Saw a very interesting interview the other night on Bill Maher with author, Dan Buettner, who wrote the bestseller, “The Blue Zones.” What are the Blue Zones? They are 5 places in the world – from Okinawa, Japan to Loma Linda, California – where people regularly live to 100 years old. (The other 3 Blue Zones are Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece, and Nicoya in Costa Rica)

Buettner found that: "Blue Zone centenarians have somehow managed to avoid the chronic diseases – heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes – that kill the majority of people in industrialized countries around the world, and especially, in the United States.”

Buettner sought to discover what the people in these 5 places had in common.

You ready? Here it is – every population group had beans as a regular part of their diet, took daily naps, had 2 or 3 drinks of alcohol per day, walked a lot (but no gym) and had sex at least twice a week!

Beans, naps, booze and sex!

Oh, and one more thing, perhaps the most important – they all had “ikigai,” along with some kind of spiritual practice. What is ikigai? It is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being,” or as they think of it on Okinawa, “a reason to get up in the morning.”

"Everyone," according to the Japanese, "has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self."

In a TED Talk, Dan Buettner referenced ikigai as one of the reasons people in the area had such long lives. This ties in with the entire concept of Full Permission Living, of course, and with many posts on FPL, including the recent quote from Lee Carroll channeling "Kryon," that asks the question: "What did you come here for?"

So, folks, find your ikigai. You have one. You do. And the great secret to finding it through your dedicated self-work is this: as much as possible, do what you feel passionate about doing in every moment.
And don't forget the bourbon and beans!


"There is a new paradigm awakening, and we invite you to share in this magnificent shift! Here’s the invitation – rewrite the program of what you’re used to. The old energy is dying. It’s not going to shift into anything else; it’s simply going away and replacing itself with new energy commensurate with your creative abilities. 

You are going to have help. Instead of pushing against old energy, the wind will be at your back. The things that you try will work, if you drop the paradigm of expectation of failure. Start expecting success where for years you have not been able to accomplish what you desire, when following the passion in developing certain programs, writing the books, etc. You don’t know where the funding is going to come from; you don’t know who’s going to see it; you don’t know how to do it. So what?! Why don’t you call upon this energy that will create co-creation and synchronicity for you? Because you are intending it, you’re sending a signal, now, to places you don’t even know exist on this planet, in this energy, to work right with you and push it forward. 

You’re going to start having cooperation in places that you need it. You’ll think you’re having a supreme lucky streak, but that’s old energy talk for creating synchronicity. And what are these things that you can create? It varies. 

What did you come here for? 

Make your affirmations “I am” not “I want.” Look for change that is on your side, and push on doors you thought were closed forever, and don’t be surprised if there’s someone on the other side, unseen, opening the door as you push on it. If you push on something and it resists, stop pushing, but don’t stop pushing forever. Push on it again tomorrow, or next week, to see if the energy has changed. Wait for the door to come open. 

It will.



Oh, this is a big one. This will ruffle the feathers of a lot of people who strive to be saints, do-gooders and long-suffering mates. Yes, many human beings have dedicated themselves to the illusion that by doing for others, you will get for yourself, that self-sacrifice leads to future rewards, that meeting the needs of others makes you deserving of having your needs met, because putting yourself second is what makes a good person good.


Nobody needs you. Nobody.

Well, okay, now that I've delivered the shock treatment, let's qualify that. No adult needs you. It is true that in strictly physical terms, your children - in early childhood only - need you for nourishment, shelter, emotional support, love and guidance. Fair enough. But after that, nobody needs you!

So, get over it and let's explore the truth about this.

As I said, in linear, physical reality, children are pretty much born utterly helpless and dependent. In order to survive and thrive during the first 5 to 7 years of life, a child must receive everything of physical and emotional sustenance from the environment, mainly the parents and/or other significant caretaking others in our current paradigm (Problems with that paradigm were discussed in Part 4 of this series: "PARENTS ARE THE LEAST QUALIFIED OF ALL ADULTS TO RAISE CHILDREN!"). 

I refer to this need in the young child to be "filled up" by its parents as being on the "tank system."

As the child evolves through the developmental stages of late childhood, adolescence and on into young adulthood, the need to receive is steadily replaced by the need to "give," what Erik Erikson called "generativity." Adults, in other words, get filled up by giving, what I refer to as the "channel system." 

The more an adult gives, the more filled up he or she feels, the more he or she receives. For an adult, giving and receiving a like inhaling and exhaling. One leads inexorably to the other

Now - very important - let's clarify what is meant by "giving" in adulthood. It is not doing "good deeds" or acting out of "self-sacrifice" or through so-called altruistic behaviors. An adult human being gives, genuinely, by expressing, by creating, by outputting from a place of passion, desire and personal highest excitement. To act from any other place means acting from a mask, from the child self's ego, and that means that the so-called giving is actually a covert attempt to get something (i.e. - an unmet need from childhood, which ironically, is something an adult actually doesn't need anymore, as I've indicated.)

