I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go.
I'm filling the cracks that ran through the door
And kept my mind from wandering
Where it will go.

And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong.
I'm right where I belong.
I'm right where I belong.
See the people standing there
Who disagree and never win
And wonder why they don't get in my door.

I'm painting a room in a colorful way
And when my mind is wandering
There I will go.

And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong.
I'm right where I belong.
I'm right where I belong.
Silly people run around,
They worry me, and never ask me
Why they don't get past my door.

I'm taking the time for a number of things
That weren't important yesterday,
And I still go.

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in
Stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go.


Someone sent me THIS headline story this morning: "Scientists Blow The Lid on Cancer & Sunscreen Myth"

Below is the list and links of FPL posts I'm adding this story to.

Remember, folks, conventional wisdom is an oxymoron.

Enjoy! Summer's just around he corner!!

Here we go again! I've written about this many times (HERE and HERE), especially when celebrating the good 'ole summer time, as I am right now. I've posted links to studies showing that sunlight improves eyesight, and that the sun's dosages of Vitamin D help prevent cancer. Well, here's yet another article on the benefits of sunlight, this one entitled: "The Real Key To Improving Brain Function." 

Nicholas Spitzer, professor or neuroscience at the University of California and editor-in-chief of, has a message for all of you out there who are listening to classical music and doing crossword puzzles as a way of improving your brain functioning:

"Stop it right now!"

According to Spitzer: "What we have learned is that exercise  and exposure to sunlight are the key things for better brain function." 

Come on, folks! It's a brilliant, sunny, summer Sunday in early August. Get out there - to the park, the beach, the country, to whatever your version of a natural paradise is, and heal yourself - of everything or anything that ails you.



30 Years ago today, the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up upon take-off. The country and the world was devastated, as was I. I so believed in humankind's calling to travel to the stars that when I heard naysayers proclaiming that we shouldn't send human beings into space, I had to write a letter - to The New York Times and to then President Reagan, which ended with me volunteering to go into space myself!
Here it is:
"Space is our destiny"
Published in the NY Times: February 9, 1986
To the Editor:
The shattering tragedy of the Challenger on Jan. 28 will no doubt stir up such sentiments as ''if man were meant to fly, he'd have wings.'' Some will say that we should send only unmanned probes into space.
I disagree. Human beings do have wings. Our wings are our minds, and our minds have always compelled us to reach out and look beyond the boundaries of the observable. We honor the spirit of Christopher Columbus for daring to explore ''the edge'' of a flat Earth, as we reveled in the spirit of Christa McAuliffe, who dared to teach from beyond the classroom.
The logic of statistical probability tells us that we are only one of perhaps millions of civilizations in this universe, that we most surely have brothers and sisters out there. We are compelled to meet them and know them because we are all part of the same whole. Perhaps we can be helped in our development someday by a more advanced civilization. Perhaps we can make a contribution. But we cannot stay at home, retreating into ourselves. People must be prepared to travel in space. It is our destiny.
I envied Mrs. McAuliffe. She was living out my greatest fantasy: to view the Earth as a whole planet from space. I am a psychiatric social worker, waiting for the day when a President or NASA asks for someone from the human-services field to volunteer for a similar mission. I am ready to go! 
PETER V. LOFFREDO New York, Jan. 29, 1986


"When you experience a particularly poignant response to a given situation—one that you may judge to be extreme—consider, before judging yourself too harshly, that what you may be feeling is depth of emotion you share mutually with an aspect of self that has been denied and was left behind along the way. By repressing the expression of the depths of your feeling, you only serve to prolong the separation between you and that aspect of self, and to invite repeat performances of scenarios which are calculated to produce the same emotional response. It is imperative that you open your heart to the very real sensations of hurt, sorrow, or outrage summoned to you by circumstances in the dramas in which you play a part. In so doing, you pave the way for the reintegration of a missing piece of your own being whose life theme may be the embodiment of those very responses, and who strives from his depths to transcend them."

("Oneness" by Rasha)


Okay, let's start at the top with this one... You exist because you are fully supported. That's it. The Universe, All That Is, your Higher Self, nature, life... however you want to frame it... fully supports you. Period. If you were not fully supported, you would not exist. In fact, you are so supported that you even get supported in your imaginings that you are not fully supported.

