HERE's a headline from this week: 

"New York City Losing Its Last Commercial Progressive Talk Radio Station"

That's right. When WWRL 1600 AM turned into a Spanish-language music radio station on Sunday, December 29, New York City lost its only remaining commercial progressive talk radio outlet.

Well, of course, it's 5D!

What? Is 5D against liberals? Does 5D favor conservatives?

LOL! Read on...

HERE's another headline from this week:

"Millions Falsely Treated for Cancer, Says National Cancer Institute Report"

Yep. A significant number of people who have undergone treatment for cancer over the past several decades may not have ever actually had the disease, admits a new report commissioned by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI). Published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), this government study identifies both over diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer as two major causes of the growing cancer epidemic. These two together have led to millions being falsely treated for cancer with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, who in reality had no such cancer. 

Well, of course, it's 5D!

All right, come on, PL, what are you trying to say about 5D?

Glad you asked. 

I'm saying what I said in my post - "NOBODY NEEDS ME (HATING WAR IS NOT THE SAME AS LOVING PEACE!)" - which is that in 5D, where egoism and karma creation and 3D vibrations aren't allowed, there's no need to fight negative forces, because those still attempting to operate at lower vibrations are clearing themselves out through self-exposure. (Remember the ADHD doctor, who admitted on his death bed that ADHD was a false diagnosis?)

So, we don't need progressive talk shows railing against the retrogressive forces because the retrogressive forces - in the media, the medical profession, politics, indeed, in all of our institutions - are doing the job themselves of  either transforming or eliminating themselves, which is another road to transformation.

Folks, as I've been writing, this is 5D, the new "Golden Age," Murphy's Law is reversed. Everything that can go right will go right. There's no need to protest, rally against, fight for... just clear yourself, meditate and put out your intentions for your highest, most exciting preferences... and watch.

Next up: Football? Ultimate Fighting? War? Processed food? 


"This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy."

This is what the Ghost of Christmas Present says to Scrooge in a climactic moment in the hard-hearted protagonist's journey in Dickens' classic story of redemption, "A Christmas Carol."

But why does the spirit make a point of warning Scrooge, and us, against Ignorance more than against Want? Why is this such a crucial understanding for all of us in our journey towards self-actualization?

Well, it is this: the problems of our world do not start with need or greed. In fact, need and greed are but two sides of the same coin - of ignorance. Need and greed are both based on the same erroneous belief, the same misunderstanding - that there isn't enough.

There are no end runs around this, folks. There is no avoiding the repercussions of proud ignorance and stubbornness in 5D. When you say that you don't want to look at something, don't want to talk about something, when you stick your chest out and say - "That's what I believe and that's all there is to it!" - know that you are inviting a warning from the Ghost of Christmas Present, and interfering with the peace and enjoyment you've earned on your path.

As Jacob Marley, on his death bed, advised Scrooge with his last breath: "Save yourself!"


Bravo, PL, that you continue to bring awareness and skepticism to this issue. How much of ADHD is a dopamine-deficiency, and how much of ADHD reflects a particular wiring for humans which just happens to not compute with our modern way of life? The "Hunter-Farmer" theory even suggests that ADHD-ish-brains, far from pathological, were an adaptive trait that allowed our hunter ancestors to hyper-focus on the task at hand ("I'm gonna get that bear") and disregard all the boring stuff. Where would all the historical artists, intellectual, poets, inventors who clearly had an ADHD-ish brain be if they had medicated their brains into the neurotypical range? Props also for citing the danger of drugging our children at younger and younger ages and consigning them to a lifetime of medication dependency.

While it's hard out there for those of us who don't fit that neurological mold- this does not mean our wiring is 'pathological' nor does it mean stimulant medication is an appropriate response or long term solution.

AND YET, on a 3-D level here, ADHD-ish symptoms are REAL and they present REAL problems. Ask a young person with scatter-brain tendencies who is struggling to finish school, hold her job, pay bills, and ultimately navigate our our sensory-processing-labor market, and, odds are, she'd be pressed to call their ADHD-brain a gift. Sadly our global economy is such that we don't have the capacity to tailor-mold everyone a customized, personalized job that matches their distinct neurobiology and optimizes their gifts. Indeed, we live in a one-size-fits-all, information processing age, where prolonged executive functions in our prefrontal cortex is the goldstandard of professional competence. Likewise, many people do not have access to ADHD coaches, neurofeedback practitioners, naturopaths, or the myriad of other healers who are working outside of big Pharma. Those of us that do have that access been truly fortunate. Thanks again for your post! (In true ADHD fashion, I posted this twice :P Please delete the prior post!) 