This principle also includes giving love to people you may love romantically. If you cannot accept that someone won't fully receive the love you are trying to give, and you remain frustrated by that, you are caught in the "giving-to-get" trap.

Here's a quote from a Pathwork Guide Lecture, "The Harm of Too Much Giving":

"If a person is incapable of receiving your love and is frightened by it, yet your frustrated wish to love comes out in a stronger force than what the other person is capable of meeting, your current makes that other person withdraw in fear. When you are unaware of your own inner processes, you are not sensitive to this. You merely feel rejected and are busy with this insult. Thus you do not respect the other's integral right not to be receptive to what you wish to give. But if you realize the inner struggle of the other person, if you grow sufficiently to give only what can be received, another kind of relationship could come into being that may be very rewarding."

So, simply put, except for children, nobody needs you to do or be anything that isn't for and from your highest place of personal fulfillment. (See the intro description of Full Permission Living). And even children, by the way, only truly get nourished emotionally if your giving to them is coming from a self-actualized place of joy. 

Now, onto the spiritual, higher dimensional understanding of why nobody needs you.

One of the basic, higher truths about everything, which I mentioned in the introduction to the first installment of this series, is that we are all one. What that means, among other things, is that we are all of the same singular "body" of consciousness and energy, and that every "individual" is actually a mirrored reflection of an aspect of ourselves and of All That Is. Separateness, therefore, is an idea, a construct, an illusion if you will. Individuality is an experiment in consciousness by the consciousness of All That Is to experience the idea of separation.

It is only by thoroughly believing in this idea of separation, and by forgetting temporarily the true nature of existence, that we could possibly believe that any one person might "need" another. In other words, one would have to conclude that a particular individual is not connected directly to the source energy of All That Is, and therefore needs us to step in where All That Is is falling short, quite a remarkable arrogance, wouldn't you say? But that's been part of the 3D game, which is now coming to an end, which is why we're talking about this!

So, let it go, folks. Take a deep breath and realize that you are free, free from obligation, free from sacrifice, free from denial of who you are. Everyone benefits fully, everyone receives your gifts, when you are loving yourself fully. Period.

Nobody needs you because ultimately there is no one but you.

Think about that.


"The Body Never Lies!"

First coined in mass consciousness, as far as I know, by Alexander Lowen, creator of the mind-body-emotions therapy process known as Bioenergetics, this simple, direct statement  should change everything in the same way that the other Truths About Everything should. What Lowen extensively demonstrated in several seminal books, including his first, "Language of the Body", was that our physical bodies "speak" openly and clearly, continuously and unequivocally to us and to others. If you want to know the state of a person's inner life, beliefs and attitudes, even their emotional, physical and psychological history, you can literally read their body language like a book.

We all have this knowledge. To a great extent it is coded into our everyday expressions. Someone said to have a "stiff upper lip," which means able to endure hardship, does indeed have a thin, tight, not supple upper lip, indicating a history of early oral deprivation. Someone who you experience as a "pain in the ass," does in fact cause you to squeeze your buttocks together to ward off their intrusive, "anal" tendencies, reminiscent, perhaps, of some early toilet training issues. "Tight-fisted” (stingy), “tight-mouthed” (secretive), “shouldering responsibilities” (bearing burdens), “holding your head up high” (being proud), and on and on, these are not mere metaphors or analogies. These expressions about personality traits show up in actual body expressions and deformations, which are incorporated in our defensive systems and character structures.

It must be a calling of mine in this lifetime to be working in this area of body language, because even as a young boy, I was aware that people always looked exactly like who they were inside, even if on the outside they tried to cover up with a mask. All children initially have this awareness, but they are unfortunately taught to deny what they see. For the purposes of my path, I never suppressed this awareness. Interestingly, I've recently rediscovered the Ian Fleming "James Bond" novels, which I was an ardent reader of as a young adolescent. What I was surprised to find out in the current reading was that Fleming/Bond was an astute reader of body language, often describing someone's probable history and present-time intentions in their body configurations. A person might be described as having a "cruel mouth" or "proud breasts," in spite of other outward attempts to show the opposite.

So, what are the ramifications of this Truth, that the body doesn't lie? Well, for one thing, it puts our masks in perspective, doesn't it? You see, only the mind liesWe can fool ourselves, and attempt to fool others, with our thoughts and words, but in fact, our masks cannot actually hide our inner self from another who wants to see us. It can only, to some degree, hide our inner self from ourself. Others might agree to go along with your mask, if you go along with theirs, but know this - if someone wants to see who you are, they can do so with impunity, despite your best efforts at deception. That's what made James Bond such a good secret agent. It's also what makes for good therapy. A good therapist is a tuned in reader of body language, and an accurate mirror, basically someone who is willing to see and reflect back what is visible but denied by the patient. The same can be said of a good friend, a good parent, lover, etc.

