"The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C,' the idea must be feasible."
A YALE UNIVERSITY professor in response to Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service. (Smith went on to found Federal Express Corp.)



For example, the Governor of Alaska, Sean Parnell appointed a guy, one Don Haase, to the panel that nominates state judges. Haase actually testified Wednesday that he would like to see Alaskans prosecuted for having sex outside of marriage!

Read more HERE!

And read my "WE'RE NOT ALL THE SAME" series HERE and HERE


"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?"
H.M. Warner (Warner Brothers) before rejecting a proposal for movies with sound in 1927.




This is a beauty from Steven Pressfield! People have such a hard time accepting it when I tell them that they are choosing their suffering, inviting illness and pathology, avoiding success and fulfillment. Well, here's Pressfield on the subject:

"Doctors estimate that 70 to 80 percent of their business is non-health-related. People aren't sick, they're self-dramatizing. Sometimes the hardest part of a medical job is keeping a straight face. As Jerry Seinfeld observed of his 20 years of dating: 'That's a lot of acting fascinated.' The acquisition of a condition lends significance to one's existence. An illness, a cross to bear... Some people go from condition to condition; they cure one, and another pops up to take its place.The condition becomes a work of art in itself, a shadow version of the real creative act the victim is avoiding by expending so much care cultivating his condition."
Steven Pressfield (p. 27 of The War of Art)


I've been talking about "The Wave" over the last year or so, that surge of energy that's been moving across the world causing "natural" and "man-made" disasters, on the one hand, leaving pain and hardship in its wake for many, while on the other hand, simultaneously sweeping many others rapidly forward towards a place of higher consciousness and fulfillment. What determines the ways in which one experiences the Wave is directly proportional to the level of openness to change and movement in each person. Where the Wave is taking its toll through hardships, generally it is meeting a closed system. Where the Wave is experienced as a welcomed shift by the individual, abundance, higher love and creative expression are generally the rule.

We can think of these two different places in "dimensional" terms. In the Third Dimension, the dimension where ego, will and intellect rule, the political and financial systems are rife with corruption and collapsing out from under us, the environment is getting wantonly assaulted beyond repair, nature is dangerous to our well-being, and competition, greed and violence are taken as endemic to being human. In the Third Dimension, shit happens. And it happens to you!

In the Fourth Dimension, shit never just happens. All "coincidences" are meaningful; serendipity, deja vu, intuitions, one's sixth sense, are all understood as natural aspects of creating reality. In fourth dimensional consciousness, all events are addressed by asking the same questions: "Why did I create this?" "Why did I attract this?" "What message is coming to me through these events" Etc. In Fourth Dimension reality, there are no victims, only creators, and instead of competition, greed and violence, there is collaboration, abundance and oneness.

Clearly, this is not a political, or politically correct, understanding I am sharing here, folks. Many on the right would consider the above some kind of New Age, "socialist" mumbo jumbo, while many on the left would say that I am abdicating responsibility and washing my hands of the disasters our fellow human beings have created. Neither is true. I am simply saying that we create our own reality, collectively, yes, but first and foremost, individually. If more and more of our species chose to individually rise up to a Fourth Dimensional level of consciousness, the wars and crimes against humanity perpetrated by us collectively would diminish much faster than they ever have or ever will through political or social movements, organized religions or systems of government.

The Wave is here, and it's a much better ride in the Fourth Dimension!


Here's another excerpt from that class I taught on The Self. This excerpt features some deep insights from some great conscious minds on the subject.



Freud - Two qualities of unconsciousness: the preconscious and the unconscious proper. A preconscious idea or memory is one which can become conscious quite easily because the resistance is weak. An unconscious thought or memory has a harder time becoming conscious because the opposing force is strong. Actually there are all degrees of unconsciousness. At one end of the scale, there is the memory which can never become conscious because it has no association with language; at the other is the memory which is on the tip if the tongue.

Jung - The contents of the collective unconscious have never been conscious. They are inherited from one’s ancestral past and so are not based on repressed experiences. The contents of the collective unconscious exercise a preformed pattern for personal behavior to follow from the day the individual is born. The form of the world into which the child is born is already inborn as a virtual image.