Now, research headed up by neuroscientists David Gurwitz and Noam Shomron of Tel Aviv University shows that SSRI's (Selective Serotonin ReUptake Inhibitors), so-called anti-depressants like Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, and more, do not actually prevent or treat depression. Why not?

Wait for it...

Because... “There’s really no evidence that depression is a serotonin-deficiency syndrome,” says Alan Gelenberg, a depression and psychiatric researcher at The Pennsylvania State University. “It’s like saying that a headache is an aspirin-deficiency syndrome.”

Welcome to 5D, Big Pharma!


"The Light tsunami that is about to hit the solar system, planet earth and you, will shatter the remaining debris and barriers of the old energy; it will not survive the increase of frequencies. You will survive for you were born to this time, this day when the birth of a new being was to occur. The planning and preparation for this time has taken many lifetimes, on many planets, in many dimensions. Each of you has been seeded with a unique blend of gifts and talents with which you have been endowed by Source, through your own efforts and by the fractals of your composite being.
"Yet still we sense there are those among you who persist in denying their own power, who seek to lash out at others in a bid to gain some sort of protection for themselves by establishing as being authorities on any issue. This is an old game of the ego, desirous to protect its territory and to retain its rule over your future destiny. It is a game that the ego will not win, for the cycles have moved beyond the control of mind, ego and emotions to continue to limit humanity to the 3D belief system that was constructed specifically to control and suppress this very thing from happening – the birth of HuManity, into all its beauty and splendor."
(Channeled by Elizabeth Ayres Escher)


Apparently even beer has had to make the transition to a higher vibration. 

According to data by the Beer Marketer’s Insights, American sales of nine major brands, including the once top-selling Budweiser, declined by more than 25% over the past five years. Miller is down 56% and Michelob Light’s U.S. sales declined by nearly 70%.

Yep. It seems that in 5D, so-called "craft beers" and beers made in local microbreweries are what's happening.
In other words, like everything else in 5D, even beer has to be brewed with love and a conscious, personal touch to make it.

Oh, and by the way, you may have never heard of this Chinese pale ale, but Snow Beer is about twice as popular as Bud Light!


Frank Buckles, the 108-year-old last surviving veteran of World War I, when asked his secret to a long life, answered:

“When you start to die, don’t!”


Just as I can still remember what I was doing, as a fourth grader, on the day John F. Kennedy was killed, and where I was and who I was with on the morning of September 11, 2001, I remember distinctly the details of the night of December 8, 1980, 33 years ago tonight.

I was riding a bus home from the evening shift at Covenant House, the then famous shelter for runaway teens in Times Square, when it was still a seedy Mecca for nefarious characters and lost souls from all over the country. I worked there per diem as a social worker, supplementing the income from my full-time day job at another social service agency. On Thanksgiving of that particular year, just 2 weeks before John's murder, I worked the evening shift at the shelter serving a sumptuous dinner to the kids that had been donated to Covenant House by John and Yoko. Each place setting had a card with artwork from John decorating it and a greeting from John, Yoko and Sean Lennon.

On that bus on December 8, around midnight, I was pretty much alone, lost in thought when the bus driver addressed me: "Did you hear what happened?" He asked. I just kind of mumbled, not really wanting to engage him. "They shot Lennon," he said. I thought to myself, "Oh boy, this guy's crazy," because I thought he was talking about Lenin, the communist leader who died almost sixty years earlier. The driver persisted until getting through and rocking my world. "Yep. They shot John Lennon," he said.

I could feel the blood drain out of my face.


"They shot John Lennon?!"

What?! Who?! Why?!!?

Interesting, isn't it, that the bus driver used the pronoun "they?" It's not an uncommon usage, but who are "they?" Chapman clearly killed John and acted alone in doing so, but yet, when the driver said "They," it seemed somehow appropriate. On 9/11/01, the person who first told me about the attack also said "They flew planes into the World Trade Center," even though it was not yet known who actually did it.

Who are "they?"

Well, "they" are "us."

As John Lennon himself once wrote:

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

John came to understand something in his short time on Earth about the true oneness that exists in All That Is. Many of his lyrics, during and after the Beatle era, reflect some of that understanding. By choosing a lifetime in which he would be so monumentally famous, and die so infamously, you might say that John "volunteered" to play out the dualistic drama for us in his physical and emotional life, even as he sang about the true nature of our oneness and the synchronicity of everything that occurs:

"Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be."