Another ramification of this Truth has to do with our own attitudes towards our bodies. If you "don't like" your body or judge it negatively, it is an indication of your being out of alignment, being in a state of untruth. A significant book that I used for my class segment on body language, "Molecules of Emotion," by Candace Pert, demonstrates that all the way down to the bio-molecular level, when we are in truth, no matter how difficult to face, we come into a state of health and alignment. Conversely, when we are not in truth, we are in a state of dis-ease.

Furthermore... to not like your body is irrational. Your body is merely a living reflection of your inner life, and metaphysically speaking, your body is always a perfect expression of your soul. To blame your body for its condition it is like blaming a mirror for what you see in the mirror. If you hold anger in your body fat, if your muscles and skeletal system are twisted, rigid, inflexible, etc., it is simply you letting yourself know what you are going through inside. The opportunity in the reflection is for you to love and have compassion for your journey, and to know yourself better.

So, give it up, folks. Anyone who wants to can see who you are and what you're going through. See yourself. The amount of effort it takes to create and wear a mask is enormous and it has no practical purpose whatsoever. Really. Whoever loves you, loves you in all of your glory, in spite of what you believe to be your "imperfections." 

We can see you. Relax.


"The moments you look back upon with deepest regret – the ones that conjure up within you the most profound humiliation in your own eyes – are the moments for which you choose a human incarnation."
(From "Oneness," by Rasha)


"I am not ___ enough to ___."

Perhaps the most common sentences I hear in sessions with people are constructed like the above one. You can fill in the blanks with endlessly different words or phrases ("I am not good enough to be successful." "I am not attractive enough to find love." "I am not secure, strong, trusting, confident enough to leave my dysfunctional relationship or the job that I hate, or to love my body as it is.").

I have written often on this blog about character structures, and the injuries and defenses that lead to their creation by the immature ego of the little child. I have also written extensively about the essential self-work needed to dismantle the character structures in order to head towards a life of self-actualization. Well, today, for those who are ready, I'd like to offer an exercise that can assist greatly in the process of dismantling the ego's grip on our lives. It will sound simple and straightforward, but it will be a challenge.


Okay. From now on, remove the pronoun "I" from any negative statement about yourself and your life, and replace it either with "my ego" or "the child in me."

So, "I am not attractive enough to find love" becomes... "My ego says I'm not attractive enough to find love." "I am not secure enough to love my body as it is" becomes... "The child in me is not secure enough to love my body as it is." And so on.

Try it. You will discover how powerful this simple exercise is in revealing how identified with your ego you are, how often when you say "I" you are actually speaking the words, statements and beliefs of the ego. And specifically what, you may wonder, is the problem with such an identification? Well, a great deal, actually.

You see, the ego did have an original purpose in the developing child's psychology. That purpose was to observe events and experiences and store them in memory, very useful if you don't want to keep getting burned over and over from touching a hot stove to discover once again that it's not a desirable action.

However, what went awry living in the environments we did as little children, chronically getting wounded emotionally and psychologically by our un-self-actualized parents, relatives, teachers, etc., is that we turned to our ego to protect us emotionally:

"Maybe if my ego helps prevent me from burning my hand over and over, it could help me figure out how to get mommy to not be angry at me, or how to get daddy to pay attention to me."

The above is a logical leap for that desperate little child, but an erroneous one. You see, the ego is designed to be the periscope on the submarine, but it is not the submarine itself, nor even the captain. Operating from a primary false assumption that all little children make - that the painful effects of the parents' lack of self-actualization could somehow be manipulated or avoided by the actions of child's ego - the child assigns the ego the impossible task of providing for its security and well-being.

The ego, in turn, does its best to take on the job, but its resources are inadequate to the task. What the ego comes up with as solutions are the very things that hinder our fulfillment as adults, because the ego's main efforts are directed at keeping the true self of the child hidden behind a false self (mask). In fact, for this defensive maneuver to have its effect fully, it becomes compulsory to believe that we in fact are our ego and its various masks. This false solution ultimately interferes with the real solution that nature and life provides for the child - growing up!

So, folks, try this exercise. It's much more than a word game or semantics. It's a way to aid the self-work you are hopefully doing to detach yourself from your ego and become your fullest, truest adult self, who is of course going about the business of becoming conscious of itself as your Higher Self, and ultimately, All That Is, your one true identity.



I missed the first five of Jon Stewart's 16 years on TV. I hadn't heard about him. So, I didn't start watching until 2004. After a while, though, as the Aughts progressed and the run-up to 5D accelerated, the Daily Show became the main current events source of information I that could actually tolerate.

As I realized that the world was shifting in a genuinely profound way, literally into 2 Earths, one remaining in 3D, one ascending into a higher dimension (Read more HERE), it became clear that the mainstream media, for the most part, both liberal and conservative, were staying behind.

