I listen to people's stories for a living. Over the years and decades, I have heard many amazing, uplifting, tragic and shocking tales, all true, all unique. But last night, I heard/watched a true story unlike most others, presented in the Oscar-winning documentary "SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN."

Sugar Man, a true story in the same vein as the fictional "The Five People You Meet In Heaven," is about significantly changing the world while simply and humbly go about the business of being yourself.

The "hero" of Sugar Man - and he would laugh at being referred to as such - is the once unknown singer-wongwriter, Sixto Jesus Rodriguez. A gifted artist, whose brilliant recordings for Sussex Records, an offshoot (wink-wink from the Universe) of Buddah records in the late 1960's/early 70's, strangely never sold. At all. Consequently, Rodriguez disappeared into obscurity and working class poverty in Detroit.


In South Africa, a bootleg copy of Rodriguez' first album became a huge success among hundreds of thousands of South Africans fighting against Apartheid in the 1970's. Completely unbeknownst to Rodriguez, and everyone in America, he became a legendary icon in South Africa, and his two records ("COLD FACT" and "COMING FROM REALITY) sold enormously, inspiring a movement.

This is a beautiful 5D story, folks. No one is without a task, a plan, an agreement, and all you have to do to fulfill it is be yourself. Oh, yeah, and dismantle your ego.


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