This post is about the notion of reincarnating in the same lifetime, in other words, "dying" and being "reborn" in a single lifetime without having to go through physical death or birth.

Of course, if we're talking about reincarnating in the same lifetime, we're already taking it for granted that reincarnation in the "usual" way, by dying and coming back into physical form through birth again, is a given. For clarity's sake, let's also accept that the purpose of reincarnation is to sort of reset the soul's journey through the venue of physical existence in a time continuum in order to accomplish a particular task by living a life, then dying, then being born again.

Make no mistake, the process of "regular" reincarnation is no day at the beach. Dying, but even moreso being born can be a real drag! Why? Because no matter what level of development you were at when you died, you still have to be reborn in physical existence as a helpless baby, in a state of complete ignorance, with amnesia about all that came before. And if it's not bad enough that you can't remember all the work you did in other lifetimes, even worse is the reality that you have to have parents again! Noooo!!!

On the other hand, reincarnating in the same lifetime is also quite a challenge. To accomplish it, you must do whatever it takes in terms of self-work to fulfill what you came here to do. That means no true inner desire in you is ignored and no blocks are left undealt with. Every inner belief is confronted, all supressed feelings are released, and the ego and childish self-will are surrendered to the adult and higher self. Believe me, I have literally known more than a few people who have said, when faced with that level of work, that they would rather die. And they have.

However, for those of you who relate to this, who feel that you are at a turning point in your life where you can hunker down and spiral down and out through your final years of life, or you can choose to turn everything upside down and start over again in a whole new way, this lecture is for you.

Okay, here's a marvelous section of a Pathwork Guide lecture on this subject, spelled out much more eloquently by Eva Brich and the "Guide:"

"A person who is truly on a path of accelerated development can, and frequently does,
literally reincarnate in the same lifetime. As I have explained, you plan a life task for yourself before
incarnation. With the aid of spiritual advisers, you plan a certain environment and certain
conditions, and set certain goals of fulfillment as a task for yourself. Many, many human beings
barely fulfill this task; many leave physical existence with the task unfulfilled and must return in a new embodiment to try again, perhaps under different conditions. This you know. This I have discussed. But another, quite different phenomenon is possible. And that is when a human being fulfills the task and is ready to take on a further task that would ordinarily await a new embodiment, after
the person has spent some so-called time not in the body. On an accelerated path, a new incarnation can be undertaken without leaving the old body behind and creating a new incarnation.
Thus, a laborious change and break in consciousness (normal death) can be bypassed if the personality is truly devoted to give all of itself to its own expansion and to fulfilling a seedplan that ordinarily would be activated only in a new incarnation. It can be done within the same life span. The life that would have been terminated earlier can be extended, and the new seedplan can be 'taken out' and become the task within this life span. Or, a life that might have continued in certain circumstances -- according to the old seedplan -- completely changes in feelings, expressions, experiences, environment, and task.New talents may manifest, and old ones maybe expressed differently."

Whew! What does this look like? It looks like a lot of endings first. Relationships, careers, habits - suddenly none of the old things you've held onto so dearly work for you anymore. You have to let go of almost everything that constituted your life as you've know it. This is hard and scary, and a lot of stalling and hesitation occurs when a person reaches this point. But I have to say, I've had the pleasure of witnessing a handful of people arrive to that border and perservere in crossing it.

Here's the Guide again:

"A path such as this one you have chosen is indeed a very rare and intense one. Some of you
may already connect intuitively with a complete change in your life experience, so that other
potentialities that would have remained dormant in the incarnation you were born into can now
come to the fore. With less development, these potentialities would remain to be expressed only in
a future lifetime.
This change is a wonderful occurrence. It is an acceleration of the organic movement. And in
this extended period of energetic influx of the Christ consciousness, there are more individuals
opening themselves to this change. When you do not shrink from it, when you trust it and go with
it, you can indeed bring forth a second incarnation within one embodiment.
I suggest that you practice active meditation and visualization in which you trust change as the
most desirable, positive, brilliant, and joyful phenomenon, which you want to go with and not stem against. A further suggestion has to do with the familiar. You feel safe in a familiar territory, even though this territory may actually be less safe than the unfamiliar one. So you frequently remain in a constricted and confined circumference to avoid the imagined danger of the unfamiliar."

