Are you discovering the power of doing nothing? Many people are.

Remember the frequently referred to FPL post from January of 2013 - "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!" - in which the new rules of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (5D) were outlined? Right up top was Rule #1: "Murphy's Law Is Officially Reversed." (In other words, in 5D, "everything that can go right, will go right... if you let it.")

Well, a year and a half later, many FPL readers, and people I know and work with, have been experiencing this new rule at work in the practical experiences of their everyday lives. So much so, in fact, that complaints are coming up in sessions that more or less boil down to: "It's too easy!" "I didn't actually do anything!" "Things just fell into place!" "Things just worked out!" Etc.

Sounds funny, right? But the truth is, synchronicity ("the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection," according to the dictionary) is the way of the Universe. There are no true coincidences, and this has always been the way things worked, only now, in 5D, we're becoming aware of it, and so becoming able to call upon it for manifestation purposes in our lives.

Many people call these synchronistic events "miracles," but here's my favorite quote on miracles:

"Miracles are the result of nature unimpeded."

Get that? Reread it:

"Miracles are the result of nature unimpeded."

In other words, things "working out" for your greatest good, for your highest excitement, for your fulfillment and self-actualization, even in ways you couldn't predict or imagine specifically, is just... natural! You don't have to do anything in the sense of forcing, willing, demanding, pleading or insisting, all approaches rooted in the ego, of course. You see, it's the ego complaining that things are "too easy," because it knows it is out of a job in 5D. It knows no other way than struggling, battling, overcoming, winning or losing, etc. Then, onto the next contest. So 3D!

But there are actually things to do in 5D. There are actions to take. It's not a passive creative process. But it looks different than the old way. The "doing" required to make things happen in 5D looks more like this:

Clear - Intend - Let go - Follow-up.

Clear your consciousness of the remnants of 3D, egoic thinking and beliefs and suppressed feelings in the body;
Intend for yourself in your meditations whatever it is you truly desire, and imagine it happening;
Let go by employing the energy of allowing and receiving, without expectations or fear;
Follow-up with action when your Higher Self and the Universe give you signs and create opportunities for you.

One of my favorite books and movies, as many FPL readers know, is "The Legend of Baggar Vance," by Steven Pressfield.

Here's Baggar:

“There's a perfect shot out there tryin' to find each and every one of us... Now it's somewhere... in the harmony... of All That Is... All That Was... All That Will Be... All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us.

Thanks, BV!


At the beginning of this year, in a piece entitled "IT'S 2013. WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?", the new rules of 5th Dimensional consciousness as they apply to daily life were outlined. It is useful to go over these rules regularly because even though everyone reading this blog now is in 5D, many are still struggling because they are trying to operate on 3D rules. (You can review the rules HERE.)

Rule number 2 stated: 

"Creating your reality and its experiences from your emotions and your ego is obsolete."

Elaborating, I wrote that: "Creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective, is the 5D way of living," and "that means, first of all, that you can get off the emotional rollercoaster ride of 3D."

Okay, sounds good, but what does that mean? And how do we do that?

Well, having taught for so long that "your feelings are your feelings" and all you need do is feel them fully to open the door to emotional health, what I'm about to say might sound contradictory and somewhat counterintuitive. But here it is - 

You can now choose how to feel.

That's right. And I'm not talking about controlling or suppressing your feelings. Not at all. However, if you have gained access to your emotions, and to your inner beliefs, thought patterns and memories, through a self-work process that has freed you from your character structure to a great extent, then you can begin "deprogramming" yourself from the habitual ways you've thought about yourself and others, about love, work, about life in general. And since so many of our emotional states are precipitated by thoughts, changing your thought patterns will change how you feel.

Most of our old thought patterns and beliefs, especially the negative ones, have been on an automatic loop since childhood. "I'm not good enough." "I don't deserve for things to go my way." "There isn't enough (love, money, time) for me to get what I need." "If I'm too open (to love, pleasure, creative expression), I will be vulnerable to disappointment and hurt." On and on. These repetitive negative declarations then trigger negative emotions - fear, anger, sadness - which then seem to validate the negative belief. And when most of this is going on subconsciously, it seems as though your emotions just happen to you. You just "get depressed" or "find yourself"  in a bad mood, grouchy or irritable for apparently no reason. Or you may even think you have a reason for your negativity - the audition that didn't lead to a booking, the job that didn't lead to prosperity, or the sexual experience that didn't lead to an orgasm.

But the truth is, it's not your actual experiences leading you to the negative emotional states. Experiences inherently are neutral until you define them (Read the wonderful children's book, "That's Good! That's Bad!" by Margey Cuyler, for  reference.). It's what you're saying to yourself about the events in question, how you're defining the experiences to yourself that's causing you to feel bad. 

