"You are awakening to a grander truth for the planet, a truth that doesn’t just belong to a niche amount of believers. It’s for the whole planet. Therefore, I’m telling you something that involves the whole planet. But the old souls are the graduates. You have most of the experience; you have profound consciousness that can change energy.

The world is expecting doom. The books that have been written about the fractals tell you about the ripples of time that repeat themselves, that yell to you that there’s going to be problems, there’s going to be war; that yell to you your economy is going to collapse at any moment.

There are seeds of truth in the ripples. Let me tell you something, perhaps you’ve figured it out or not. The ripples of an old energy are only dangerous to you if enough human beings buy into the old energy, it’s going to slow things down and some of them will occur.

Now you know what I would ask you to do. I want you to start spreading the word to everybody you know who would ask you, who would mention it in idle passing or not. Shape your words, for a good future. Don’t buy into this. Don’t be persuaded that something awful has to occur.

Dear ones, the prophecies have come and gone. You are in the clear. But the ripples are still there of the old energy.

When you hear those speak of it. You can tell them this. 'Well, it didn’t happen. We got a good future ahead.'

They will start giving you chapter and verse of the old energy. They’ll tell you what has happened and therefore and therefore. They’ll pull the politics of the day into it, they’ll say and therefore and therefore. And you don’t have to convince them. All you have to do is show them you don’t agree. In a loving way, you can say, 'Yeah, I don’t think so. I feel something good is coming.'

Old souls carry weight. You carry it with your family, with your children, with your friends, with your colleagues. And the weight you carry is because of who you are and who they see in you. Are you a person who is slow to anger, who is quick to love? Are you a person who is not showing their age as much? Are you a person who has more energy than you should for your age? Are you a person that they will look at and they will say I don’t know what you got but I like it. They’re gonna listen to you, old soul."

(Lee Carrol channeling "Kryon")

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