One month into the 4th quarter of 2014. 

Are you still trying to figure out what's going on with your body? Why you're simultaneously in great health, energized and sexually potent, yet also full of aches and pains, exhausted and having dizzy spells? 

Are you disconcerted with your erratic sleeping patterns? 4 AM wake-ups becoming the norm? 

How about your career, if you can even call it that? Are you an actor, a musician, a real estate mogul through Airbnb, or a freelance driver for Uber? All of the above? 

Has money moved in and out of your life, seemingly of its own will, regardless of your efforts?

Are you having more experiences of deja vu? Meaningful coincidences? Lucid dreaming? 

Are you experiencing more synchronistic events, like meeting the right person at the right time for the right reason, while going about the business of doing nothing in particular? 

Or perhaps you're seeing sequences of numbers repeating themselves in your dreams or on your alarm clock? 

Are hearing voices talking or a choir singing while you're in the shower?

Are you becoming unfamiliar to yourself? Having trouble identifying who you are?

No, you're not losing it. It's not early onset Alzheimer's or the weed you ingested this past summer. And you're not alone. If you ask around, you'll discover that many, many people are experiencing exactly the same things you are. In fact, if you do a Google search for "symptoms of the ascension," you'll find a number of articles and videos describing your situation.

Another way of framing it for yourself, if "ascension" sounds too esoteric or dramatic for you, is that you are waking up. And not just you. The entire planet is coming out of a very long sleep, and most likely, if you're reading this, you're one of the early risers. You've become conscious of the way

In the first quarter of this year, I wrote a blog piece entitled "IT'S 2014: WHICH WAVE ARE YOU?" in which I quoted Dolores Cannon making this incredible statement:

"Never has an entire planet shifted its vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many individual souls and groups of souls (like the Mayans, for example) have shifted in this way before, but never has an entire planet shifted all at once."

Get that? Never! That's right, folks. You've got a role in the biggest show in the history of the Universe. Congratulations!

And the essence of the part you're playing, and why it's referred to as an ascension process, is like that of the proverbial Phoenix, only the ashes that you are rising from in this time and place are the ashes of limitation.

Indeed, beliefs in the rigid limitations of linear time, dualism, impenetrable and immutable matter, as well as beliefs in unavoidable conflicts and suffering, lack, loss, even in death itself, all of these beliefs and their effects are loosening up and ultimately falling by the wayside of evolution during this time that we have been calling 5D (5th dimensional consciousness).

And to make this transition, which Dolores Cannon outlines brilliantly in her discussion of the "Three Waves" of incarnated souls on Earth during this period, if you are of the First Wave especially (mid-40's to mid-60's), but even possibly of the Second Wave (early 30's to early 40's), you are literally creating a new body for yourself and reincarnating in the same lifetime as we speak. How create is that?!

Yes, there will be some growing pains, but like William Hurt's character in the movie, "Altered States," well...

Oh, and thanks for the quote, Yogi!

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