Broch (“Guide”) - The unconscious does not only harbor petrified wrong conclusions, destructive behavior patterns resulting from images, and negative emotions due to unresolved problems, but it also contains utter wisdom, divine truth, and the most constructive elements in the universe, constantly building up in unending creativity and love. These wells can be tapped to the degree that the obstructions are let out of their hiding place - the unconscious. That which is hidden from awareness continues to govern you, without your being able, through your reason, to change the unconscious outlook. Conscious misconceptions and unrealistic outlooks are more easily detectable in their unrealism and can therefore be corrected.
Two universal currents: the “Yes-Current” and the “No-Current”. The Yes-Current is often conscious; the No-Current (“resistance”) is often unconscious.

Roberts (“Seth”) - The conscious mind allows you to look outward into the physical universe and see the reflection of your spiritual activity, to perceive and assess your individual and joint creations. The conscious mind is a window through which you perceive the fruits of your inner mind. There is no battle between the intuitive self and the conscious mind. There only seems to be when the individual refuses to face all of the information available in his conscious mind. Your conscious mind is meant to assess and evaluate physical reality, and to help you chart your course in the corporeal universe of which you are presently part. The unconscious accepts those orders given to it by the conscious mind. Your conscious beliefs determine those unconscious functions that bring about your personal experience. Your beliefs, then are like hypnotic focuses. You reinforce them constantly through the normal inner talking in which you all indulge. This inner communication acts like the constant repetition of the hypnotist. This intensity allows messages to go directly to the unconscious where they are acted upon.
In order for consciousness to develop, there must be freedom for the exploration of all ideas individually and en masse. You must travel back through your beliefs and your own feelings until intellectually and emotionally you realize your rightness, your completely original existence in time and space. This knowing will give you the conscious knowledge that is a counterpart to the animal’s unconscious comprehension.
In the natural mind-body relationship, the sleep state operates as a great connector, an interpreter, allowing the free flow of conscious and unconscious material. In the natural back and forth leeway of the system, exterior dilemmas or problems are worked out in the dream situation.
In your present system of beliefs, and with the dubious light in which the unconscious is considered, a fear of the emotions is often generated. Their expression becomes very difficult; great blockages of energy occur, which can result in neurotic or even stronger, psychotic, behavior. The division between the two aspects of experience [conscious and unconscious - waking and sleeping] begins to take on the characteristics of completely diverse behavior. The unconscious becomes more and more unfamiliar to consciousness. Those [negative] beliefs build up about it, and the symbolism becomes exaggerated. The unknown seems to be threatening and degenerate. Self-annihilation seems to be the ever-present threat in the dream or sleep state. At the same time, those creative, spontaneous emotional surges (i.e.- sex, passion, rhythmic movements) that emerge normally from the unconscious can become feared and projected outward.


This question is asked by Arjuna Ardagh, who refers to himself as an "awakening coach," in an interesting article entitled "Why It Is Wise To Worship Women":

"Have you loved for real, in a total and undefended way?"

It is an interesting read, and relates to some beautiful passages in Mark Epstein's book, "Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart," which I've written about before here.

Here's an excerpt from Ardagh's article, followed by a repost of my piece: The Sexual Diet of Buddhas":

"Somewhere around the second wall from the center, she casts the veils of her personality aside, and shows you that she is both a human being and also a portal into something much greater than that. She shows you a wrath that is not hers, but all women's. She shows you a patience that is also universal. She shows you her wisdom. At this point you start to experience the archetypes of women, who have been portrayed as gods and goddesses and mythological figures in every tradition. When you love a woman completely, at the very essence of her being, this is the one divine feminine flame."


This is one of the most amazing passages on sexuality I've ever read, from Mark Eptein's book, "GOING TO PIECES WITHOUT FALLING APART." (Mark is a psychotherapist and a practicing Buddhist.) In the chapter on "Passion," Epstein describes the practice of sexual tantra and how surrendering to the feminine in sexual union is what brings us closer to true bliss. As I said in my blog entry, "The Poetry of Sexuality/Women are the Bridge," most men that I have talked to who have experienced deep sexual pleasure understand this idea, and the special nature of the woman's body.