By looking at events, and the media itself, with laughter and incessantly satirical  scrutiny, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart became a welcome aid to those who were waking up. Stewart served the coffee to many over the last decade.

And now, after a multitude of Emmys, and many career launches of cast members, he's leaving Comedy Central and the Daily Show. Thursday night, 8/6/15, was his last show. It makes sense. We don't need him anymore. If you're reading this, you're in 5D. 3D, and all of its linear, limited, dualistic confines, is no more, even though some hang onto the old rules or habits. And the ascension process to 5D is well underway (Read more HERE). No turning back. We made it.

So, Jon Stewart can move onto whatever the next task on his journey is.

Thanks, Jon. Have a great ride!


"You'd have nights where you would just bomb on stage and you would feel like the biggest loser in the world. And then you'd have other nights with the same material where you would crush. What it begins to teach you is that the reaction is not necessarily the barometer of the quality of something."
Jon Stewart


Are you discovering the power of doing nothing? Many people are.

Remember the frequently referred to FPL post from January of 2013 - "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!" - in which the new rules of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (5D) were outlined? Right up top was Rule #1: "Murphy's Law Is Officially Reversed." (In other words, in 5D, "everything that can go right, will go right... if you let it.")

Well, 2 years later, many FPL readers, and people I know and work with, have been experiencing this new rule at work in the practical experiences of their everyday lives. So much so, in fact, that complaints are coming up in sessions that more or less boil down to: "It's too easy!" "I didn't actually do anything!" "Things just fell into place!" "Things just worked out!" Etc.

Sounds funny, right? But the truth is, synchronicity ("the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection," according to the dictionary) is the way of the Universe. There are no true coincidences, and this has always been the way things worked, only now, in 5D, we're becoming aware of it, and so becoming able to call upon it for manifestation purposes in our lives.

Many people call these synchronistic events "miracles," but here's my favorite quote on miracles:

"Miracles are the result of nature unimpeded."

Get that? Reread it:

"Miracles are the result of nature unimpeded."

In other words, things "working out" for your greatest good, for your highest excitement, for your fulfillment and self-actualization, even in ways you couldn't predict or imagine specifically, is just... natural! You don't have to do anything in the sense of forcing, willing, demanding, pleading or insisting, all approaches rooted in the ego, of course. You see, it's the ego complaining that things are "too easy," because it knows it is out of a job in 5D. It knows no other way than struggling, battling, overcoming, winning or losing, etc. Then, onto the next contest. So 3D!

But there are actually things to do in 5D. There are actions to take. It's not a passive creative process. But it looks different than the old way. The "doing" required to make things happen in 5D looks more like this:

Clear - Intend - Let go - Follow-up.

Clear your consciousness of the remnants of 3D, egoic thinking and beliefs and suppressed feelings in the body;
Intend for yourself in your meditations whatever it is you truly desire, and imagine it happening;
Let go by employing the energy of allowing and receiving, without expectations or fear;
Follow-up with action when your Higher Self and the Universe give you signs and create opportunities for you.

One of my favorite books and movies, as many FPL readers know, is "The Legend of Baggar Vance," by Steven Pressfield.

Here's Baggar:

“There's a perfect shot out there tryin' to find each and every one of us... Now it's somewhere... in the harmony... of All That Is... All That Was... All That Will Be... All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us.

Thanks, BV!


I read an blog post a while ago entitled, "The One Quality We Often Mistake For Weakness Can Actually Make You Stronger," which extolls the virtues of being "vulnerable." Citing examples from President Obama to the Dalai Lama, the piece gives examples of the strength that comes from being vulnerable. The post refers to a book, "Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead," by Brene Brown.

While I essentially support what the post and book are trying to say, the language of the authors demonstrates a very common error which I would like to address here.

"I feel too vulnerable when..."

How often I hear individuals begin a sentence like that. Usually, the person in question who is perceiving themselves as "vulnerable" is talking about being "open" in some situation that is revealing of their inner life to another. But this common connection in one's mind between openness and vulnerability is erroneous. 

You are not vulnerable when you're open.

The definition of "vulnerable" in most dictionaries is: "susceptible to physical or emotional harm." Okay. That's pretty straightforward. So, when are we the most susceptible to harm in those ways? Well, in two situations, mainly: 1. when we are without an option for avoiding danger; and 2. when we are truly dependent on another person or persons who may choose to do us harm. And when are we most likely to be in such situations? Well, unless you are literally a hostage in a terrorist takeover, or a prisoner of war or in jail, the most prevalent time human beings are actually vulnerable to harm is - you guessed it - in childhood!

That's right. In childhood, especially early childhood, we are essentially hostages to our parents and caretakers, without options to avoid the slings and arrows of our environment. And we are utterly and completely dependent on those others for our well-being, even for our very existence. Whatever the vicissitudes of our parents' mental and emotional health, or lack thereof, we, as children, cannot protect ourselves or remove ourselves from harm's way. We can't stop adults from hurting us, nor can we trade in one set of adults for another. In other words... we are vulnerable. Truly.