What? You say. People suffer, people die, people are broke or married to the wrong person or slaving away at jobs they hate... 

Yes, that's right. People do create suffering, and they are completely supported in so doing. People also create joy, abundance, health, pleasure, and also do things they love to do... and they are fully supported in that as well. We are always in a state of abundance, in other words. Some human beings create and experience an abundance of material things, love, adventures; others create and experience an abundance of lack and pain. In fact, if you believe in the illusion of death, as most do, you will have the death experience, and then set about experiencing whatever else you wish to experience after death. And so on.

You see, whatever you create, the Universe backs you up... completely! And without judgement. So, whether you put out a call through your inner intentions for impoverishment, illness and loneliness, or prosperity, vitality and deep love, the energetic "creation factory" you exist in will fill your order. When things "happen" in your life that you deem to be negative, how often do you have that "See, I knew it" feeling? Or that "This always happens to me" state of being? Do you believe that "Murphy's Law" applies to you? 

There's an entire Pathwork Guide Lecture on this subject: "The Superstition of Pessimism." Here's a passage from the lecture:

"The superstition of pessimism begins as a superstitious destructive playfulness, but then you get lost in its very painful effects. You may really believe in what you first assumed as a safety measure. However, denying the positive and believing in the worst to appease the gods, as it were, is destructive. You do not know the power of such thoughts. 
"The power of this game needs to be made conscious. It can apply to many things in your life. When you have an illness, it may apply to the healing. When you find yourself alone and unloved, you may playfully -- safely, as you think - express the belief that it will always be that way. When you lack funds or a fulfilling profession you say to yourself, 'I had better believe it must be that way, so maybe then it can come to me unexpectedly.' It is as though you hoped for some idealized parental figure to assuage your doubts, to come forth and tell you, 'No, no, my child, it is not that bad, it is all going to be wonderful.'
"Without knowing it, you dictate into your soul a belief creating circumstances that prove it. You then 'forget' that you had started this game in a spirit of superstition or perhaps in a spirit of emotional manipulation. You become so involved in what you have unwittingly created that you really begin to believe that the negative is the reality. What started out as a superstitious safety measure gradually becomes belief on another level of your consciousness. The belief creates the reality and you stay in exactly that position."

Look, here's the physics of it, folks, and this really runs through all of the Truths About Everything - everything is made up of particles and streams of energy. Everything. If you could put your hand or your shoe or a pencil or the air you breath under an electron microscope, what you would see is that we are all "composed" of particles and streams of energy living in a vast sea of that same energy. So, what makes one thing appear separate and different from another? Consciousness. Quantum physics has demonstrated that anything being observed is changed by the fact of it being observed.

Consciousness moves and arranges everything! Get it? The abundance that is all around you, that is yours for the having is... again... everything! All around you. 

If your intentions were free and clear, in other words, not clouded by old, conditioned beliefs in limitation, for example, you could literally turn lead into gold as the ancient alchemists were said to be able to do. You could end a drought by making it rain, as Native Americans were known to do. You could create or attract financial prosperity, vibrant health or the love of your life. And it's no secret.

There's more than enough for everyone to have more than enough. The vast, unlimited, infinite "stuff" of the Universe is yours to command. 

What are you waiting for?


Here are the top eight God whoppers human beings have made up (from the book, E-SQUARED by Pam Grout):

Whopper #1: God is a him. Even though the progressive churches sometimes refer to God as she, the FP doesn’t really have a gender. We certainly don’t talk about Mrs. Electricity or Mr. Gravity. The more appropriate pronoun would be it. The FP is a force field that runs the universe, the same energy source that grows flowers, forms scabs over skinned knees, and constantly pushes for wholeness. God is more like the force in Star Wars, a presence that dwells within us, a principle by which we live. That’s why Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader have become such a phenomenon. Star Wars is a myth that speaks to us at a deep, gut level. Some part of us knows that “the force” is with us and that we, through our words, thoughts, and deeds, create the world.