Here's Mark Epstein:

"In sexual tantra, it is understood that most of our standard sexual conventions must stand on their heads. The male partner is encouraged to admit his dependence upon his lover, to continually subordinate his need to dominate or control, and to develop a reverent attitude toward the woman's unfathomable arousal. 'Her lap is the sacrificial altar,' reads one sacred text, 'her hair, the sacrificial grass.' In the culmination of practice, the man is urged to absorb the female sexual secretion in orgasm. Completely reversing the usual state of affairs in which the man ejaculates into the woman, the lovers are taught to do something different, to rest instead in the female response. No longer responsible for 'giving' his partner an orgasm, the man simply becomes part of it. While turning his own organs and fluids into offerings, the man is encouraged to receive the mysterious female essence as the culmination of the sexual act. Drinking the nectar of pure being, couples are able to realize the union of bliss and emptiness. 'This is the best diet,' reads the Candamaharosana Tantra, 'eaten by all Buddhas."
Footnote: one working definition of "tantra" might be - "an Eastern body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy that creates and maintains that universe, seeks to ritually appropriate and channel that energy, within the human microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways."


"A show about women’s softball from the 1980’s isn’t something our content team is actively looking for."
(Somebody from Hulu you'll never hear of again commenting on a show he imagined was City Rock!)


"Getting well is easy. It is getting sick that takes years of constant, dedicated hard work.”
Dr. Richard Schulze


You create your reality from your beliefs. No exceptions. And that includes when it comes to what and how you eat.

Ha! Don't we all really want to hear that? Hmm...

Okay, then, listen up. I came across a piece on the Huffington Post with this title: "Joe D'Amico The 'McRunner': Man Training For Marathon Eats Only McDonald's For 30 Days."

"What?!" You say? That guy's going to have a heart attack for sure, right? What about the "Supersize Me" filmmaker who practically died from eating McDonald's for a month? Oh, well if this guy, Joe, doesn't die, it's because of the exercising, yeah...

Well, understandable reactions and good questions.

And here's my response: You create your reality from your beliefs. No exceptions.

This is Jane Roberts, channeling "Seth," excerpted from a post of mine entitled: "EAT DRINK and BE MERRY."

"The ideas you have, then, play a large role in the way the body handles its nutrients, and utilizes health and vitality…it is possible for your ideas to cause chemical reactions that impede your body’s ability to accept nourishment. If you believe that the body is evil, the purest health food diet may do you little good at all, while if you have a healthy desire and respect for your physical body, a diet of TV dinners and even fast foods may well keep you healthy and nourished. If we are talking about health, it is to your beliefs that we must look. It is up to you to form a body of beliefs that is worthy of your physical image – for you are nourished by your beliefs, and those beliefs can cause your daily bread to add to your vitality, or add to your cares and stress."

Here's Joe D’Amico: “My wife told me I was crazy, but I love McDonald’s and I love running, and this was a great way to combine the two.”

LOL! Now, don't get me wrong, folks. I'm not telling anyone to go out and scarf down a Big Mac. In fact, I'm writing this while in the middle of an intensive 2-week "Dr. Schulze" cleanse, eating only raw vegan food for the duration. But I know this: I create my reality from my beliefs. No exceptions.

I believe in Dr. Schulze's programs, and I piggy-back my belief in them on his very confident belief in them, and that's why I benefit from them. If I were a younger soul, perhaps like Joe D, the McRunner, and I truly believed in and delighted in those McNuggets and lard-ladened fries, I also know that I'd be just fine running a marathon or doing whatever it is that young souls do.

Meanwhile, I've got some "Superfood" and "Liver-Gall Bladder" tonic to take, so if you'll excuse me...

Millions Prescribed Antidepressant Drugs for NO REASON!

I've talked about the nefarious medical-pharmaceutical-insurance cabal so often before, I'm only going to link to the news story HERE.

Read it and sleep. Or wake up. It's up to you.


"The office is closed. How many pages have I produced? I don't care. Are they any good? I don't even think about it. All that matters is I've put in my time and hit it with all I've got. All that counts is that, for this day, for this session, I have overcome Resistance."
Steven Pressfield


"The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?"
David Sarnoff's Associates in rejecting a proposal for investment in the radio in the 1920s.


"If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
Antoine de St. Exupéry

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