Yes, this is the librarian in "The "Shawshank Redemption." Remember him? He was in prison for so long that in spite of the confinement, when his time was up, he became deathly afraid of freedom. The prison walls became embued with feelings of familiarity and safety for him, while the open expanse of a free life was the threatening unknown. Tim Robbins character, on the other hand, in a metaphor for the whatever-it-takes energy, chipped through the stone wall for years, broke through that, then had to wade through "five hundred yards of shit" to finally get to freedom. Morgan Freeman's character is us at the turning point. He's done his hard time, and now has to choose: go back to the known element of prison again or follow Tim Robbins to freedom and the great unknown.

Here's the Guide:

"Living a full life always means stepping beyond the old fences and making new territory your own familiar ground, in which you soon feel as comfortable as in the old. Realizing yourself means feeling comfortable in a new self-expression. That is the task. And only the first few whiffs of the new experience are unfamiliar. Soon the new becomes the familiar, and you expand your circumference; you expand the territory for your psychic 'at homeness' until finally all the universe and all states of
consciousness are truly your own, intensely familiar. Then you are one with the universe."



“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. God has no religion.”
Mahatma Gandhi


This is a very funny adjunct to my FPL piece about the "staycation" we had in Brooklyn last week, and how 5D is 5D, even when at first it looks like 3D. It's also a good follow-up to a piece I wrote a while ago: "WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT 5D?!".



 As talked about and written about previously, if you're reading this, you're in 5D. You've made the dimensional shift to a higher vibration of consciousness along with the entire planet (a first for the Universe!). However, you may be experiencing and witnessing things that seem an awful lot like 3D (i.e. - conflicts, limitations, negativity, etc.), and likewise, you may still feel in the grip of your ego, or bombarded by other people's lower selves.

Well, take heart.

You and the world around you have indeed shifted. And the new 5D operating system is installed. But... during this adjustment period, you will be receiving opportunities to practice the new rules of 5D as outlined HERE.

Here's how it works:

A situation might occur in your current life that in the past would have seemed to thwart the fulfillment of your intentions, deny the validity of your desires, frustrate you, or otherwise cause you to suffer. In the past (3D, in other words), your response to those situations would be to get angry, anxious or despondent, and either try to force an outcome, or hopelessly give up on what you desired. That's what the workings of your lower self in 3D looked like.

Now, however, by applying the new rules of 5D, you can allow your Higher Self direct access through you to handle any situation, to create events differently, and reinvent who you are in any given moment. The "catch" is that you have to truly allow your Higher Self to run the show, understanding that you may not always understand the nuances of how it works, because our physical brain cannot see the big picture, and the outcomes designed by you Higher Self may not look exactly the way your intellect pictured it. Nonetheless, the "new plan" will always be for your greater good than your personality self's original plan. Always!

Case in point...

My partner and I were bound on Friday for a 4-day vacation in the Caribbean. She and I had been looking forward to the experience for several months. All seemed to be going smoothly when we booked the package, well in advance, with a travel agent we'd used before without a hitch. As always, the agent asked us if we wanted to purchase cancellation insurance, so we wouldn't lose any money if we had to cancel the trip for some unforeseen reason. As always, I was about to decline, but for some reason, I said yes, we'd purchase the insurance this time. (That "for some reason" impulse to do something you don't usually do, by the way, is usually a nudge from your Higher Self.)

Shortly after booking, came the first message: there was an infectious virus, carried by mosquitos, that was especially prevalent on the island of St. Martin, which was where we were going. After some research, reflecting and talking to the hotel people there, we decided we would still take the trip, knowing that if we really weren't supposed to go, our Higher Selves would inform us in no uncertain terms.

So, cut to the chase, and cut to Friday morning, through no "fault" of our own, and through a combination of nefarious overbooking and bumping practices at Delta Airlines, and through some actions by what we later realized were "angels" at the airport, our vacation in the Caribbean was cancelled.

But here's the thing, and here's how it works - My partner and I knew this was an opportunity to practice the 5D rules, so while other bumped passengers were screaming and crying in rage and despair, trying to force the issue (unsuccessfully, by the way), we not only stayed calm, but we considered that we weren't supposed to go on that particular trip, and we believed that we didn't need to suffer due to the change of plans.

Well, not only did we get all of our vacation money refunded, thanks to the "unusual" move of getting cancellation insurance, but we additionally received a nice sum of money from Delta as compensation for the inconvenience, which we thought we would use towards a fund for a trip to Italy we'd been hoping to make in the near future. So, four hours later, we were back home from the airport, with more money in hand than we'd left with, and with four days off from work ahead of us.

With a weather report of 70 degrees, we're walking in the park every day, playing tennis, going to our favorite local restaurants, or trying out new recipes at home, and all-in-all, having a lovely vacation where we were meant to be all along.

And as far as those potentially infectious mosquitos...? Only our Higher Selves know for sure.