But... if you've done the self-work necessary to break through your character structure, especially now, in 5D consciousness, where your Higher Self can come through you most effectively, those negative thoughts are conscious to you and you can literally change them


First, by acknowledging them as there in your mind consciously, and then, releasing the feelings that they've engendered, preferably through a process that involves expressing emotions with the body; 

Second, by not identifying with the negative thoughts, but rather, understanding that they represent the defensive ideas and mental patterns created by the ego, which was created by the child, in childhood, and as such, are not really valid for you an adult; 

Third, redefine your experiences and situations in terms that you prefer. So, for example, "I didn't get that part because I'm not good enough," becomes "That role wasn't the best way at this time for me to express myself creatively." Or even simpler, the formerly negative, repetitive statements can be changed into open-ended questions like "I wonder what this will lead to?" "I wonder how this door closing will lead to another one opening?" 

Fourth, having done the first three, allowing your Higher Self and your oneness with All That Is to come through you and create your reality in as unfiltered a way as possible (i.e. - without your ego involved.).

When you are free from unconsciousness, you have choices, folks. Always. But the journey to freedom requires determination and intention - first to do whatever it takes to break through your character structure, and then, once that's accomplished, to develop a regimen to shift your patterns of thought so you are no longer keeping yourself in a negative emotional climate.

It's a lot of work, yes, and it's hard, yes, but so is climbing Mount Everest or winning the World Series or learning to play the piano or keeping the Eros going in a relationship. Yet, these experiences are also exhilarating and worth it. 

The pay-off is great; the work is hard...

"That's good! That's bad!"


An avid, and wise, FPL reader linked me to the Chopra Center website, and she said this to me: "The topic on Stress reads like you wrote it!"

Hey, maybe Deepak got the wording from me, or maybe I read his thoughts in advance because I've been using the exact analogy of the tiger for years. Either way, the Truth is the Truth, and everyone has access to it.

Here's the passage from Deepak:  

How the Body Works with Stress

Most of us aren’t even aware how much fear rules our lives, but our bodies reflect this truth. While fear is designed to be a healthy survival mechanism that triggers the fight-or-flight stress response when your life is in danger, the body can’t tell the difference between being chased by a tiger and having fearful thoughts about work, relationships, or money. Whether you’re about to be a tiger’s lunch or you’re having a fear-based thought about an imagined future, a stress response is activated, and the body is filled with stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.
But here’s the real kicker. The body is beautifully equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that know how to fight cancer, prevent infection, ward off heart disease, and retard aging. But these self-repair mechanisms are turned off every time the body is in stress response. This wouldn’t be a problem if your body was only in stress response once or twice a week, since stress responses are only meant to last 90 seconds beyond when the threat to your life is over.
But this is not what happens. Modern-day humans experience over 50 stress responses per day—most of them stemming not from real threats to your life but from thoughts about imaginary threats that will most likely never come true.



People often ask me if anyone is without a character structure, that set of stubborn masks, blocks and defenses that encase us from early childhood. When I taught the character structures in my 3-year training program, I answered the question in the first class by playing a Paul Simon song I love, called "Born at the Right Time."

Here are the lyrics to the chorus:

"Never been lonely

Never been lied to
Never had to scuffle in fear
Nothing denied to
Born at the instant
The church bells chime
And the whole world whispering:
'Born at the right time"

I then asked the class: "Okay. Who had that childhood?" Of course, no one raised their hand. "So, basically," I said, "unless you had that childhood, you have a character structure."

Well, someone sent me THIS  a few hours ago. This is what it might look like to be born in such a way that you never develop a character structure. It's beautiful. It's what we're working on in all of our "tribes" right now. In a very real sense, we have all been "born at the right time," including to be here making this great transition!



Read THIS - "Man Who Wasn't Expected To Walk Is Now An Accomplished Athlete," - then read or reread the FPL post below. 

Key line from the above story: "His doctors did not see a good future for him." 

Way to go, Doc!

Read on - 

Many people have heard of the "placebo effect," and even mainstream medical professionals and scientists have long known of the reality that patients given an ineffective treatment often improve anyway, simply because they expected to get better. About half of American doctors in a new survey say they regularly give unwitting patients placebo treatments - substance-free pills and fake pseudo-surgery procedures -  that shouldn't technically help their condition, but in fact do help. 

Okay, stop, breathe and listen to it again: patients given a fake or ineffective treatment often improve anyway, simply because they expect to get better. 