Now, here's where the confusion comes in and how the erroneous connection gets made.

As children, as newly minted human beings, we are naturally open, physically, mentally and emotionally. We feel everything fully when we're first born, and to some degree, we stay that way throughout the very early years of life. However, because of the undeveloped, un-self-actualized aspects of humanity, we are injured by our environment. Our parents and caretakers hurt us. Yet, we cannot stop them, nor can we leave them.

So what do we do? We begin to shut down, distort, and/or disconnect parts of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally in order not to feel the pain so acutely. We form a character structure, and initially, it actually does seem to mitigate the pain, which seems to validate the conclusion that open is vulnerable, and closed is safe.

See, we can't understand truly when we're little that we're little. We can't really picture that one day, we'll be adults ourselves, and have the choices adults have. In other words, we can't understand that it's being little that makes us vulnerable, not being open that makes us vulnerable. And so, stuck in the confines of our character structures as time passes, we miss the fact that nature provides the solution to the problem of vulnerability in childhood - we grow up!

In adulthood, we can realize that protecting ourselves emotionally with the armor of character defenses is very inefficient and inhibiting, and most importantly, no longer necessary. Wearing that suit of armor doesn't make for the easy enjoyment of a sunny day, let alone for making love. On the other hand, being fully open to our inner lives, which frees up the mind and body, gives us the energy and flexibility to creatively express ourselves, enjoy life and, if need be, avoid situations that would do us harm, which mainly means not engaging with negativity. Thus, in this realization, we can engage in a healing process, in an holistic self-work process, that can dismantle the armor and allow us to be ourselves fully.

So, let go of the false belief that when you love and reveal yourself to another, you are vulnerable. And Brene, forgive me for suggesting a slight change to the title of your book, but "Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be OPEN Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead" would work better for me.


Inspired by an amazing book, THE MAGDALEN MANUSCRIPT, by Tom Kenyon and Jodi Sion, a 5D must read, I am reposting the first installment in my series from a few years ago, THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Enjoy! Really!

This is the first entry in what I'm imagining will be a series in which I will discuss... well... the truth about everything. The truth about everything?! Well, to qualify, at least the truth as it has been made known to me by opening up the inner channels in myself and through observing and receiving information from other open channels and through an accumulated body of knowledge that came from exploring the inner and outer lives of a multitude of individuals over several decades. And the "everything" part will be the main things that preoccupy the minds of most human beings a good amount of the time that they are human beings. So, naturally, I started with sex.

Of course, if I were to start with the highest levels of the truth about everything, this would be a very short post indeed, because contrary to what our complex intellects are inclined to believe, the higher you go, the simpler the truths are. Basically, the defining truths of our known universe are: we exist, we create our own reality, we are all one, love is the essence of All That Is, and change/movement is continuous in all things at all times. That's all of it. End of story in the big picture.

That being said, there are in the "smaller picture," let us say, lesser truths, truths that pertain to particular lines of reality and collective agreements and "games" that we have agreed to participate in that effect our day-to-day experiences in what appear to be more immediate ways in 3rd dimensional reality.

One of those truths is that sex, and the orgasm experience, particularly when experienced in conjunction with love and Eros, is one of the most direct ways that physical human beings can access the source energy of All That Is. The full experience of orgasm, especially while in the throws of love and Eros, can heal physical illnesses, can clarify the confusion our accumulated beliefs engender, can free up creative expression and can even be accessed to attract material abundance. Furthermore, metaphysically speaking, the orgasm experience, for the brief period that it lasts, literally does "get you off," as in off the planet! Yep. When you are in the throws of a good orgasm, you are blown (no pun intended) out of 3rd dimensional consciousness up to anywhere from a 5th to 9th dimensional vibration, according to some channelled information I recently came upon (again, no pun intended.)

The orgasm experience in general, even at lesser levels of intensity, such as through simple masturbation, can effect positive shifts in our health and well-being. Recent studies, for example, have shown that regular orgasms are in direct proportion to healthier immune systems, better heart health, lesser rates of depression, and in men, orgasms in mid-life decrease the risk of prostate cancer and in women, orgasm can act as an analgesic during pre-menstrual symptoms and menstrual pains.

THIS is a quote from a piece by Deepak Chopra:

"Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. In animals and other life forms, sexual energy expresses itself as biological creativity. In humans, sexual energy can be creative at all levels -- physical, emotional and spiritual. In any situation -- where we feel attraction, arousal, awakening, alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity, enthusiasm -- in each of these situations, sexual energy is at work. Whenever we feel these states of awareness, we must put our attention on the energy that we are experiencing, nourishing it with our attention, experiencing it with joy and keeping it alive in our awareness. Sexual desire is sacred and chaste. The suppression of sexual energy is false, ugly and unchaste. During sexual union, there is union between flesh and spirit."