Some vacation pics -


"Every person is in a relationship to reflect to one another what the other person needs to know to become more of themselves."


"The idea is to elevate synchronicity to an art."


When I concluded the final class of the 3-year training program I was teaching at what became the Institute of Full Permission Living in 2001, I asked my students what they had learned after three years, what did it all come down to? I summarized their answers, and my own understanding, in three statements, which I later used for my Full Permission Living Radio Show intro:

1. We create our own reality
2. We are all one
3. Love is the essence of All That Is

Many people I've had the pleasure of guiding since 2001 have worked diligently on numbers 1 and 2. Understanding how we create our own reality from our beliefs, conscious and not, and from our higher and lower selves, is a challenging endeavor, and ultimately a rewarding one. Likewise, connecting to our oneness with all others and with all things, witnessing our own reflection in all that we see, is a great and worthy challenge. That a growing number of human beings have taken up these tasks with such dedication and sincerity has and continues to be a joy to watch and share in.

Now, in 2014, we are ready for the next, and highest, level of creation: love.

But what does it mean to speak of love as a "level of creation?" What does it mean that "Love is the essence of All That Is?"

Clearly, we are not speaking of love in just the romantic sense, or in the parent-child sense, or in the way that brothers, sisters or friends may love each other. And we are not just speaking of the love of beauty or song or delicious food or a sunny day. Additionally, we are not speaking of love as action, as doing "good deeds," nor acts of kindness or generosity.

We are speaking of love as the essential energy that our Universe is composed of, that all of creation and existence springs from. That is why all love is unconditional, as I wrote in my "Truth About Everything, Part Two..." HERE. It cannot be conditional if it infuses everything. In the truest sense, then, neither can love be "given." It can only be channeled, allowed to flow through us to the degree that the channels within our emotional and physical bodies are cleared and open. 

Can we have the experience of directing love? Yes, though the more powerful the flow, such as when we "fall in love," it seems to happen to us, which is why we call it "falling" in love. Can we have the experience of blocking its expression? Yes, though the more we keep our inner channels congested or closed, the more we create what we experience as illness and unhappiness. 

All of the above has always been true. So, what is different about 2014? I'm glad you asked.

As just mentioned above, love can be directed to the degree that our channels are open, and now, during this great awakening that is taking place in our time on Planet Earth, more so than ever before. We are engaged in the process of becoming conscious creators of our reality, but no longer from our beliefs, positive or negative, nor from our lower selves and egos. 

As mentioned in "Rule Number 2" in the FPL post at the beginning of last year, "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ONE?!" - "Creating your reality and its experiences from your emotions and your ego is obsolete. Creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective, is the 5D way of living." 

The "vibrations of our Higher Selves" are love, wisdom, and will, the highest of which is the all-encompassing energy of love.

So, here's a simple little story from my journey: 

There's a round, metal end table that had been next to "my side" of the living room couch for years. The top of it was very brown and spotty, and basically, I hated it, and looked forward to getting rid of it one day. In fact, I would have gotten rid of it already, except that my girlfriend insisted that it was a worthy piece of furniture. 

Anyway, we recently decided to do some refurbishing, which included buying some new end tables. This was my chance, I thought, to trash the old table. My girlfriend protested, telling me something I didn't know, that the table top was made of copper. "Really?" I said, rummaging for some metal cleaner under our sink. "Let me check that out."

Well, as I started coating and rubbing the copper top in earnest, it began to shine and glow a beautiful, reddish color. I realized, to my surprise, that I was falling in love! So much so, that by the time I was done, I'd transplanted it to the sacred space of my cherished therapy office. First chance I had, I went online to order a special buffing kit that I could use to make the table really shine. 

The table now sits proudly next to me as I conduct sessions. And it hit me with a wonderful and great force that I had just learned a universal lesson for my life now in 2014: 

Whatever we direct love towards, including something that we might have previously hated, it transforms into something we love. And it might mean that the thing (or person) in question remains in our life as beloved, or if preferred or meant to be, that which is loved can leave our life, infused with love. Simple, but yet profound. It's a win-win. Or as John Lennon said: 

"It's easy. All you need is love!"

Check it out!


If you're still here, which you are if you're reading this, of course, then you are one of three waves of incarnate beings (i.e. - people) who are on Planet Earth right now to assist and participate in not only the greatest transition in the history of our planet, but in one of the greatest events in the history of the entire universe!


Now, I've been writing a great deal over the last few years about this transition, and I've been telling people that what is happening - right here, right now - has never happened before. Earth, the planet, as a whole, has shifted its dimensional frequency. According to some sources, like Dolores Cannon, one of the foremost writers on these matters, this has never happened before in our universe. 

