"Orgasms provide healing for the physical body. With an orgasm, you are refreshed and enlivened on a cellular level, and you are reconnected with the essence if your spiritual self. You are suspended between probabilities within the various layers of your body - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - lifted up and aligned. At the peak of orgasm, your body is pulsating with vitality, which bursts forth into the atmosphere, distributing what you want and who you think you are into the field of existence. You can learn to focus your attention by riding the energy of your orgasm through breath synchronization with your partner, and by directing the energy with your imagination. People have long used sex for building psychic energy to transcend the bounds of physical reality. With the right partner, and in harmony with cosmic law, sexual energy can be used to venture just about anywhere you choose to travel."
Barbara Marciniak ("Path of Empowerment")

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