THIS is from the Pathwork Guide Lecture entitled:

 "The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality:"

"In the human realm the power of sexuality can, in its most ideal form, be the greatest 'representative' of spiritual existence. There is no other human experience that conveys so fully what spiritual bliss, oneness, and timelessness are: the timeless Now, beyond the confines of time. In the total sexual experience man breaks through the confines of time and separateness to which his limited mind has bound him. Through such an experience man is reminded of his true existence in the eternal."

Likewise, we can never underestimate the damage done, individually and collectively, from sexual repression. The old slogan from the 60's - "Make love not war." - was on the mark. I have often asked people if after a passionate session of lovemaking, culminating in system-clearing orgasms with someone they love, have they ever felt inclined to follow that amazing experience up by starting a war, or stealing someone's pension or throwing toxins in our water supply? Right. The suppression of sex and all that brings has led to negative, destructive outcomes in so many areas of life. Read more HERE.

So, that's entry #1, folks, on The Truth About Everything. It all starts with sex!


That's right, contrary to one of humanity's most common misconceptions, all love is unconditional. In fact, there is no other kind of love.  

If it's conditional, it's not love.

Human beings spend lifetimes trying to figure out ways to "get" love, or more of it, from lovers, friends, parents, children, etc., even from ourselves. We contort ourselves by suppressing what we believe to be unacceptable aspects of ourselves, including some of our feelings and thoughts, in order to get more love. We force stereotyped behaviors upon ourselves in a futile effort to be more worthy of love. We try in desperation to accept substitutes for love, substitutes like attention, admiration, praise, sex, food, money, etc., and end up still feeling empty, even when we are showered with those things. 


Because... there are no substitutes for love.

One of the essential features of love, besides being unconditional, is that it is freely given in direct proportion to the giver's capacity to love. To whatever degree the channel for expressing love is open or closed in any individual, that's how much love you can receive from them, depending then on how open you are to receiving love. 

Period. End of story. You can't earn more, no matter what you do. 

And likewise, you can't be less deserving of love due to negative behaviors, thoughts or feelings. That's right. You may be less appealing to spend time with if you are acting out negative impulses or remaining unconscious to yourself, which is why someone can leave  a relationship with you, even though they may still love you, but you will never be less worthy of love based on your actions.

Take a breath on that one, folks. The deal is that if your actions, whatever they are, are judged by you to be proof of your unworthiness, you will close off to receiving love as a result, love that might actually help you heal what was ailing you that made you act out negatively in the first place. Another way of saying this is that our belief in our own "badness" is what leads to our behaving badly and our belief in our own unworthiness is what leads to our experience of lacking love in our lives. 

In childhood, which is where we initially develop these illusions about ourselves and love, we start out in a state of natural "purity," so to speak. We expect to receive love in the same confident way that plants sprouting up from the ground expect to receive sunlight. When a child, organically dependent on adults totally for several years, does not receive the love that it needs to become fully self-actualized, it cannot conceive that the source of their suffering and lack is that their parents are flawed. A human child would be devastated if faced with the reality that its parents are not self-actualized enough to channel the amount of love said child needs to flourish. So, the next most tolerable thought had by that deprived child (all of us on Earth, by the way, in the time period we've been in) is: "It must be my fault. If only I can figure out how to be more worthy, I will get what I need."

And of course, it never works.

It never happens, because the issue was the inability of the unactualized love-givers in early life to give more. Nonetheless, well into adulthood, human beings continue the fruitless efforts to become more deserving of love, or more satisfied with its substitutes, until or if one finally does the self-work necessary to become self-actualized and able to access the unconditional love of our true Higher Self for our physical/emotional self. This unconditional self-love then becomes the basis for actualized love between adults, which is shared, not "earned," not co-dependent, not conditional.

Here's a quote from the Guide:

"Blocks and prohibitions of true fulfillment exist because within the adult personality, the infant still claims fulfillment according to its mode.” (It's "mode" being to try and make itself more worthy through illusory efforts at self-perfection.)

On the website of the Pathwork Guide Lectures do a search for the word "love." HERE and you will find a wealth of material on this subject.

HERE'S a link to a piece written by me called, "LOVE JUNKIES? MAYBE IT'S NOT LOVE!"

Give yourself access to what is inherently yours, folks, the unconditional love that already exists within you for you, by doing whatever it takes to open the channel.

You deserve it... just because you do!


Stalling in your growth process? Holding onto grudges? Still indulging in victimhood?



This is yet another quote from the extremely quotable book, "ONENESS":

"You may ask then, what are you to do when confronted with the opposing viewpoints of another being or an expression of collective will. You begin not with the scrutiny of the other party’s motives, but with your own. You begin by digging honestly beneath the surface of the stance you’ve taken and exploring the real basis for your own position. Chances are, if you approach this exercise in full honesty with yourself, you will recognize a fortress built on a foundation of ego—an expression of will rooted in the fear of suppression by the will and ego of another. This is hardly the recipe for Oneness—much less for the world peace to which you all pay much lip service. Stop looking for the self-serving motives of the other side and begin looking at the self-serving motives that underlie your own actions. That is the basis for the true harmony you all yearn for at the deepest level."