"Never has an entire planet shifted its vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many individual souls and groups of souls (like the Mayans, for example) have shifted in this way before, but never has an entire planet shifted all at once," according to Dolores. 

In her book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, Dolores outlines who these volunteers are:

The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s, these volunteers cut the path, so to speak, working hard to increase awareness and raise consciousness, beginning in the 1960's. Much disturbed by the violence, anger and hate that they experienced on Earth half a century ago, this group had to be sturdy. Some from this generation had a hard time adjusting to life as a human being, and many of them even tried to commit suicide. 

The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s to late 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of just sharing their energy with others means that they don’t have to do a great deal in terms of outer actions to be of service. Sometimes criticized as the "Me Generation," it is perhaps more accurate that they be called the "Be Generation."

The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by others, who often attempt to label them with fictitious conditions (like ADHD) and medicate them.

Here's more from Dolores:

"We’re moving away from the negativity of the Old Earth, and it’s going to be a complete turnaround, beyond belief, and we’re all going there now. The New Earth is where it’s at. We are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe, and it’s very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who want to be here to experience this – even if they can just be here for a few hours. For some, even if they’re born and die right away, they can say, 'I was there when this occurred.' This is how important this is to the entire Universe."

Well, how cool is that?!

Thanks, Dolores!


This is an email I received from someone who really used to suffer from PMS and debilitating cramps and other symptoms every month. She has not only made the shift to 5D, but she has been really doing her self-work on the way. And the work works!

Here's her letter:

"Hi Peter,
I hope you are well! I'm amazed at what I'm capable of doing with my-self when I meditate and shift the ego to "retired mode."  Just wanted to let you know that the meditation re my menstrual cycle has kicked in! I'm experiencing it with "grace and ease" (without popping pain killers). I know it's because I'm more in touch with my physical body and truly believe that I'm the sole creator of my health status. Ah, feels so good! I was telling my boyfriend the other day, my life has gotten so much better since I stopped believing in the God above and started believing in the God within me. Life is good!  
Thank you so much! I'm off to create some money!"


Okay, let's start at the top with this one... You exist because you are fully supported. That's it. The Universe, All That Is, your Higher Self, nature, life... however you want to frame it... fully supports you. Period. If you were not fully supported, you would not exist. In fact, you are so supported that you even get supported in your imaginings that you are not fully supported.

What? You say. People suffer, people die, people are broke or married to the wrong person or slaving away at jobs they hate... 

Yes, that's right. People do create suffering, and they are completely supported in so doing. People also create joy, abundance, health, pleasure, and also do things they love to do... and they are fully supported in that as well. We are always in a state of abundance, in other words. Some human beings create and experience an abundance of material things, love, adventures; others create and experience an abundance of lack and pain. In fact, if you believe in the illusion of death, as most do, you will have the death experience, and then set about experiencing whatever else you wish to experience after death. And so on.

You see, whatever you create, the Universe backs you up... completely! And without judgement. So, whether you put out a call through your inner intentions for impoverishment, illness and loneliness, or prosperity, vitality and deep love, the energetic "creation factory" you exist in will fill your order. When things "happen" in your life that you deem to be negative, how often do you have that "See, I knew it" feeling? Or that "This always happens to me" state of being? Do you believe that "Murphy's Law" applies to you? 

There's an entire Pathwork Guide Lecture on this subject: "The Superstition of Pessimism." Here's a passage from the lecture:

"The superstition of pessimism begins as a superstitious destructive playfulness, but then you get lost in its very painful effects. You may really believe in what you first assumed as a safety measure. However, denying the positive and believing in the worst to appease the gods, as it were, is destructive. You do not know the power of such thoughts. 
"The power of this game needs to be made conscious. It can apply to many things in your life. When you have an illness, it may apply to the healing. When you find yourself alone and unloved, you may playfully -- safely, as you think - express the belief that it will always be that way. When you lack funds or a fulfilling profession you say to yourself, 'I had better believe it must be that way, so maybe then it can come to me unexpectedly.' It is as though you hoped for some idealized parental figure to assuage your doubts, to come forth and tell you, 'No, no, my child, it is not that bad, it is all going to be wonderful.'
"Without knowing it, you dictate into your soul a belief creating circumstances that prove it. You then 'forget' that you had started this game in a spirit of superstition or perhaps in a spirit of emotional manipulation. You become so involved in what you have unwittingly created that you really begin to believe that the negative is the reality. What started out as a superstitious safety measure gradually becomes belief on another level of your consciousness. The belief creates the reality and you stay in exactly that position."

