Heard a very interesting bit on National Public Radio yesterday. A panel of psychotherapists were reporting that in 4 out of every 7 therapy sessions in recent times, patients were talking about the 2016 election. Thought of another way, that's 57% of the precious 50 minutes someone in therapy has to discuss their relationships and emotional lives, their careers and finances, and all the vicissitudes of their inner lives. 29 therapeutic minutes being spent on the 3D spectacle known as politics.

There's an article on the subject in the Washington Times entitled: "Sick: Americans now suffering from ‘election-related stress."

"Is the election making you sick?” asks Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency room physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and contributor to Forbes magazine. He calls the combination of election and nonstop media attention a “life stressor” with serious physical effects. Dr. Glatter counsels voters to be alert for increased blood pressure, fluttering heartbeats, headaches, nausea and other telltale symptoms of “election-related stress” — and seek relief through less exposure to news coverage and social media. Yoga, meditation and even psychotherapy could help as well, he says.

Even psychotherapy?! Come one, Doc, those last few things are what will constitute real healing methods in 5D.

But that's not the point of this piece. The point is that while talking about the election or politics or anything else going on in mass consciousness is valid fodder for self-reflection ( the FPL post: "YOU SAY IT'S WORLD PEACE YOU WANT? LOOK INSIDE!"), in 5D, which is where we are inevitably going, it just doesn't matter.

Who won the last debate? Who will win tonight's? Who will win the election? In the words of Bill Murray in "Meatballs," the classic comedy from 1979: "It just doesn't matter!"

Why not? Because the run-up to 5D consciousness is irrevocably in progress. It's happening. Period. There is no turning back, no regressing. We have already crossed the threshold. 3D is no more. And with the advent of the last quarter of 2016, the uprush to 5D is accelerating and going to continue to accelerate.

The only thing that remains a variable is how we're going to experience the acceleration - kicking and screaming, struggling against the current, or peacefully, serenely going with the flow. And that will be an individual decision first, a collective decision second.

So, if we collectively need a Donald Trump presidency to increase the pace of our awakening, we will have it. If, on the other hand, we are, en mass, waking up gracefully, but with all due diligence to our self-work, the ride will be smoother, and we won't need a Trump in the White House. We may have a Clinton, or maybe someone yet to surprise us, but it doesn't matter.

Do you work and watch what happens!

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