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Thanksgiving is here again. It is a wonderful state of being, gratitude, but in our masked world of elaborately designed character structures, how many of us actually know that gratitude is not an action you can take, is not something you can do. No, gratitude, like love and forgiveness, is an organic, spontaneous place you can only arrive to - when you've cleared out the ego-driven negativity, neediness and impulses to control others inside of yourself, which is something you can do.

I've written often on the FPL blog that when you love yourself, you can't help but love others. You don't even have to try. You are in a natural state of lovingness, which isn't necessarily romantic or altruistic, by the way. And when you have become aligned with your Higher Self, you also can't help but feel grateful and forgiving, which, by the way again, doesn't mean subjecting yourself to the lower vibrations of certain family members and friends who are still playing the 3D version of physical life, especially on the appointed holidays of 3D culture.

So, rather than giving thanks today, folks, I recommend experiencing gratitude - for whatever it is that you are genuinely grateful for already!


"You are the first in a generation of conscious beings coming into form and you will make it possible for those that follow to exist more easily in the higher frequencies that are now available. This is a gift, but this is a massive change. It’s a tidal wave of light ascending into you as you ascend into it."
Channeled through Paul Selig


As FPL's TODAY'S QUOTE from yesterday, channeled by Paul Selig, says: 

"When you are attached to what you’ve had, it is very difficult to let things go and go on in a new way. The lesson of the storm is responsibility. How you respond to anything and everything that occurs is your choice."
(Full quote HERE)

The reports are coming in fast and furious. Stories of disasters and miracles, tragedies and triumphs, fear and heroism. People are sharing tales with me of breakthroughs and breakdowns. In either case, I respond by saying: Congratulations! You've arrived to the moment of great transition. Happy 2012!


Yes, that's right. You couldn't be living in a more exciting time if your intention is to embrace change and soar forward to the next place in your evolution.

But people are losing their homes, their belongings, even their lives in some cases. And you say congratulations?!

Look, if you don't get that your existence is an ongoing, eternal journey through and beyond the boundaries of time, one during which you are always the creator of your experiences, individually and, by agreement, collectively, then things are going to seem very unpleasant to you, unfair, tragic even. But if you allow yourself to use these events, any events, as a wake-up call, or as a kind of "shock therapy," and stop calling what happens in your life "luck" (good or bad) or "coincidence," then you will be on your way to becoming a "conscious creator."

Initially, just-waking conscious creators ask of every occurrence: "How and why did I create this?" They are beginning to understand that in the screenplay of our lives, we are the writer, director and main character, and so how the stories play out, the arc of our script, is fully in our hands. 

This is an exercise I often recommend to people I work with - to imagine your life as a movie that you are writing, directing and starring in, and for every situation in each act, ask of yourself: "Now, why did I write that in at that time?" Whether you believe it is true or not, it is a worthy exercise in self-responsibility and self-awareness.

Did your character lose power or gain power during the act? 

Did you lose power or gain power during the storms last week? 

Perhaps in your rewrite, you might say, for example: "My electricity went out for a while, but I discovered my inner power to attract kindness from others, and my ability to let go of things I was attached to and create space for new things."

In other words: "In losing the conventional notion of power, I discovered my true inner power, and from there, I can create a new reality more aligned with who I truly desire to be."

Well, then... Congratulations!


Here's A2P:

Hi PL,

Your post: DID YOU LOSE YOUR POWER DURING THE SUPERSTORMS... OR DID YOU FIND IT? really resonated with me and I wanted to share my waveride. This might sound petty but I'd been in a bad job situation for months now and had been bending over backwards to make this job/city/finances fit. During Superstorm Sandy, I was hunkered down for a few days and then, with minimal effort, I now find myself, abruptly, moving to a new city with a new job. With minimal effort I snagged a very affordable place to live too.

The outcome of this move: I will earn enough $ and have costs modest enough to maintain the same standard of living/bioenergetic opportunities in spite of crushing student loan payments awaiting me in January. Whoa. I think I just rode the wave! Cheers to the FPL perspective on this. Curious what 2012 has in store next.

A2 Person

I joined the crowd of, mostly Millennials/Gen X-ers, cheering outside the Whitehouse after Obama was reelected. Politics aside, the crowd felt electric and was pulsating with life.

Here's PL:

Beautiful, A2P! That's the way it works. The Wave is not just about getting slammed; it's about becoming a conscious creator of your reality, and one of the steps is shedding the illusion of victimhood. When something presents itself to you that seems inherently negative or like "the same old shit,"  you change your reality by responding in a new way, by looking to understand yourself as a creative being, and then you can turn the same-old-same-old into something new and exciting.


Thanks for writing in.



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This is from the Patheos blog, channeled by Paul Selig:

"When you are attached to what you’ve had, it is very difficult to let things go and go on in a new way. Now we are not telling you all that you have to let go of everything to move forward, but you do have to let go of the attachment to it as your claim of safety.