Look, here's the physics of it, folks, and this really runs through all of the Truths About Everything - everything is made up of particles and streams of energy. Everything. If you could put your hand or your shoe or a pencil or the air you breath under an electron microscope, what you would see is that we are all "composed" of particles and streams of energy living in a vast sea of that same energy. So, what makes one thing appear separate and different from another? Consciousness. Quantum physics has demonstrated that anything being observed is changed by the fact of it being observed.

Consciousness moves and arranges everything! Get it? The abundance that is all around you, that is yours for the having is... again... everything! All around you. 

If your intentions were free and clear, in other words, not clouded by old, conditioned beliefs in limitation, for example, you could literally turn lead into gold as the ancient alchemists were said to be able to do. You could end a drought by making it rain, as Native Americans were known to do. You could create or attract financial prosperity, vibrant health or the love of your life. And it's no secret.

There's more than enough for everyone to have more than enough. The vast, unlimited, infinite "stuff" of the Universe is yours to command. 

What are you waiting for?


From the report: "Patients who take drugs like XANAX, VALIUM AND AMBIEN have a higher risk of dying."

From PL: Did anybody, deep down and honest, not really know that?!


Welcome to 5D, baseball!

This is an FPL post from September 2013:

There's an op-ed this morning in the NY Times depicting the decline of baseball as a game of major interest compared to other popular sports in America. In the piece, "IS THE GAME OVER?" by Jonathan Mahler, the author cites several reasons for the low ratings baseball's World Series have received over several years, now, including that the game is "quiet and slow."

"As crazy as it sounds, baseball was once celebrated for its speed, " writes Mahler. "Into the 1910s — before all of the commercial breaks and visits to the mound — it was possible to play a game in under an hour. To the game’s early poets, baseball’s fast pace was what made it distinctly American. Mark Twain called it a symbol of 'the drive and push and rush and struggle of the raging, tearing, booming 19th century!' The 21st century, not so much."

For me, it's exactly that "quiet slowness" I love about baseball, though I would describe the ambiance of the game more poetically as having a "contemplative timelessness."

Hmmm... Could baseball, in 5D, now be turning into a game for Old Souls?

Old Souls typically require a good deal of silence and solitude to nourish their spirit compared to younger souls. And older souls live less in the rigidness of a space-time continuum. Games like football, basketball, soccer, hockey not only engage in non-stop, frenetic action, but those games are also ruled by a clock, with strict time limitations. Not the kind of entertainment Old Souls typically prefer.

Baseball, on the other hand, has many long moments of thoughtful non-activity, and theoretically, a game could go on indefinitely.

"Seeing an Old Soul as a baby is telling, for while the child is still acting the demanding infant or growing baby, another quality may be sensed. Because the soul has done all of this so many times, the child has a peace, ease, and wisdom about it-at least in its quieter moments-that can be sensed by the adults around it."

The need for those "quieter moments" not only continues throughout the lifespan of an Old Soul, but even more solitude and meditative time is desired as the life evolves, even in the context of a full, busy life.

So, what of baseball in 5D? It may no longer be the "National Pastime" it once was in 3D reality, but it may nonetheless continue on as a place for spirits to play, just as they did in "Field of Dreams." 


“Space and time are simply ‘tools of the mind,” says one Professor Robert Lanza, physicist, who purports that death as we know it is an illusion created by our consciousness. In accordance with the scientist’s work, theoretical physicists also believe there is an infinite number of universes with different variations of people, and situations, taking place simultaneously. Enthusiastic about the truths of his studies, the Professor added that “everything which can possibly happen is occurring at some point across these multiverses and this means death can’t exist in ‘any real sense’ either.”

I love it when science catches up!


At the beginning of this year, in a piece entitled "IT'S 2013. WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?", the new rules of 5th Dimensional consciousness as they apply to daily life were outlined. It is useful to go over these rules regularly because even though everyone reading this blog now is in 5D, many are still struggling because they are trying to operate on 3D rules. (You can review the rules HERE.)

Rule number 2 stated: 

"Creating your reality and its experiences from your emotions and your ego is obsolete."

Elaborating, I wrote that: "Creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective, is the 5D way of living," and "that means, first of all, that you can get off the emotional rollercoaster ride of 3D."

Okay, sounds good, but what does that mean? And how do we do that?

Well, having taught for so long that "your feelings are your feelings" and all you need do is feel them fully to open the door to emotional health, what I'm about to say might sound contradictory and somewhat counterintuitive. But here it is - 

You can now choose how to feel.