This is one of the truths about everything that changes everything. Right? I mean, it's really the most simple deductive reasoning. If a person's belief in something - a water pill, fake surgery, praying, whatever, or simply believing in a particular doctor's ability to heal you - can actually cause cells and molecules to rearrange themselves, then we have hard evidence that we create our reality from our beliefs.

Okay... so we must be rapidly switching over from the mechanistic slash, burn and drug approach that health professionals have been using for centuries to a system in which doctors and nurses are trained to work with their patients' beliefs instead, yes?

No. Or at least, not yet. Why not? 

Well, partly because the scam of drugs, surgery and radiation is big business and people in those businesses make big bucks off of the many young and baby souls who want to be taken care of by an all-powerful father figure, no matter how abusive or exploitive in reality said big daddy's are. 

Secondly, the name of the 3D game we've been playing for millennia here on Earth is: "Shit Happens!" And it's actually quite a "fun" game. You see, in the Shit Happens Game, we never know what's going to occur because we're unconscious of the fact that we're creating our experiences in every moment. On top of which, we have amnesia about our own eternal nature. So, everything we experience is a big and, very often, scary surprise.

"Oh, what do you know? I just inherited a million dollars!" Or... "Wow, the person I have a crush on has a crush on me, too!" Or... "I can't believe my husband cheated on me!" "Oh shit! I just got fired from my job!" "What? I have cancer? How could that be?!"

And so on. One slammin' surprise after another, sometimes happy ones, sometimes not so much, but what a ride! Yeah, life in 3D beats Space Mountain at Disneyworld hands down. Of course, Space Mountain is a perfect representation of 3rd dimensional consciousness - who knows if that roller coaster is going to go off the rails this time or not?! Woohoo!!

So, yes, the placebo effect is real. We create our health or dis-ease from our beliefs. And yes, you could become a conscious creator of the events in your life, knowingly deciding and manifesting what you would like to experience each moment of each day. But, you say, what would be the excitement or the challenge in that? Conflict, obstacles, adversaries... overcoming these on a constant basis is what gets us going, right?

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to experience the challenge of deciding in each moment of health and vitality what I would like to create, what I would like to enjoy, what new pleasure I would like to be stimulated by, what new information I'd like to download from the galactic consciousness. I'd like to keep pushing the boundaries of beauty, music, sexuality, abundance and wisdom.

I've been to Space Mountain, folks. Helluva ride, but you know... been there done that. Threw up. Now, I'm taking the 5D challenge, and instead of seeing how many drops and curves I can handle, I'm checking out how much bliss, joy and pleasure I can tolerate. 

Read more about the placebo effect HERE


That's right... HERE! In this place, at this time, on Planet Earth, in a physical body, being who you are, doing what you do, as you, now.


I'm not being trite in relaying this Truth About Everything. Contrary to what might seem obvious, most people don't take their existence for granted. So many human beings spend inordinate amounts of their lives trying to prove their "worthiness" to others, and to themselves, operating under an erroneous conclusion that one's right to exist and one's value as a person has to be earned somehow.

This mistaken idea comes from very early in childhood.

All infants, like all living things, are born with an innate sense of their own "rightness," taking their existence for granted, expecting to be met by life and their environment with all that they need to live. Newborns come in completely helpless and totally dependent on their caregivers, and yet they organically expect to be greeted with a huge welcome sign of unconditional love, acceptance and confident mirroring from the parents who brought them in. That's why babies cry so horrifically when they are not fully met in these ways.

When parents are not developed to a reasonable degree, and so the infant is greeted with the parents' fears, resentments, or neediness mixed in with the love, it is devastating. It literally feels life-threatening, creating unmanageable terror and rage in the baby. Unable to accept that the source of emotional and physical nurturance that they utterly need to survive is flawed and not fully adequate to the task of tending to the child's needs, the little one turns the pain and anger back against itself, assuming it must be the one who is flawed, not adequate or worthy. It's right to exist comes into question. This dilemma is most intensely present in the schizoid character structure, but it is present to some degree in virtually all human beings because none of us were born into self-actualized environments.

This right to exist question transmutes later on into the classic expression of the core conflict in the schizoid character structure: "Life is dangerous to my life."

This is from the Pathwork Guide Lecture: "The Illusory Fear of the Self":

"The fear of the self is the basic fear behind the fear of life and even the fear of death. Neither could the fear of others possibly exist without the fear of oneself.

When the self is no longer feared, neither desire nor fulfillment need to be feared, for the self then knows that desire will be fulfilled and fulfillment will be not an end but a new beginning."

Another common dysfunction that arises from the child's false belief that its own unworthiness must be the cause of its deprivation at the hands of its parents is that of perfectionism. I have written several pieces on the subject on FPL. 

