This is a contribution from an FPL reader:
"Perhaps we can learn to trust the set-up, like completely trust that the stage has been set in the most appropriate way possible for us in this moment, we can relax into the lesson. 
And then amnesia sets in. 
This is how it goes with you this month. Moments of absolute embrace merged with the urge to take it all back and control every actor on the stage. But hear me when I say this: trust the mother fucking process. And when I say “mother”, I mean it. Mother is the origin, the place we come from, the gateway from which we emerge. 
You are re-emerging.
But you can’t experience the rebirth if you refuse to let the process happen. Stop clinging to the past. It’s over. There is no energy there, but there is life here and now. A tremendous amount of life and it awaits you, patiently. 
Move your mind to the present. Motivate yourself to clear out the wreckage of your past. Forgive yourself for all the ways that you thought you were an imperfect child. Forgive your parents for being imperfect elders. Clean out the mental debris that rattles around distracting you from the plot line. Get down to what really matters; the rest is just jackass trickster hijinks."

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