"Teach by example that which you are inclined to share. For your actions speak far more clearly than any theory you may feel inspired to impart. This is the best possible way to communicate to those who are alarmed by your choices where you really stand on issues they can relate to. Show them how you have applied your newfound vision of reality to your life. Let them observe your nonreactive approach to confrontations that may once have triggered major battles. And provide for them a living example of the results of releasing the emotionally charged remnants of your personal history. Do not expect that others will necessarily be converted to your vantage point simply by virtue of their proximity to you. Yet know that they will have been affected in ways that they themselves do not understand by having accompanied you on this segment of your journey. Be patient with the beings who life has placed closest to you in these times. For you are serving as a teacher for many, simply by being who you really are."

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