momentarily experience those frequencies, but it is the pathway to integration and the release of pain. Pain is perception, and you may choose to experience it for thirty seconds or thirty years [Or 38 years!]. It is up to you. If you choose to perceive an experience through the lens of victim/perpetrator then you will experience pain. If you choose to perceive it through that of co-creator, you are able to release any pain and observe the experience from a neutral space."

Okay, so practically speaking, what does this mean in terms of self-work? It means that the proportion of time spent excavating the past from our memory banks and bodies needs to be matched and ultimately surpassed by the time spent practicing, through meditation and focused intention, giving ourselves access to our Higher Selves and Universal consciousness. It means being willing to change, to give up our previous sense of self, our identities, our attachments to linear time and physical limitation, to conflict and obstacles, etc., and leaping into the greater, vast unknown where everything is possible and manifestation is instant.

Are you ready?! If you think not, remember, you're going anyway, so you can only choose to make it more difficult. 

If you think you are ready, then remember the Zen proverb:

"You should meditate 20 minutes every day, unless you are too busy, in which case, you should meditate an hour each day."


The U.S. Smoking Rate Just Hit A Historic Low

That was the headline this morning.

“This result is absolutely exciting and maybe even astonishing,” Kenneth Warner, a professor of health policy and management at the University of Michigan, told The Huffington Post.

Well, Professor, it's not "astonishing" if you've been following this blog. I've been taking note of things that are decreasing, disappearing, or conversely, making comebacks since the shift to 5D began well over a year ago. As I wrote recently, per the book, "The Blue Zones," by Dan Buettner, beans, booze, naps and sex are in, but per the statistics, violent crimes, bankers, ADHD, talk radio, and now, cigarettes, are out.





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