This is from the Pathwork Guide Lecture: "Perfectionism Obstructs Happiness":

"Strange as this may seem, the more you accept imperfection, the more joy you will give and receive. Your capacity for happiness depends on your capacity to accept imperfection -- not in words or theories, but in your emotional experience.

Only in accepting, let us say, an imperfect relationship - and this by no means implies the unhealthy submissiveness that is born out of fear of loss or disapproval - will you derive and give joy in the relationship. Only through accepting your own imperfection can you begin to grow and experience the joy that comes from your own individuality."

Your parents do not, and in fact not even your personality self that you think of as "you" does not, determine the validity of your existence, folks. Your right to exist, and your worthiness of that existence, and of unconditional love, is a hard-wired given, an inherent reality, because... you are an expression of All That Is. And All That Is is not only eternal (Therefore, you can never not exist.), but the essence of that Source energy is what we call "love," and as the FPL Truth About Everything, Part Two reminds us: All Love Is Unconditional.

So, let's go one step further and say that not only are you meant to be here, wherever and whenever you are in the now, but when it comes to your existence itself, well... you sort of have no choice. In the introduction to the very first Truth About Everything post, I reminded readers that the larger laws of our known Universe start with: "You exist."

You exist. You are meant to be here. Yes, you may create suffering, or you may create joy. You can embrace life or embrace fear, or even indulge in the idea of "death." But you cannot not exist, and you cannot be unworthy of unconditional love. Get over it!


"The future is a probability. In terms of ordinary experience, nothing exists there yet. It is virgin territory, planted by my feelings and thoughts in the present…Therefore, I will plant accomplishments and successes, and I will do this by remembering that nothing can exist in the future that I do not want to be there.”


Here's an email I received today, to go along with the one entitled "PMS NO MORE" (HERE and below). The are two wonderful examples and samples of what is happening for people dedicated to their awakening process.
Last year, and in 2012, I was writing about catching the train to 5D (with a short transfer in 4D). Looks like people are starting to arrive at the station, now.

Here's the newest email:

All you tell me, teach me, share with me, starts out as theory until I experience it. Even though it's theory, it resonates as true, so there isn't much conflict coming from ME, of course plenty from my EGO
Yesterday I was staring at the sea around twilight and clearly heard a voice say - "Everything's going to work out, get used to it." - something you have said and written about many times. 
However, yesterday I experienced it, and I could feel how vast the adjustment within me was. I could also feel the stillness of my ego and it's discomfort with having nothing to do. I felt the shifting happening. What a strange feeling not to struggle, like a fast train finally stopping, not knowing yet, and with no desire to know."

Here's the previous one:

"Hi Peter,
I hope you are well! I'm amazed at what I'm capable of doing with my-self when I meditate and shift the ego to "retired mode." Just wanted to let you know that the meditation re my menstrual cycle has kicked in! I'm experiencing it with "grace and ease" (without popping pain killers). I know it's because I'm more in touch with my physical body and truly believe that I'm the sole creator of my health status. Ah, feels so good! I was telling my boyfriend the other day, my life has gotten so much better since I stopped believing in the God above and started believing in the God within me. Life is good!
Thank you so much! I'm off to create some money!"


That's right, contrary to one of humanity's most common misconceptions, all love is unconditional. In fact, there is no other kind of love.  

If it's conditional, it's not love.

Human beings spend lifetimes trying to figure out ways to "get" love, or more of it, from lovers, friends, parents, children, etc., even from ourselves. We contort ourselves by suppressing what we believe to be unacceptable aspects of ourselves, including some of our feelings and thoughts, in order to get more love. We force stereotyped behaviors upon ourselves in a futile effort to be more worthy of love. We try in desperation to accept substitutes for love, substitutes like attention, admiration, praise, sex, food, money, etc., and end up still feeling empty, even when we are showered with those things. 


Because... there are no substitutes for love.

One of the essential features of love, besides being unconditional, is that it is freely given in direct proportion to the giver's capacity to love. To whatever degree the channel for expressing love is open or closed in any individual, that's how much love you can receive from them, depending then on how open you are to receiving love. 

Period. End of story. You can't earn more, no matter what you do. 

And likewise, you can't be less deserving of love due to negative behaviors, thoughts or feelings. That's right. You may be less appealing to spend time with if you are acting out negative impulses or remaining unconscious to yourself, which is why someone can leave  a relationship with you, even though they may still love you, but you will never be less worthy of love based on your actions.

Take a breath on that one, folks. The deal is that if your actions, whatever they are, are judged by you to be proof of your unworthiness, you will close off to receiving love as a result, love that might actually help you heal what was ailing you that made you act out negatively in the first place. Another way of saying this is that our belief in our own "badness" is what leads to our behaving badly and our belief in our own unworthiness is what leads to our experience of lacking love in our lives. 