"You all create the weather you know.  You create the quakes.  You create the changes. You are choosing this time collectively as an embarkation point for a new history. A new history that has come to bring you worth outside of those things you have believed would save you.  You are the savior, you know. But not in the way you may think. You lift yourself and your fellows are lifted by you as you reach the light. When you realize that this is all a creation that you have agreed upon, you can lift yourself above the illusion and decide something new. When you claim your worth in the face of any situation, you create a new possibility, a new opening, a new standing.

"You like to be victims still. If you play victim you remain a victim. If you point the fingers you are still claiming victimhood. The victim blames. The true soul claims his own worth in the face of all experience. The lesson of the storm is responsibility. How you respond to anything and everything that occurs is your choice. If you believe it is not, you are self-deceiving in what is responsibility. If you say 'This is an opportunity for me to know who and what I am in a new way, in a new possibility,' you will lift to a new thinking, a new creation where you are in purpose with your life."


How are you doing?

That has become quite a loaded and penetrating question these days. Most recently, two superstorms, as real-time events and as metaphors, have slammed the northeast. As I've been writing about more and more frequently, The Wave is upon us. It is not only taking down houses and whole neighborhoods, not to mention the Republican Party, but it is also shaking up relationships and careers, bringing the very fabric of life as we know it into question, and challenging everyone to look at what they're attached to, externally, obviously, but mainly internally, the place from which we create the external - old beliefs and ideas, identities, judgments and illusions of power and control.

In my profession, when I ask the question above, I am available to listen with full attention to the person answering, and to try and help connect the dots and follow the sequence of events to understand not just how they are doing but why they are doing how they're doing.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, was known for saying:

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

In a screenplay of mine, called "The Agreement," I once wrote:

"Whatever is still there when you stop believing in it is reality."

People have been saying things to me lately, like: "Oh, you weren't kidding about The Wave. It's real. It's here!"

I laugh, and remind them that 6 months, a year, two years ago, I began saying this and saying that I wasn't joking, that I meant it literally. You see, we have all agreed to awaken to a new level of consciousness at this time, and so the clarion call has sounded, has come to arouse us. How each person responds is a matter of free will and soul age, but no one right now can remain untouched by The Wave. No one can maintain their status quo.

The old is being swept away. If you are actively engaged in sweeping away the old patterns of thinking and feeling (or not feeling) in your inner life, the changes in your outer life may still be dramatic, but most likely not traumatic. If you are not choosing to wake up willingly, however, The Wave is serving as an alarm clock for you, sweeping away your outer structures to get you to look at your inner ones.

Folks, I am not trying to alarm you, not really. Events will do that. I am trying to alert you, trying to help translate the messages we are all getting right now. This is ultimately a wonderful time to be incarnated here on Earth, a time during which one can evolve greatly in no time at all compared to other times. Don't give in to fear or stay in frustration. Embrace change. Open your consciousness. Ride The Wave!


I lifted the chart below from a sweet piece yesterday on the Huffington Post, entitled "Which Professions Have The Most Psychopaths?" by writer Eric Barker.

Barker writes:
"First off, psychopath doesn't just mean someone who cuts you up with a chainsaw -- though the majority of people who do things like that are psychopaths." 

The writer is correct. Psychopathy is but one of the five Character Structures we may build around and into ourselves to survive the slings and arrows of childhood at the mercy of un-self-actualized parents, and a dysfunctional social and cultural environment. (For of full description of the Psychopathic Character Structure go HERE.)

So, given that most psychopaths do function, relatively speaking, in society,  which professions (other than axe murderer) do they disproportionately gravitate towards -- or away from, according to Barker?

Well, enjoy the chart below: + means more psychopathy, - means less. And take note of where a career as a therapist fits in. (Whew!)


As I watched the footage of Hurricane Sandy's devastation to the Jersey Shore this week, I was struck by a surreal image of the Seaside Heights amusement park and boardwalk, which was basically wiped out by the storm.

In my childhood and youth, Seaside Heights was where I spent several family vacations, and even some vacations in young adulthood. The memories of body surfing, walking barefoot into town to buy comic books, eating buckets of steamers on the boardwalk and crabbing at midnight off the pier with Grandpa Pete have been held in my consciousness in a golden light throughout the years.

Through the many years of self-work since those days, I have let go of "my past" as a determining influence on my present, and come to understand that the "past as prologue" idea is just that - an idea. Furthermore, as a line of reality, the past only exists to the degree that I continued to create it, and even at that, the past could be changed from my perspective in the present. And the more my focus and attention is on the here and now, the less real the past becomes.