That's right. And I'm not talking about controlling or suppressing your feelings. Not at all. However, if you have gained access to your emotions, and to your inner beliefs, thought patterns and memories, through a self-work process that has freed you from your character structure to a great extent, then you can begin "deprogramming" yourself from the habitual ways you've thought about yourself and others, about love, work, about life in general. And since so many of our emotional states are precipitated by thoughts, changing your thought patterns will change how you feel.

Most of our old thought patterns and beliefs, especially the negative ones, have been on an automatic loop since childhood. "I'm not good enough." "I don't deserve for things to go my way." "There isn't enough (love, money, time) for me to get what I need." "If I'm too open (to love, pleasure, creative expression), I will be vulnerable to disappointment and hurt." On and on. These repetitive negative declarations then trigger negative emotions - fear, anger, sadness - which then seem to validate the negative belief. And when most of this is going on subconsciously, it seems as though your emotions just happen to you. You just "get depressed" or "find yourself"  in a bad mood, grouchy or irritable for apparently no reason. Or you may even think you have a reason for your negativity - the audition that didn't lead to a booking, the job that didn't lead to prosperity, or the sexual experience that didn't lead to an orgasm.

But the truth is, it's not your actual experiences leading you to the negative emotional states. Experiences inherently are neutral until you define them (Read the wonderful children's book, "That's Good! That's Bad!" by Margey Cuyler, for  reference.). It's what you're saying to yourself about the events in question, how you're defining the experiences to yourself that's causing you to feel bad. 

But... if you've done the self-work necessary to break through your character structure, especially now, in 5D consciousness, where your Higher Self can come through you most effectively, those negative thoughts are conscious to you and you can literally change them


First, by acknowledging them as there in your mind consciously, and then, releasing the feelings that they've engendered, preferably through a process that involves expressing emotions with the body; 

Second, by not identifying with the negative thoughts, but rather, understanding that they represent the defensive ideas and mental patterns created by the ego, which was created by the child, in childhood, and as such, are not really valid for you an adult; 

Third, redefine your experiences and situations in terms that you prefer. So, for example, "I didn't get that part because I'm not good enough," becomes "That role wasn't the best way at this time for me to express myself creatively." Or even simpler, the formerly negative, repetitive statements can be changed into open-ended questions like "I wonder what this will lead to?" "I wonder how this door closing will lead to another one opening?" 

Fourth, having done the first three, allowing your Higher Self and your oneness with All That Is to come through you and create your reality in as unfiltered a way as possible (i.e. - without your ego involved.).

When you are free from unconsciousness, you have choices, folks. Always. But the journey to freedom requires determination and intention - first to do whatever it takes to break through your character structure, and then, once that's accomplished, to develop a regimen to shift your patterns of thought so you are no longer keeping yourself in a negative emotional climate.

It's a lot of work, yes, and it's hard, yes, but so is climbing Mount Everest or winning the World Series and learning to play the piano or keeping the Eros going in a relationship. Yet, these experiences are also exhilarating and worth it. 

The pay-off is great; the work is hard...

"That's good! That's bad!"


"All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry, all forms of fear are caused by too much future and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence."

Eckhart Tolle


Last January, I wrote a post entitled "IT'S 2013. WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!"  in which I outlined the new rules for 5D.

The first rule was: "Murphy's Law is reversed."

So, how's it going?

Are you aware that Murphy's Law has been reversed? Have you fallen in love? Arrived to the next level in your career? Gotten in better shape physically or healed a part of your body? Have you started therapy, or had a breakthrough in your self-work? Maybe you've noticed that just a bunch of smaller things seem to be working out or falling into place? Food tastes better, colors brighter, orgasms stronger?

Yes? Well... congratulations! Keep going. Things are just warming up. The Higher Powers That Be are calling this time we're entering a "Golden Age," unlike any other that has occurred on Earth.

No, you say? You feel stuck? In a crisis? Things in general seem to just suck? Well... look again!

You see, Murphy's Law being reversed (i.e. - "Everything that can go right will go right, if you let it.") is the way it is in 5D. Not just for some, but for everyone who's made it here, and intends to stay here. Sorry, no exceptions.

So, then, how do you explain your particular misery? Glad you asked.


You're holding onto the beliefs, attitudes, fears and maneuvers of your ego.

And that's not allowed in 5D.

I mean, you create your own reality, of course, so you can technically hold onto your ego's erroneous ideas, etc., but if you insist on doing so, you're going to rather quickly become a "Whatever Happened To...?" person to those in 5D.