Now, take a deep breath, and the next time you get fired up about the police, racism, misogyny, terrorism, greed or corruption...reread the above. The greatest, most worthwhile, transformational gift you can give yourself, and the world, is to see your reflection in everyone, everything, and every event in your field of vision.

What, PL?! I'm not a racist or misogynist. I'm not violent, and I certainly have never killed anybody or stolen anyone's pension or 401K. Perhaps not. But... do you still adhere to a consciousness of separation or lack, believing in your own abandonment or "bad luck" or the superstition of pessimism? Do you still believe that your worth as a being has to be earned, and then measured by other people's outward opinions of you? Do you still indulge in anger, resentment, grudges, or perhaps self-pity and victimhood as a way of stimulating yourself and filling the void of what you perceive to be the unknown? 

If your honest answer is yes, and you can sincerely, with compassion, without judgment, admit that inner state of being, then forgive yourself, erasing the karma of 3D, your life and interactions with others will come into a state of harmony. And then, as the Hundredth Monkey, you will change the world.

No joke.


"It's only when you invalidate whatever your process has been that you actually add more time. Many of you are impatient to be somewhere other than where you are and that's exactly what makes you take so long. You really don't need to be impatient- the only reason you are impatient is because you think you need to be patient.  It's because you're not enjoying where you are right now- so the sooner you allow yourself to let where you are right now to be exactly what it needs to be, the sooner you validate the present- then you enjoy the present- because if you're enjoying the present you don't desire to be anywhere else. Because no where else is any better, it's just different. And as soon as you stop needing to be somewhere other than the now you will find your life accelerating, because something else will than be able to come through you, through the present. Things can't find you if you're not home! The only place you exist is in the present- so the more you focus on 'where I'd like to be in the future…where I was in the past…' the less you are in the NOW the less likely it is that things that need to find you will find you and the slower things will take."


"When you permit yourself the luxury of openly, unabashedly, fantasizing about what it is you truly yearn for, and dream of, you set into motion the energetic parameters for manifesting your heart’s desire. Until you give free expression to the limitless vision you keep under wraps, you cannot, by definition, create it in your reality. When you operate your life from the mind-set of unworthiness to have your heart’s desire—when the thrust of your energy is not daring to ask for what you truly want out of fear of disappointment—that disappointment is virtually guaranteed."
(From "Oneness" by Rasha)


I recently reposted a piece (below) on the FPL blog entitled: "IT'S GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME (THE TRUTH ABOUT 5D EARTH!)"

Well, in addition to all of the actual statistical realities that confirm the positive way in which things are changing (and not always paid attention to by the media), and besides the fact that Iran will not be building nuclear weapons, that unemployment, crime and violence are all down dramatically, that gay marriage is now the law of the land,  HERE'S one more: For the first time in 40 years, global carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector did not increase.


Are you still watching the news?

CNN? MSNBC? FOX?! Whew! That's old school! Those channels, dimensionally speaking, are mostly showing 3D period pieces nowadays.

Maybe you've evolved to Comedy Central (Jon Stewart) or HBO (Bill Maher, John Oliver) and getting your news with a good dose of humor. That's better, since those with a higher perspective can appreciate the humor in our repetitive melodramas and illusions.

This is from the Book, "ONENESS":

"From the perspective of the overview, one can enjoy the humor in the absurdity of some of it. And one can marvel at the antics and at one’s own blindness to what now seems obvious and avoidable."

Or perhaps, you've really changed the channel, and are getting your news from Gaiam TV and the Conscious Media Network, generally much more 5D, with only the occasional grim predictions, or maybe you've gone all the way and tuned into websites and Youtube videos that feature channeled information.

Folks, here are the facts, the verifiable truth: things are getting better! Demonstrably.

An article yesterday, Thanksgiving, in the Washington Post, entitled "SEVEN GLOBAL TRENDS TO BE REALLY, REALLY THANKFUL FOR," starts with this:

"The facts, once you look at them, are indisputable. The world in the 21st century is really a remarkable place to live, and it's getting better all the time, even for its poorest inhabitants."

Check it out -

- Wars claim fewer lives today than ever in human history, by several orders of magnitude. (Here's the Associated Press, citing research by psychologist Steven Pinker: "Before there were organized countries, battles killed on average more than 500 out of every 100,000 people. In 19th century France, it was 70. In the 20th century with two world wars and a few genocides, it was 60. Now battlefield deaths are down to three-tenths of a person per 100,000.")

- Just in the last two decades, global poverty has declined by half.

- Also in the last two decades, the infant mortality rate has declined by about half, according to the World Health Organization.

