Baby Souls

Understanding that human beings are all the same in certain ways, and as such entitled to equal treatment and valuation under the law, is a foundation of civilization. Just as important, though, is recognizing that we are all different from each other in significant ways as well. Too often, we get angry at each other, on an individual basis and en masse, because we don't accept our differences. We actually don't even really believe in our differences, especially and including at the "soul development" level.

A most excellent description of the differences between souls, called "Soul Ages" was written about by Joya Pope in her book, "Upcoming Changes." In the book, Ms. Pope explains how an evolving soul, just like a developing human being, can be at various stages in their growth process. Understanding this can change the way we deal with others in a very productive way. Just as you wouldn't expect a 3-year old to drive herself to preschool or make his own dinner, you wouldn't expect a "Baby Soul," to be able to embrace liberal, democratic self-government or guilt-free, uninhibited sexuality.
If we could understand this, for example, about religious fundamentalists - whether in the Middle East or middle America - we would realize that we can't force "democracy" or enlightened points of view on them. In their own exploitive ways, Republicans, and of late, Hillary Clinton, have understood this and used it to their advantage. In the United States, however, there are also a large number of "Mature Souls" counterbalancing the number of Baby Souls, so our government shifts back and forth between conservative and liberal forces on a fairly regular basis. The intense battle between the two main Democratic contenders for the presidency right now is an example of this conflict.

Below are some excerpts from the "Baby Soul" section of Joya's book. See what you think, and see if you recognize anyone you know!

Here's Joya Pope:

"Structure helps Baby Souls to feel comfortable in the world. They want to be directed and therefore seek out higher authorities who are willing to lay out clear rules for them. As a small example of this, a Baby Soul (in an adult human body) would rarely defend their child's rights to the school principal, but rather would push to make the child act acceptably to the teachers and administration. Sometimes a Baby Soul will seek out - even again and again - discipline from the prison system as a way to civilize himself. This soul age will hold traditional religious leaders in esteem, turn doctors into gods, and likely feel their country, their army, and certain politicians, can do no wrong.

"Traditions, rituals, and law and order provide a welcome sense of security.
In a dogmatic, black-and-white way, they identify right from wrong. Usually conscientiously good citizens, they can be counted on to do the "right" thing, but this is also the soul age with the greatest propensity to long-term grudge holding.

"The Ku Klux Klan would be a Baby Soul organization on the negative end of the spectrum, while many service organizations like the Knights of Columbus or the Rotary Club would be on the more positive end. Anti-abortion organizations, school prayer promoters, and fire-and-brimstone preachers all tend to emerge out of Baby Soul consciousness and concerns. Preferring to be big fish in small ponds, Baby Souls are often found in small communities.

"When their beliefs are opposed, Baby Souls may become inwardly bewildered. Baby Souls are so sure they are right that they have difficulty comprehending opposition. This is not a self-reflective phase.
When dealing with physical problems, Baby Souls ordinarily prefer conventional medicine, medications and surgery. Considering alternative therapies or looking for the root of the problem doesn't make sense to their way of approaching the body. With the exception of so-called "healing" within charismatic churches, this soul age is sold on orthodox medicine.
Around sexual matters, there is uneasiness, shame and guilt. This is not a time for hot tub entertaining, but hiding bodies, making love in the dark - probably with pajamas and without great sensuality.

"Baby Souls sometimes come into prominence. They don't often look for a big stage, not having the resourcefulness or experience to handle it well, but they may gather fame for their unyielding political or religious beliefs. Jerry Falwell is a prominent religious leader with Baby Soul beliefs; Oral Roberts and Jimmy Swaggart, two others. Idi Amin, Hitler, Khomeini, Bin Laden, etc., and, in the United States, Richard Nixon, Evan Mecham, Jesse Helms and some of our more rigidly conservative Governors, Congressmen and Senators are examples of Baby Souls putting out their world views on a larger scale. Pat Boone and Charleton Heston were among the few Baby Souls peopling the entertainment business!"
Hey, Joya - don't forget Ronald Reagan, who not only liked to eat jelly beans in the Oval Office, but also called his wife, "Mommy!"

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