In childhood, which is where we initially develop these illusions about ourselves and love, we start out in a state of natural "purity," so to speak. We expect to receive love in the same confident way that plants sprouting up from the ground expect to receive sunlight. When a child, organically dependent on adults totally for several years, does not receive the love that it needs to become fully self-actualized, it cannot conceive that the source of their suffering and lack is that their parents are flawed. A human child would be devastated if faced with the reality that its parents are not self-actualized enough to channel the amount of love said child needs to flourish. So, the next most tolerable thought had by that deprived child (all of us on Earth, by the way, in the time period we've been in) is: "It must be my fault. If only I can figure out how to be more worthy, I will get what I need."

And of course, it never works.

It never happens, because the issue was the inability of the unactualized love-givers in early life to give more. Nonetheless, well into adulthood, human beings continue the fruitless efforts to become more deserving of love, or more satisfied with its substitutes, until or if one finally does the self-work necessary to become self-actualized and able to access the unconditional love of our true Higher Self for our physical/emotional self. This unconditional self-love then becomes the basis for actualized love between adults, which is shared, not "earned," not co-dependent, not conditional.

Here's a quote from the Guide:

"Blocks and prohibitions of true fulfillment exist because within the adult personality, the infant still claims fulfillment according to its mode.” (It's "mode" being to try and make itself more worthy through illusory efforts at self-perfection.)

On the website of the Pathwork Guide Lectures do a search for the word "love." HERE and you will find a wealth of material on this subject.

HERE'S a link to a piece written by me called, "LOVE JUNKIES? MAYBE IT'S NOT LOVE!"

Give yourself access to what is inherently yours, folks, the unconditional love that already exists within you for you, by doing whatever it takes to open the channel.

You deserve it... just because you do!


"Everyone in your life is a version of themselves that you've created."

Thus says "Bashar," channeled by Darryl Anka. (That quote from THIS CLIP.)

This is similar in its import to a quote from Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, the practitioner of the Hawaiian healing art, Ho'oponopono, on how he healed people without interacting with them at all physically:

"I was simply healing the part of me that created them."

These two quote express, in a more expanded way, the Universal Truth put forth often on this blog that we create our reality from our beliefs.

Bashar and Dr. Len are basically saying that not just the events and material things in your life are your creation, but so, too, the very people you encounter and interact with in your life are your creation. That's some serious creating!

Now, understand, the individuals you create in your life are also independent beings in and of themselves, continually creating versions of themselves - and of you - to have their experiences through and with. "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together." (Thank you, John!)

In other words, since we are truly all one, meaning not just connected, but ultimately and literally one unified being manifesting Itself in an infinite variety of seemingly separate selves, then if I want to create a version of you to have a particular experience with, you will co-create that version with me, even as I will do the same for you, as me. See?

So, the key practical question here is if there are people in your life you experience to be threatening, annoying, unpleasant to interact with and/or downright crazy, why are you creating that version of them to interact with? Why are you asking the person in question to create of version of him-or-herself that will be a problem for you?

This question is quite worth the time and effort to explore, because as long as you continue to feel victimized by the random, hostile, thwarting behavior of others, you will be unable to change your reality with said persons. Once you realize that you are creating the negative version of the person in question harassing you, you can uncreate that version. That might mean that the person changes their persona in your life, or more commonly, the person will exit your life stage left.

Remember Shakespeare?

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."

Well, thank you for being the antagonist in my play, but I'm writing out that role forthwith.

Likewise, if you find that a dysfunctional role you are playing in someone else's life no longer suits you, you can decide to leave that play for a better role, and indeed the other person will gladly replace you with someone else willing to be cast as the martyr, enabler, or narcissistic source of supply for their narcissistic lead character.

So, cast and crew members, take a look at the roles you are writing for yourself and the actors in your drama, and if you're not enjoying yourself fully, do a rewrite!


This is from a piece I wrote in January 2008 when Bobby Fischer, the disturbed chess genius, died. I then republished the piece a year later after the sudden and grotesque death of Michael Jackson, again, following the heroin overdose of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and now, once again, after the suicide of Robin Williams, just a few days ago.

Fischer, Michael Jackson, Hoffman and Williams (the latter two both Oscar-winning actors), were considered geniuses in their chosen craft, and yet, they were all most certainly depressed, in clinical terms. People tell me they find it confusing how someone so talented and successful could be so unhappy.