Listen. You're here. You made it. Exactly a year ago, between the Solstice of 2012 and the end of the year, was your moment to get on the train to 5D, or not. If you're reading this, you got on the train. This is it. You've arrived. From now on, everything that can go right will go right, if you let it. In fact, everything that can go right will go right... even if you try not to let it.


Yes. I am seeing things falling into place in many people's lives, as described above - making more money, being in better health, creative opportunities manifesting, help and guidance coming from all directions - and yet, some of said people are still refusing to experience joy about it, still attached to feelings of resentment, frustration, anger, and still desperately searching for something to complain about as if complaining were the most delicious item on the menu. An incredible dessert cart has arrived and you're asking for canned spam??

If you are one of those people who've been insisting on one last serving of suffering, read Eckhart Tolle's "The New Earth," or the FPL post "Hey! Get the Ego Out of Your 'I," or anything from this page to help you get a handle on why your ego is obsolete.

And have a little creme brulee... or chocolate mousse... or... mmmm... choices, choices, choices.


You've heard it before from me on this blog, but Deepak Chopra wants to tell it to you again: meditation can help rev up your sexual energy.
Why is that? Because spiritual energy and sexual energy are the same, Deepak told HuffPost Live HERE.
Here's Deepak in his own words:
"They're both creative energies of the universe," he said. "You need sexual energy to create a new life, but it's also the creative energy behind any creative work -- whether it's music or art or science - you have some of the same flavors of experience that you have in peak experience of sexuality. So they're very connected."


"Orgasms provide healing for the physical body. With an orgasm, you are refreshed and enlivened on a cellular level, and you are reconnected with the essence if your spiritual self. You are suspended between probabilities within the various layers of your body - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - lifted up and aligned. At the peak of orgasm, your body is pulsating with vitality, which bursts forth into the atmosphere, distributing what you want and who you think you are into the field of existence. You can learn to focus your attention by riding the energy of your orgasm through breath synchronization with your partner, and by directing the energy with your imagination. People have long used sex for building psychic energy to transcend the bounds of physical reality. With the right partner, and in harmony with cosmic law, sexual energy can be used to venture just about anywhere you choose to travel."
Barbara Marciniak ("Path of Empowerment")


This is the first entry in what I'm imagining will be a series in which I will discuss... well... the truth about everything. The truth about everything?! Well, to qualify, at least the truth as it has been made known to me by opening up the inner channels in myself and through observing and receiving information from other open channels and through an accumulated body of knowledge that came from exploring the inner and outer lives of a multitude of individuals over several decades. And the "everything" part will be the main things that preoccupy the minds of most human beings a good amount of the time that they are human beings. So, naturally, I started with sex.

Of course, if I were to start with the highest levels of the truth about everything, this would be a very short post indeed, because contrary to what our complex intellects are inclined to believe, the higher you go, the simpler the truths are. Basically, the defining truths of our known universe are: we exist, we create our own reality, we are all one, love is the essence of All That Is, and change/movement is continuous in all things at all times. That's all of it. End of story in the big picture.

That being said, there are in the "smaller picture," let us say, lesser truths, truths that pertain to particular lines of reality and collective agreements and "games" that we have agreed to participate in that effect our day-to-day experiences in what appear to be more immediate ways in 3rd dimensional reality.

One of those truths is that sex, and the orgasm experience, particularly when experienced in conjunction with love and Eros, is one of the most direct ways that physical human beings can access the source energy of All That Is. The full experience of orgasm, especially while in the throws of love and Eros, can heal physical illnesses, can clarify the confusion our accumulated beliefs engender, can free up creative expression and can even be accessed to attract material abundance. Furthermore, metaphysically speaking, the orgasm experience, for the brief period that it lasts, literally does "get you off," as in off the planet! Yep. When you are in the throws of a good orgasm, you are blown (no pun intended) out of 3rd dimensional consciousness up to anywhere from a 5th to 9th dimensional vibration, according to some channelled information I recently came upon (again, no pun intended.)

The orgasm experience in general, even at lesser levels of intensity, such as through simple masturbation, can effect positive shifts in our health and well-being. Recent studies, for example, have shown that regular orgasms are in direct proportion to healthier immune systems, better heart health, lesser rates of depression, and in men, orgasms in mid-life decrease the risk of prostate cancer and in women, orgasm can act as an analgesic during pre-menstrual symptoms and menstrual pains.