Whopper #2: God looks like ZZ Top, makes black check marks after your name, and is basically too busy working on world hunger to care about you. God, if you believe the accepted box, is a little like Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird: this mysterious neighbor constantly peering out the window of his penthouse suite, waiting to catch us doing something “naughty, naughty.” We can’t really see him, but we’ve been properly warned that he’s there. Watching. Judging. Monitoring our every move. If you don’t follow this commandment or if you break that rule, God just might send his angel Secret Service after you to bop you on the head like Little Bunny Foo-Foo. 

Whopper #3: God plays favorites. The FP is a force field that’s equally available to everyone. It’s a natural capacity in all of us, not an exclusive gift bestowed upon a few. In fact, that is the primary lesson Jesus taught. God is within. You are part of God. You can perform miracles. To worship Jesus the way we do is a little like worshipping Benjamin Franklin because he first discovered electricity. Ben Franklin sent that kite up in an electric storm so we could use the principle he demonstrated. He didn’t do it so we’d build temples to him, paint pictures of him, and wear little commemorative keys around our necks. He wanted us to take the principle of electricity and use it—which we do to run radios and computers and air conditioners. Had we stopped with Ben’s discovery the way we did with Jesus’s discovery, we’d all be sitting in the dark. Benjamin Franklin didn’t invent electricity any more than Jesus invented spiritual principles. Lightning and the resulting electricity have always been available. We just didn’t realize it or know how to access it. Galileo didn’t invent gravity when he dropped the wooden ball off the leaning tower of Pisa. He just demonstrated it. Likewise, Jesus demonstrated spiritual principles that he wants us to use and develop. We’ve wasted 2,000 years worshipping this idol of him instead of using the principles he taught us. Look through the Bible and nowhere does Jesus say, “Worship me.” His call to us was “follow me.” There’s a big difference. By making Jesus out to be a hero, we miss the whole point. Jesus wasn’t saying, “I’m cool. Make statues of me; turn my birthday into a huge commercial holiday.” He was saying, “Here, look what is possible. Look what we humans are capable of.” Jesus is our brother, our legacy, the guy we’re supposed to emulate. What Jesus was trying to tell us is that the churches, the religious leaders, and all their blaring rhetoric has drowned out God’s truth. They’ve pulled the wool over our eyes by failing to mention the fact that the FP is not an object of worship, but a very real presence and a principle by which we should live.

Whopper #4: God rewards our suffering and gives brownie points for our sacrifice (better known as “Life sucks and then you die"). Many of us think life is some sort of boot camp for heaven. We believe this short life span is “only a test” for the paradise we’re eventually going to earn. If we hang on and bear it, we’ll someday walk through those pearly gates and be happy. These errors in thinking have been condensed into living facts. Nothing is plainer than the inevitability of sorrows and trials. But what if it isn’t necessary? What if there is no reason to be poor? Or get sick? Or do anything but live an abundant, exciting life? What if these tragic, difficult lives are another rumor made up by the churches and cemented into our consciousness by years and years of conditioning? What I’d like to suggest is that this heaven you’re waiting for is available now. And that you’ve been sold a bill of goods about who you are and what is possible. 

Whopper #5: God is just so demanding. The FP doesn’t judge. It doesn’t punish. It doesn’t think, Well, Sammy C. was a good boy yesterday, helping that little old lady cross the street. I think I’ll answer his prayer about winning the lottery. Those are thoughts Clarence Thomas might think. The FP doesn’t need anything. It requires nothing of us. It makes no demands. It doesn’t like Mother Teresa more than Celine Dion. Only misinformed humans, scrambling desperately to make sense of their world, came up with a God who plays eenie-meenie-minie-mo with our lives, a God who likes and dislikes the same people we do. Our fear has trapped us into a box that plays out our very limited perception. 

Whopper #6: You don’t want to ask too much from God; you certainly wouldn’t want to bug him. As I’ve already pointed out, the FP is not a person; therefore you cannot bug him. The FP is a power, an unseen energetic force. It isn’t finite or limited, so you certainly couldn’t ask too much of it. As the old saying goes, you can take an eyedropper or a bucket to the ocean. The ocean doesn’t care. If anything, we don’t use the FP power nearly enough. This is an all-powerful force we’re talking about here, not some last-minute relief team that comes in to pay the mortgage. The FP is not an adversary that has to be coaxed to the bargaining table. 