Here's my take on this phenomenon, revisited:

Bobby Fischer has died at the age of 64. America's only world chess champion and a true prodigy, Bobby brought chess into mainstream consciousness in America over three decades ago. He certainly inspired me in his famous match with Boris Spassky in the summer of 1972, right after I had graduated from high school. I watched every game on PBS, and then went on to start a chess club at Rider College in my freshman year. I once got to see Bobby work his magic, playing against 20 of Westchester County's best players simultaneously, winning all 20 games in about an hour. He even smiled wryly at one point when he recognized that one of the challengers was playing one of Fischer's own games against him!
As a budding young psychotherapist, I also knew that Bobby Fischer was probably a paranoid schizophrenic. That both saddened me and fascinated me. It saddened me because he became emotionaly too unstable to continue revolutionizing the game of chess. Instead he descended into madness and isolation over the years. It fascinated me because I wondered how one could be so innovative and brilliant (Fischer's IQ was purported to be 181), and yet also be insane. I pondered this question for many years, and often thought about Bobby Fischer when I did.
The conclusion I came to ultimately was that most people have at least a "window" open in their psyche to their highest self, no matter how pressing their other disturbances and conflicts might be. Each person comes into life with innate gifts to bear, some even monumentally so. From Mozart to Mickey Mantle, from Judy Garland to John Forbes Nash, we have plenty of examples of greatness co-existing with deep fatal flaws in the mind. In the lives of so many people I meet, in fact, I frequently see the same thing - areas of talent and light shining through the window of an otherwise "ordinary" life, constricted by the rigid belief systems and suppressed emotions we created in childhood and have not dismantled.
Is there a purpose for the existence of these windows? Yes. It is the soul's way of reminding us of who we truly are, of what we can and will become as we progress on our journey towards self-actualization. It is our inner inspiration to fulfillment. As Bobby Fischer inspired me and perhaps millions of others in the 1970's to explore the world of chess, our own flashes of creativity and brilliance can inspire us to do the selfwork necessary to explore our own inner world and advance our own evolution.
Thanks, Bobby, for the bright light that briefly shown through you.

And thank you all!


"Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand!"


“It’s actually a shocking realization when you first notice that your mind is constantly talking. You might even try to yell at it in a feeble attempt to shut it up. But then you realize that’s the voice yelling at the voice:” 

(Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself)


In addition to direct self-work and inner explorations, movies and televisions shows, along with music and books, all of which are our modern forms of storytelling, have shaped my life experience and perspective greatly in this lifetime. And among the most powerful for me in the storytelling area has been Robin Williams. His performances in The Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting have influenced me as a teacher and therapist more than many professionals and theorists in my field have. And What Dreams May Come is the closest, most accurate portrayal of spiritual existence that I have ever seen on the big screen.

Farewell, wounded healer. And thank you!


Here we go again! I've written about this many times (HERE and HERE), especially when celebrating the good 'ole summer time, as I am right now. I've posted links to studies showing that sunlight improves eyesight, and that the sun's dosages of Vitamin D help prevent cancer. Well, here's yet another article on the benefits of sunlight, this one entitled: "The Real Key To Improving Brain Function." 

Nicholas Spitzer, professor or neuroscience at the University of California and editor-in-chief of, has a message for all of you out there who are listening to classical music and doing crossword puzzles as a way of improving your brain functioning:

"Stop it right now!"

According to Spitzer: "What we have learned is that exercise  and exposure to sunlight are the key things for better brain function." 

Come on, folks! It's a brilliant, sunny, summer Sunday in early August. Get out there - to the park, the beach, the country, to whatever your version of a natural paradise is, and heal yourself - of everything or anything that ails you.



You really have to laugh at the medical establishment and the scientific community. When it comes to foot-dragging on making obvious conclusions (they call it a need for "further study"), these folks are the champs.

Here's an excerpt from a piece on how pessimism can effect healing that "isn't nearly as well studied," according to its author, as the placebo effect, which scientists "already know is real."


"Pessimism can override the effectiveness of even powerful treatments. You've heard of the placebo effect, the healing power of positive belief. This is the 'nocebo' effect, the flip side, almost its evil twin. And while the self-fulfilling prophecy of negative thinking isn't nearly as well studied, some scientists say it's time for doctors to start paying a lot more attention to their patients' outlook. 'We all know that many treatments work for some people but not for others,' says neuroscientist Dr. Randy Gollub of Massachusetts General Hospital. Scientists already know the placebo effect is real. They can measure it in studies that compare real drugs to dummy pills, where those given the fakes have noticeable improvements to pain and other symptoms."

HERE'S a link to an FPL piece on the placebo effect.

Come on, Doc. You're catching up.