THIS is a quote from a piece by Deepak Chopra:

"Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. In animals and other life forms, sexual energy expresses itself as biological creativity. In humans, sexual energy can be creative at all levels -- physical, emotional and spiritual. In any situation -- where we feel attraction, arousal, awakening, alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity, enthusiasm -- in each of these situations, sexual energy is at work. Whenever we feel these states of awareness, we must put our attention on the energy that we are experiencing, nourishing it with our attention, experiencing it with joy and keeping it alive in our awareness. Sexual desire is sacred and chaste. The suppression of sexual energy is false, ugly and unchaste. During sexual union, there is union between flesh and spirit."

THIS is from the Pathwork Guide Lecture entitled:

 "The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality:"

"In the human realm the power of sexuality can, in its most ideal form, be the greatest 'representative' of spiritual existence. There is no other human experience that conveys so fully what spiritual bliss, oneness, and timelessness are: the timeless Now, beyond the confines of time. In the total sexual experience man breaks through the confines of time and separateness to which his limited mind has bound him. Through such an experience man is reminded of his true existence in the eternal."

Likewise, we can never underestimate the damage done, individually and collectively, from sexual repression. The old slogan from the 60's - "Make love not war." - was on the mark. I have often asked people if after a passionate session of lovemaking, culminating in system-clearing orgasms with someone they love, have they ever felt inclined to follow that amazing experience up by starting a war, or stealing someone's pension or throwing toxins in our water supply? Right. The suppression of sex and all that brings has led to negative, destructive outcomes in so many areas of life. Read more HERE.

So, that's entry #1, folks, on The Truth About Everything. It all starts with sex!


"Nature gives us shapeless shapes
Clouds and waves and flame
But human expectation
Is that love remains the same
And when it doesn't
We point our fingers
And blame blame blame"

Paul Simon


"I am not ___ enough to ___."

Perhaps the most common sentences I hear in sessions with people are constructed like the above one. You can fill in the blanks with endlessly different words or phrases ("I am not good enough to be successful." "I am not attractive enough to find love." "I am not secure, strong, trusting, confident enough to leave my dysfunctional relationship or the job that I hate, or to love my body as it is.").

I have written often on this blog about character structures, and the injuries and defenses that lead to their creation by the immature ego of the little child. I have also written extensively about the essential self-work needed to dismantle the character structures in order to head towards a life of self-actualization. Well, today, for those who are ready, I'd like to offer an exercise that can assist greatly in the process of dismantling the ego's grip on our lives. It will sound simple and straightforward, but it will be a challenge.


Okay. From now on, remove the pronoun "I" from any negative statement about yourself and your life, and replace it either with "my ego" or "the child in me."

So, "I am not attractive enough to find love" becomes... "My ego says I'm not attractive enough to find love." "I am not secure enough to love my body as it is" becomes... "The child in me is not secure enough to love my body as it is." And so on.

Try it. You will discover how powerful this simple exercise is in revealing how identified with your ego you are, how often when you say "I" you are actually speaking the words, statements and beliefs of the ego. And specifically what, you may wonder, is the problem with such an identification? Well, a great deal, actually.

You see, the ego did have an original purpose in the developing child's psychology. That purpose was to observe events and experiences and store them in memory, very useful if you don't want to keep getting burned over and over from touching a hot stove to discover once again that it's not a desirable action.

However, what went awry living in the environments we did as little children, chronically getting wounded emotionally and psychologically by our un-self-actualized parents, relatives, teachers, etc., is that we turned to our ego to protect us emotionally:

"Maybe if my ego helps prevent me from burning my hand over and over, it could help me figure out how to get mommy to not be angry at me, or how to get daddy to pay attention to me."

The above is a logical leap for that desperate little child, but an erroneous one. You see, the ego is designed to be the periscope on the submarine, but it is not the submarine itself, nor even the captain. Operating from a primary false assumption that all little children make - that the painful effects of the parents' lack of self-actualization could somehow be manipulated or avoided by the actions of child's ego - the child assigns the ego the impossible task of providing for its security and well-being.

The ego, in turn, does its best to take on the job, but its resources are inadequate to the task. What the ego comes up with as solutions are the very things that hinder our fulfillment as adults, because the ego's main efforts are directed at keeping the true self of the child hidden behind a false self (mask). In fact, for this defensive maneuver to have its effect fully, it becomes compulsory to believe that we in fact are our ego and its various masks. This false solution ultimately interferes with the real solution that nature and life provides for the child - growing up!

So, folks, try this exercise. It's much more than a word game or semantics. It's a way to aid the self-work you are hopefully doing to detach yourself from your ego and become your fullest, truest adult self, who is of course going about the business of becoming conscious of itself as your Higher Self, and ultimately, All That Is, your one true identity.



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