I just did a search to see what I've written on Memorial Days past and found a trove of angry posts. I was a little surprised because I don't feel so angry this year about the lies and ludicrousness of this particular flag-waving holiday in America (i.e. - 18 veterans PER DAY commit suicide, and more have died from suicide in the last decade than have died in the Afghan and Iraq Wars combined, and yet during the administration that started those wars, funds were cut for medical benefits for veterans. See how easy it is to get angry?)

I guess I'm not that angry, though, because I've traveled so far in the past year vibrationally. As a result, 3D reality, where war and conflict are still the favorite pastimes of young souls, has become a distant and fading drama. You see, the way to eliminate war is never going to be through politics, left or right, but rather by leaving the lines of reality where war is being collectively created. In other words, by shifting to a world where war already doesn't exist. That is what The Wave is that I often speak about. It is the shift to 4th Dimensional consciousness that is sweeping through the lives of so many on Earth right now.

The reality already exists, folks, where there not only is no war, but where you are healthy, wealthy and wise, and happily pursuing life, liberty and happiness. So, celebrate today by declaring that war is over... for you... and jump on The Wave!

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