“When a problem is disturbing you, don't ask, 'What should I do about it?' Ask, 'What part of me is being disturbed by this?” 
Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself


"How can you be afraid to feel? Isn't fear a feeling? If you're feeling fear, you're feeling one of the most negative emotions there is to feel. Everything else should be a piece of cake. Feel good, feel happy, feel healthy, feel abundant, feel creative, feel compassionate, feel knowledgeable, feel powerful."


When I concluded the final class of the 3-year training program I was teaching at what became the Institute of Full Permission Living in 2001, I asked my students what they had learned after three years, what did it all come down to? I summarized their answers, and my own understanding, in three statements, which I later used for my Full Permission Living Radio Show intro:

1. We create our own reality
2. We are all one
3. Love is the essence of All That Is

Many people I've had the pleasure of guiding since 2001 have worked diligently on numbers 1 and 2. Understanding how we create our own reality from our beliefs, conscious and not, and from our higher and lower selves, is a challenging endeavor, and ultimately a rewarding one. Likewise, connecting to our oneness with all others and with all things, witnessing our own reflection in all that we see, is a great and worthy challenge. That a growing number of human beings have taken up these tasks with such dedication and sincerity has and continues to be a joy to watch and share in.

Now, into the second half of 2014, we are ready for the next, and highest, level of creation: love.

But what does it mean to speak of love as a "level of creation?" What does it mean that "Love is the essence of All That Is?"

Clearly, we are not speaking of love in just the romantic sense, or in the parent-child sense, or in the way that brothers, sisters or friends may love each other. And we are not just speaking of the love of beauty or song or delicious food or a sunny day. Additionally, we are not speaking of love as action, as doing "good deeds," nor acts of kindness or generosity.

We are speaking of love as the essential energy that our Universe is composed of, that all of creation and existence springs from. That is why all love is unconditional, as I wrote in my "Truth About Everything, Part Two..." HERE. It cannot be conditional if it infuses everything. In the truest sense, then, neither can love be "given." It can only be channeled, allowed to flow through us to the degree that the channels within our emotional and physical bodies are cleared and open. 

Can we have the experience of directing love? Yes, though the more powerful the flow, such as when we "fall in love," it seems to happen to us, which is why we call it "falling" in love. Can we have the experience of blocking its expression? Yes, though the more we keep our inner channels congested or closed, the more we create what we experience as illness and unhappiness. 

All of the above has always been true. So, what is different about 2014? I'm glad you asked.

As just mentioned above, love can be directed to the degree that our channels are open, and now, during this great awakening that is taking place in our time on Planet Earth, more so than ever before. We are engaged in the process of becoming conscious creators of our reality, but no longer from our beliefs, positive or negative, nor from our lower selves and egos. 

As mentioned in "Rule Number 2" in the FPL post at the beginning of last year, "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ONE?!" - "Creating your reality and its experiences from your emotions and your ego is obsolete. Creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective, is the 5D way of living." 

The "vibrations of our Higher Selves" are love, wisdom, and will, the highest of which is the all-encompassing energy of love.

So, here's a simple little story from my journey: 

There's a round, metal end table that had been next to "my side" of the living room couch for years. The top of it was very brown and spotty, and basically, I hated it, and looked forward to getting rid of it one day. In fact, I would have gotten rid of it already, except that my girlfriend insisted that it was a worthy piece of furniture. 

Anyway, we recently decided to do some refurbishing, which included buying some new end tables. This was my chance, I thought, to trash the old table. My girlfriend protested, telling me something I didn't know, that the table top was made of copper. "Really?" I said, rummaging for some metal cleaner under our sink. "Let me check that out."

Well, as I started coating and rubbing the copper top in earnest, it began to shine and glow a beautiful, reddish color. I realized, to my surprise, that I was falling in love! So much so, that by the time I was done, I'd transplanted it to the sacred space of my cherished therapy office. First chance I had, I went online to order a special buffing kit that I could use to make the table really shine. 

The table now sits proudly next to me as I conduct sessions. And it hit me with a wonderful and great force that I had just learned a universal lesson for my life now in 2014: 

Whatever we direct love towards, including something that we might have previously hated, it transforms into something we love. And it might mean that the thing (or person) in question remains in our life as beloved, or if preferred or meant to be, that which is loved can leave our life, infused with love. Simple, but yet profound. It's a win-win. Or as John Lennon said: 

"It's easy. All you need is love!"

Check it out!


So, PL, you say that now we can have the experience of consciously directing love towards something, some situation or someone, even if we hate the thing or person in question. How do we pull that one off?

Glad you asked.

If you have done the necessary self-work to clear out your emotional channels, and arrived to understand steps "1." and "2." in the previous post - that you create your own reality and that we are all one - it can simply be a matter of intention and meditation now to consciously direct the love force that flows through you.