Whopper #7: God is just so vague. Au contraire. Once you get rid of the black cloud of rumors and half truths that hide your awareness, you’ll find the unseen force communicates just as clearly as Dr. Phil. Once you rid yourself of the blocks, you’ll be shown exactly what to do and how to do it. Again, we need to condition ourselves to think of God more like we think of electricity. Electricity doesn’t care who plugs in a curling iron. Electricity doesn’t need proof we’re good enough to make toast. 

Whopper #8: God only answers when he’s good and ready. There is never a time when God or “the force” isn’t guiding you. And you do not have to wait for any green lights or “get out of jail free” cards. The big guy is available 24/7 once you’re ready to focus your full attention on it. The FP’s guidance happens (as they say about … well, something else)—through a song lyric on the radio, by a phone call from a long-lost friend. The trick is to pay attention, trust, and as I will continue to repeat, focus your full attention on it. And while we’re on the topic of God’s will, let’s get this out on the table. There is no place in our updated picture of God for a hell of everlasting torment or for a sadist who would or could attempt to put you there. Nor is there any room for the idea that sickness or deformity or death or poverty or limitation of any kind is the will of God. The will of God, for those who insist on using that term, is the ceaseless longing of the spirit in you to become all you’re capable of being. Amen.


Below is a 3D comment I posted on another blog 4 plus years ago during President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012.


People in the so-called "Progressive Movement" are threatening not to support President Obama's re-election bid because he is proposing to make some cuts in Social Security and Medicaid. But the truth is, Barack Obama has been consistent.

Anyone who was really paying attention in 2008, and not projecting onto him, can see that President Obama is following the trajectory of Candidate Obama. He was never what his left wing constituents believed or wished him to be, anymore than he was or is what right wingers claim.

Barack Obama is a centrist politician.

Because he is intelligent, unlike our last president, and emotionally mature, unlike the president before that, progressive-thinking people expected him to be some kind of heroic, transformative figure, a Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. at best, an FDR or JFK at the very least. But Obama is not cut from that kind of cloth.

He broke the color barrier in the White House, as Jackie Robinson did in major league baseball, and like Robinson, Obama has been vilified and delegitimized for the fact, and like Robinson again, Obama stays above the assault. This is where his heroism lies. He has changed history by the very fact of his presence and his dignity in the face of our country's least common denominator. But as a policy maker, he is cautious, strategic, and more than liberals may want to realize, simply what the political middle used to be before the so-called "Conservative Movement" took over the government in 1980.


"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


For those of you born 50 years or so ago, you are the "midwives," the coffee servers for those just now waking up or for those just now incarnating. You may feel that you are behind the times, that you are too late to experience what you desire to achieve in this life, but in fact you are, if anything, a little early for your heart's desire. Fear not.

Here's a passage from "Oneness" by Rasha on the matter: 

"Generations to come may speculate on what it was like to be alive in these times. For, your history will allude to conditions that they will not be able to comprehend. The world as you know it will undergo radical transformations in the times to come. And the foundation upon which you have built your understandings of the nature of your reality will have changed so dramatically that one would be apt to question whether it was the same world at all. Indeed, that is the very nature of the process. For the world as you know it to be is, in fact, dematerializing in the wake of the momentum that is driving all Creation.  
"The changes are taking form in subtle increments. And often one does not even notice that a significant shift has occurred. But, from the perspective of a broader vision, one will be able to look back upon these times with wonderment. And those of you who will have retained your physical form will have fascinating stories to tell as to how these changes came to be. Younger beings, who will only be able to imagine life under such conditions, will marvel at how such memories are even possible. You, whose very presence will attest to the extent of the journey in consciousness humankind has undertaken, see these days of transformation from a markedly different perspective. 
"For, collectively, you are the midwives who are assisting with the birthing of a new reality. Your willingness to be in physical form during these changes is an act of courage. For, it would have been far easier to wait until the dust had settled and simply manifest into more favorable circumstances. You, who read these words, are among those who chose to experience the transformational journey in physical form and to have the experience of physical ascension. 
"Future generations will have made preparations for incarnation into a dramatically different world. Their natural inclination to be less reactive reflects the fact that many of these younger beings have a dramatically different vibrational constitution than you do. Their energy fields are not cluttered with unresolved emotional blockages, and life for the young, in general, flows more smoothly than it did for you at their stage of development."


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