"Prior to incarnating, you all created two life blueprints for yourselves. These we call your pre-shift and post-shift blueprints. The pre-shift contained paths and contracts for you as you lived your life from the 3-D perspective. As you moved beyond December 21, 2012, you activated your post-shift blueprint. This blueprint includes paths and contracts based on the 5-D perspective. As the game has changed somewhat, the strategy for playing the game has also shifted to compensate for the many new levels of opportunity, awareness and perspective. In short, your blueprint is far more complex. Note we said complex, not difficult! Think of it as playing a video game. You have completed level one and are now moving on to level two, which is more challenging but also has the potential to be far more exciting and rewarding. With the post-shift blueprint, some of you will begin working with the galactic community in a more direct way."


"Teach by example that which you are inclined to share. For your actions speak far more clearly than any theory you may feel inspired to impart. This is the best possible way to communicate to those who are alarmed by your choices where you really stand on issues they can relate to. Show them how you have applied your newfound vision of reality to your life. Let them observe your nonreactive approach to confrontations that may once have triggered major battles. And provide for them a living example of the results of releasing the emotionally charged remnants of your personal history. Do not expect that others will necessarily be converted to your vantage point simply by virtue of their proximity to you. Yet know that they will have been affected in ways that they themselves do not understand by having accompanied you on this segment of your journey. Be patient with the beings who life has placed closest to you in these times. For you are serving as a teacher for many, simply by being who you really are."


In the last three weeks, I have put up a total of 20 posts on my Full Permission Living blog, probably a record for such a period of time. This was not a conscious decision on my part to flood my readers with information. Rather, the information has been flooding out of me with an urgency and excitement apropos of these accelerated times.

At the end of the summer, I got a very clear "hit" that the last quarter of 2014 was going to bring with it a higher frequency/vibration, raising up the height and breadth of the wave of change moving us further into 5th Dimensional consciousness. And then, before Thanksgiving, I got another hit that December was going to blow the cosmic doors open even more to finish off the year in a blast.

And yes, that is bringing with it the exposure and flushing out of any negative, low vibrations - i.e. - the police killings of citizens of our country, and the authority-sanctioned torture and deception of citizens of the world - but it's not cause to give in to fear or worry. This is first and foremost a necessary cleansing, and much more than the general media is allowing to be seen and heard on the traditional airwaves, things are getting much better... and fast!


Stay with your own personal cleansing process, folks. Keep your vibration up, whatever it takes. It's gonna be a great ride!


“Time,’ as you know it to be, is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Events appear to be crammed into an improbably short space, and at times seem to be happening simultaneously which, in fact, they are. It is crucial, as your rendezvous with Oneness draws you ever nearer, that you come to completion with the life themes that tether you to this reality. It is crucial that you attain a state of detachment from the energy charges that have magnetized you, habitually, throughout this lifetime. It is crucial that you recognize the common thread in the web of dramas that you have woven—that continue to ensnare you. And it is crucial that you allow yourself the grace of your own humanness in responding to these recurring situations—and love yourself.”
(From "ONENESS" by Rasha)


So, here we are, smack dab in the middle of the traditional holiday season and the year-end celebrations, replete with tons of food, mountains of presents, bright lights and candles, bad music and... obligation!

Yes. Obligation, defined in the dictionary as: "an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment."

Notice it doesn't say: "an act or course of action about which a person is excited, inspired or joyful to engage in." 

But, if we didn't do things out of obligation, what would that look like? Don't we need to help others, be kind, be charitable, etc?

Well, it is a truth that as a person becomes more self-actualized, "enlightened," if you will, there is a desire to be of service to others, to give back to life. But without moral dictates, what does it actually mean to be of service?

This is a passage from one of the TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING posts: "NOBODY NEEDS YOU!"

"One of the basic, higher truths about everything, which I mentioned in the introduction to the first installment of this series, is that we are all one. What that means, among other things, is that we are all of the same singular "body" of consciousness and energy, and that every "individual" is actually a mirrored reflection of an aspect of ourselves and of All That Is. Separateness, therefore, is an idea, a construct, an illusion if you will. Individuality is an experiment in consciousness by the consciousness of All That Is to experience the idea of separation.

"It is only by thoroughly believing in this idea of separation, and by forgetting temporarily the true nature of existence, that we could possibly believe that any one person might "need" another. In other words, one would have to conclude that a particular individual is not connected directly to the source energy of All That Is, and therefore needs us to step in where All That Is is falling short, quite a remarkable arrogance, wouldn't you say? But that was part of the 3D game, which has now come to an end, which is why we're talking about this!"

So, if enlightenment includes both the desire to be of service and the understanding of the nature of our true oneness with each other, what can we actually do for others?

Glad you asked. Here's a passage from "Oneness" by Rasha:

"Your own radiance will help illuminate the path of others who walk beside you, however briefly, simply by being in the authenticity of your own moment. It is not necessary to try in order to help another being who is experiencing a lesson you have learned the hard way. Simply by being present and holding that vibration of transcendence, you can add the much-needed boost to another that enables him to discover what has been right there all along. Just like you did."

Get that? 

"Not necessary to try in order to help another."

That's right. All you need do to truly be of service is to be your true self in someone else's presence, "hold space," as I say to the guides I am guiding, be a mirror, while simultaneously seeing yourself in the person you're offering service to, as well. Then, you're doing it. You're doing the most you can ever possibly do for another.

So, as you move through this holiday season, folks, give the greatest gift you can give. You. Your own most genuine, joyful, radiant self. And give yourself the gift of discovering that being loving isn't doing deeds, sacrificing or buying presents. It's just being yourself.


"There is no static condition of enlightenment on the path of enlightenment."
(From "Oneness" by Rasha)


"You should be prepared to experience unprecedented results, both in your own experience and in the experience of others for whom you may be facilitating. The dramatic remission of symptoms characteristic of this process is a phenomenon that will defy the scientific laws that govern your concept of what is and is not possible. The so-called “miracles” that may once have prompted reactions of awe and wonderment are occurrences to be expected by those who have journeyed to the outer reaches of the human condition in these times. Do not be tempted to limit what is possible, in terms of spontaneous recovery, on the basis of what you may have been taught. There are no such limits—not in the new world you are helping to birth, simply by being present."


"For, to be able to sustain physical life at the higher levels of awareness, one must be totally free of one’s attachment to it."

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