So, when I saw the literal disappearance of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, I understood clearly that outer reality, as such, does indeed follow inner reality. My past was not only gone inside of me, but in my outer line of reality as well. I have written about this phenomenon regarding people in our lives who "disappear" (See my FPL piece: "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO..." HERE), and it only stands to reason that places that are no longer of a relevant vibration to us individually or collectively, will also become "whatever happened to's."

Now, don't get up in arms and misunderstand the implications of what I'm saying here. I'm not blithely dismissing any person, place or thing disappearing when it no longer serves us as a throw-away comment. It's a big deal. But... we create our own reality at every level, individually and collectively, so yes, in my reality, just as in yours, people, places and things will "vanish" from your line of reality as their vibrations no longer match yours. However, that does not mean that said people, places and things don't continue on in another parallel line of reality.

You see, it is an exquisite dance, an amazing choreography, how individual reality and collective reality dovetail perfectly such that every detail of everyone's creations serves and supports everyone else's.

So fear not, if you still desire to have the Seaside Heights boardwalk in your reality, it will be rebuilt.


Thought I'd repost this from last year, when Mayor Bloomberg's City Council voted to ban smoking in New York City's parks, beaches and Times Square.

This is from December 2011:

According to the newest surgeon general's report on smoking, even one cigarette is too many. Lung cancer is what people usually fear from smoking, and yes, that can take years to strike. But Thursday's SG report says there's no doubt that tobacco smoke begins poisoning immediately – as more than 7,000 chemicals in each puff rapidly spread through the body to cause cellular damage in nearly every organ.

"That one puff on that cigarette could be the one that causes your heart attack," said Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. Or the one that triggers someone else's: "I advise people to try to avoid being around smoking any way that you can," she said.

So, why am I posting this here today? I'm pretty sure that not a lot of FPL readers are cigarette smokers. However, this is a perfect metaphor for something I do often warn my patients about - exposing themselves to toxic low vibrations in others.

Often, when people I work with attain a level of emotional connectedness and freedom, as well as a comparable level of awareness, understanding and mental clarity, they find themselves in a quandary: they discover that some of their old friends and family members, especially those who have dug into a lower level of consciousness, are getting more difficult to relate to and spend time with. They seem like they've turned into Flintstone characters.

I liken this phenomenon to having quit smoking, then trying to go back into a bar full of smokers. Your newly cleared out lungs immediately feel the toxic effects of the smoke. Likewise, after you've done enough self-work to be approaching self-actualization, your newly cleared out consciousness and emotional body immediately feels the effects of a clogged consciousness emitting toxic vibrations and distorted emotions.

In this transitional phase, the entire world, at first, suddenly appears to be crazy and toxic, and so the evolved person often fears that they are going to end up alone with no one to relate to. Let me say this as clearly as possible - that never happens!

No different than clearing out old junk from your closet, you are merely making room, and once the "Law of Attraction" kicks in, you will be filling that closet up with newer things - and relationships - that resonate with your higher vibration.

Anyway, you have no choice, folks. If you are no longer a smoker, you can't go in that bar anymore, and once you've raised your vibration, you can't go down again. So, stay open, trust your Higher Self, and you will find that suddenly smoking in public places is no longer allowed in your reality.


That was actually the title of an article on this week that talked about how events seem to be sweeping President Obama towards victory in next week's election.

As all FPL readers know, I have been talking and writing about The Wave for a couple of years now, and the phenomenon certainly is intensifying as we head down the home stretch of 2012, isn't it? Hurricane Sandy was just the latest manifestation, and it was a big one collectively, but there have been many less public storms in many people's lives, some wreaking havoc and even death, some bringing new levels of harmony, health and excitement.

As I watched the coverage on TV in the storm's aftermath, and saw our Democratic president and the Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, no supporter of the president, getting so much positive attention for their dedicated, collaborative and timely work to assess the damage and begin the reparation process, I wondered: "Is The Wave coming to sweep Obama up for another term?" Is that our collective's intention?

You see, the difference between the point of view of the Salon article and the understanding written about here on FPL is that the implication in Salon's piece is that it is luck, a confluence of coincidences, some force outside of consciousness and intention that could bring Obama a second term, other than the direct voting process itself, which is much more of an effect than a cause of events.

On this blog, however, we know that consciousness and intention are everything, and so we know that humanity has collectively, even if not every one is aware of it consciously, decided that this moment "in time" is  bringing forth a powerful shift forward in the human experience. This shift amounts to a raising of our vibrational frequency to a 4th dimensional level, a rise that is inevitable and irresistible. The Wave is fully in motion, and like a powerful storm, it will effect everything in its path. For some, this will be experienced as crisis and calamity. For others, it will represent an opportunity for a new beginning. For many, it will be both.

Surf's up, folks!


"Only the wounded healer is able to heal. As long as we think that spiritual leaders need to be perfect, we live in poverty. I have a perfect teacher inside; there is no perfect teacher outside."

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