- While the distribution of wealth in particular countries is becoming more unequal (Time to wake up, America!), if you take a broader view and compare the world's poor to the world's rich, inequality is actually declining.

- In spite of the news out of Ferguson, our neighborhoods are becoming steadily less segregated.

- The crime rate has been declining for the last 25 years, and is currently at the lowest rate in 50 years. National rates of gun homicide, in spite of what the news would lead you to believe, are down 49%, and in the last 20 years, the violent crime rate overall, including homicide, robbery, rape and aggravated assault, in the United States dropped by 48 percent. During the same period, the violent crime rate in New York City dropped by an amazing 71 percent! (NOTE: NYC happens, not coincidentally, to have the highest rate per capita of people in therapy.)

Read more from the WP piece HERE.

Yes, it's 5D, folks. I told you this was going to happen. And this is barely the tip of the iceberg, barely the beginning of the Golden Age.

Here's more from Oneness:

"Life is moving forward, dancing with the wind, and harmonizing with the joy in the newborn breath of every life form on the planet. This is the dance of Creation that beckons to you in these times. This is the reality that you are capable of manifesting at this crossroads of time and space that you perceive as your world. And this is the only moment that will take you the full distance, and deliver you directly unto your destination. This moment. This very moment. Right Now.

Embrace yourself, in these times, and acknowledge yourself for the extraordinary progress you are making, as a soul, in every waking moment. The very fact that you are drawn to reading these words attests to an openness on your part to aligning with the momentum of this multidimensional journey. Know that to have done so reflects great courage on your part. And that to continue to do so, despite the resistance of consensus thinking, puts you in the forefront of those destined to emerge in the new world relatively unscathed.

Your responsibility is to retain that clarity with respect to your own process and your own life issues. That is all."

That... is all!


"All objects, all tools, all rituals, all techniques are 'permission slips' you attract yourself to because they are representative of something within your belief system that says that if you use this tool, ritual, or technique you will then be more likely to allow yourself to give yourself permission to be more of who you are."

Okay, what exactly is Bashar talking about here?

Well, it's nothing more or less than what every teacher of higher consciousness or any quantum physicist would say. It's directly related to what the placebo effect demonstrates, which even mainstream medical practitioners know is real (Read more on that HERE). 

In his own inimitable way, Bashar is reiterating the truth that matter is directed into form by consciousness. This is not theory, opinion or belief. This is demonstrable - through science, through experience, through unbiased observation.

Matter is directed into form by consciousness.

However, here's the caveat... for us. Since we played the 3D game for so long, a game which had rules that led us to forget all of the above, and who we truly are, for the most part, we needed external devices - permission slips - to allow ourselves to transform energy into form without thinking that we were really doing so.

So, we take drugs, have surgery, radiate ourselves, or we eat certain foods, exercise, do cleanses, meditate, read books, go to therapy... whatever... all with the idea of creating a certain effect in our mind-body-spirit gestalt. Likewise, we work at a jobs, and get degrees or specialized training to obtain said jobs, in order to survive or manifest abundance in our material lives.

But what experiments on the placebo effect have shown is that whether you are ingesting chemicals or simply water in a pill, whether you're having actual or fake surgery, if you believe said pill or surgery is going to heal you, it will. Likewise, what people’s experiences have shown them is that when we let go of control, and trust in the flow of life, things work out for our greater good, often with ease. In other words, life is full of permission slips to activate your beliefs in a preferred way.

We conditioned ourselves in 3D to call these things mysteries, coincidences, luck, etc. Now, in 5D, more and more people are coming to understand one of the basic tenants of human existence, which is we create our reality from our intentions at various levels of consciousness. In the transition period, however, we are still temporarily relying on beliefs and permission slips, even though they now may be of a higher vibration.

As the veil of limitation lifts, we will have more experiences of a synchronistic nature that will be akin to practicing creating our reality directly, without a permission slip, and out of the strict linear time continuum.

Here’s a personal example...

For 20 years, I have been using the permission slip of doing periodic cleanses, as per the formulae and regimens of master herbalist, Richard Schulze. My belief in his programs and products was strong, and the results I always experienced were extremely positive. I would feel vibrant, clear, energized, within days, and my face and skin glowed as if I’d been on vacation at the beach somewhere.

But… here’s what began occurring a few years ago. I would start feeling vibrant, and start glowing before I began the cleanse. In other words, I was showing myself that simply setting the intention to cleanse my body made it happen. No herbs, no juicing, no hot and cold showers. Just focusing my consciousness. Just a clear intention in my mind, and the anticipation emotionally of feeling good in my body, made it so.

So, to summarize... start with recognizing, without judgment, that virtually everything you use in your life to create an effect that you desire is a permission slip. Then, again without judgment, allow yourself through relaxed intention and elevated emotions, to create what you desire without a permission slip.

Try it. Go direct. Conscious intention to instant manifestation. That’s what we’re up to, folks. That’s 5D.

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