Nothing truly, irrevocably tragic occurs, folks. We desire as souls to experience everything that we can conceive of, to know everything there is to know. In the "experiment" that was 3-dimensional physical reality in a linear time continuum, we explored how love, the essence of All That Is, can be expressed in that dimension. It was intense. And now, we are done with that particular experiment, which is why so many feel ready to move on from the experience of separateness.

Maybe that's what John was asking us to imagine - no Heaven, no hell, no religion, no country, no possessions... in other words, a world without duality.

"All you need is love."


This is the final scene from the City Rock pilot episode: "While You're Busy Making Other Plans," a moment when our main character, Frank Cello, confronts the ghost that has been haunting him throughout the episode, the spirit of the teen who died on Frank's watch, on the same night that John Lennon was murdered. Frank named his team after the kid.


Frank is walking, lost. He arrives to the Gramercy Park Softball League playing field, walks past the Virgin Mary statue in centerfield and heads over to sit on a bench. He looks out onto the dark asphalt schoolyard, lit up only by the street lights.

Hey, man, your team was tough.

What? What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Look, what do you want?

What do you want?

Tonight is not a good night for questions.

Can’t have answers without askin’ questions.

Silence for a long moment.

CITY ROCK (cont’d)
Remember that night John was killed?

Frank remembers and looks pained.

CITY ROCK (cont’d)
Four months ago tonight. That was not a good night.

Don’t remind me.

Why’d you name your team after me?

I don’t know. It just came to me.

I like that you did that.

You never told me your real name.

Nobody has a real name on the street.
Maybe it was his time, you know? John. I wasn’t into the Beatles. Kinda cool, though, that we checked out on the same night.

Cool? Not exactly.

You couldn’t save me, Frank.

Frank starts to object.

CITY ROCK (cont’d)
No. I mean you couldn’t save me. You can’t save anybody, Frank. That’s what I’ve been tryin’ to tell you, but you don’t want to hear it.

Frank looks at the boy, then hangs his head for a long moment.

Then, what am I doing? What’s the point? What’s my point?

What would Kirk say? You just know what you gotta do and you do it.

You know Kirk?

Yeah, we just met. Hey, maybe you just keep going, Frank. These are crazy times comin’ up. This decade, I got a feelin’ a lot of people are gonna split. But what you’re tryin’ to do, it still matters.

Frank looks out at the ballfield under the moonlight, then looks back at the boy... but he isn’t there.



We see a crowd of people holding a candlelight vigil in Central Park in what will soon become Strawberry Fields.



Frank walks over to home plate, stands there, looking out onto the field, then heads for home.



As promised, HERE is the link to Wendy Kennedy's channeled piece on why so many people are experiencing "symptoms" of fatigue, dizziness, flu-like feelings, etc. 

This is a time of major energetic activity and transition, folks. I have never seen so many people waking up so quickly. (In fact, find a way right away to see the documentary "Wake Up." It's available on Netflix, if you have it, or you can rent it HERE.) 

It is a wonder, and wonderful, to see the look on people's faces when they describe their experiences with wide eyes and exhilaration, followed by the bittersweet tears of saying farewell to their prior life as if it were simply a dream they once had.

Good morning to all!


HERE is something amazing! The person who recorded these sounds describes them as an "angelic chorus in perfect harmony." I believe he is more correct than he might think.

So, like the news story on people around the world hearing an unusual hum, I have heard other personal stories of people hearing "things" - things that they try to describe in terms they can understand, but yet don't quite fit exactly into a familiar frame.

What do you think?

Read more HERE.

These are lyrics from Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al":

"He looks around, around ..... 
He sees angels in the architecture, 
Spinning in infinity, 
He says, Amen! and Hallelujah!" 


"It's known as "The Hum," a steady, droning sound that's heard in places as disparate as Taos, N.M.; Bristol, England; and Largs, Scotland. But what causes the Hum, and why it only affects a small percentage of the population in certain areas, remains a mystery, despite a number of scientific investigations."


The veil is lifting between physical and non-physical realities, and that the sounds of previously unrevealed energies and entities that have always been around us are now becoming audible. It's kind of like an opportunity to get used to the presence of their company. Visuals will be next, folks!

Read more HERE.

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