Wow! What a gorgeous first season of a show ended last night on Showtime!

Graced with the graceful, multi-dimensional acting of Laura Linney and the simply simple, splendid writing of Darlene Hunt, the show's creator, "THE BIG C" was a small treasure to watch for 13 weeks. So much more than a dark comedy about laughing in the face of death, The Big C was about living in the face of limitations.

Marriage without Eros, parenting without flexibility, and the whole desperate, suburban, upwardly mobile American Dream thing - these were the obstacles for "Cathy Jamison" to overcome so much moreso than her cancer. Compared to her rigidly constructed life, the terminal diagnosis she received at the start of the series was a gift, and by calling upon every emotion available under such circumstances, Linney's Cathy chose to receive the gift. Through thirteen episodes, Cathy pursued love, Eros and sex, and open, no bullshit communication with others and a no holds barred expression of her feelings about everything and everyone.

It was an eloquently elegant demonstration of how to live life.

A beautiful show! Thank you, Showtime!

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