You might try holding an image of said thing, situation or person in your inner vision, or you might even be in the presence of it. Then, clear yourself through deep breathing and toning, perhaps, sit, stand or lie in a grounded position, and say something like this:

"I now shift to a line of reality where the love of All That Is comes through me and surrounds and infuses (the person, place or thing) with that love."

or even more simply:

"I am love through (the person, place or thing)."

I know. I know. Sounds too easy. Sorry, but that's the way it is. If you're not finding it easy, talk to your ego!


"So the thing I would say is when you grow up, you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world, try not to bash into the walls too much, try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money, but that's a very limiting life.
Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact and that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.
And the minute that you understand that you can poke life and actually if you push in, something will pop out the other side, that you can change, you can mold it, that's maybe the most important thing is to shake off these erroneous notion of life is there and you're just going to live in it, versus embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it.
I think that's very important. And however you learn that, once you learn it, you'll want to change life and make it better because it's kind of messed up in a lot of ways. Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again."
Steve Jobs


During the first two nights on Fire Island, a raccoon attacked the garbage pails in our yard and on our deck, making an epic mess of chicken bones and other food scraps. On the second such assault, I was awakened by the noise at 5:20 AM, and went down to investigate.

There it was, staring at me, completely nonplussed as it was using its nimble hands to untie the rope that I’d rigged up to hold the lid on the pail. I scared it away with a loud shout, though it didn’t exactly look particularly frightened. Everyone who knows about raccoons knows that they are persistent and don’t scare easily, so I knew something more was going to be required to prevent further such events during our month-long stay. And I knew that the “something” had to include not just physical measures, but more importantly, accepting that the raccoon was bringing me a message, and that it represented something spiritually.

So, I did my research. 

First, I found a close-up of a raccoon online, which I made into my desktop picture. That way, he would be present in my consciousness on a  daily basis. 

Second, I looked up the spiritual meaning of raccoons, and found this:

The name ‘raccoon’ is believed by some to come from the Algonquin Indian word ‘arckunem,’ meaning ‘hand scratcher.’ One of the most striking features of the raccoon is the mask that it wears. Although some associate this with thievery, it actually gives the raccoon a very powerful mystical symbolism. When we wear a mask we are no longer whom we thought. We make ourselves one with some other force. We create a doorway in the mind and in the physical world a threshold that we can cross to new dimensions and new beingness. This is the magic of raccoon. It knows how to wear masks for a variety of purposes. Do you need to present a different face to people for greater success?”

This had a lot of significance for me. For one thing, during the last 2 Julys here on Fire Island, the spirits of a group of Algonquin played an important role in our spiritual work (See the FPL post HERE.). 

Secondly, masks have held a negative meaning for me because of my therapeutic work, which to a great extent has always been about removing masks, certainly not honoring them as sacred. This was some fodder for meditation and an opportunity to observe my judgments. I did so, and on the third night, there was no disturbance from the raccoon. In fact, it is now Day 20 without any garbage mischief from Arckunem!

The work related to the raccoon wasn’t done, though. Subsequent to the above, during a spiritual gathering here at the beach, we were asked to help the spirits of a young Algonquin boy and girl. The boy had died at the hands of wild raccoons, and the girl blamed herself for the event. We did our work to help them release their anger and guilt, forgive themselves, each other and the raccoons, and move on.

That agreement was complete, but... 

... The Great Spirit said there was more to do.

During Week 3 of the vacation, a screaming bird made its appearance (though actually we couldn’t see where it was perched as it sent out its clarion calls.). For two relentless nights, this barker screamed rhythmically from sunset to sunrise, making sleep a bit of a challenge. The remedy, or rather the lesson, once again was acceptance, understanding and being of service, in this case calling for a spiritual gathering at the ocean itself.

Our task this time was to assist two other Native American tribes, the Iroquois and the Lenape, the latter being a tribe I had never heard of before, but which it turns out upon doing some research after the fact, did in fact live on Fire Island, and did battle with the Iroquois, as well as the White Man. The Lenape, the translation of which means “original man,” we discovered, are also related to the Algonquin.

We did our work again to bring peace and forgiveness to all concerned, and lo and behold, no more bird screaming through the night.
And so, there it is, folks, loud and clear (often quite literally). Whatever plagues you, whatever aggravates you, hassles you, torments you even, is not in your life randomly, nor meant to cause you suffering or disruption just for the sake of causing you suffering or disruption. It is a call, a message, a beacon to guide you in a particular direction.

That direction is towards acceptance, understanding and service. And you will know that you are on track if by the time you get to the service part, you are not finding it to be arduous or “hard,” but you are finding it to be joyful.



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