"Regardless of how jaded you are or how broken by life's blows, The Dreamer remains untouched. And reconnecting with that rarefied spark of your own Divine essence is the key element in restructuring the life you are preparing to transform. Before the Artist can begin to emerge from the radiant core of your being and give expression to the unique creation that is to be your life, you must first find and liberate The Dreamer from the prison of your linear consciousness.
Before you can become clear within yourself as to what you want to do with your life, it is essential that you pause in your program of frenzied activity to discover who you really are. Then and only then have you prepared the conditions in which The Artist can emerge and give expression to your true essence, in a way that will provide a life that is rich and satisfying in all the ways you quietly yearn for."

("Oneness," by Rasha)

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