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I've written often (check HERE) about the illusions and conditioned negative beliefs we've carried around about aging, particularly in what has been loosely called "Western Culture," and definitely in what was once 3D, the dense level of consciousness where a belief in strict linear time meant time was always running out. In that mindset, aging was seen as a process to bemoan, thwart or deny as much as possible.

Well, folks, this is 5D, and the illusions are falling by the wayside. The veil is lifting on the game of limitation, dualism and linear time. 

THIS was in the news this week:

"A poll of 80,000 American adults of all ages by polling giant, Gallup, reveals that we feel most satisfied with our bodies after 65. Yes, you read that correctly. Not at 18, or 25, or even 40."

Yo! I'm turning 60 next month, and I have to be honest - I can't wait! All of my life, I have looked forward to being "old." Really. Even in my teens and twenties, I somehow knew that life was going to continue to get better and better the older I got. And it has.

This is from one of my posts on the subject:

"Our soul energy, the source of which comes from our Oversoul and Higher Self in any particular lifetime, infuses us gradually and continually throughout our journey as physical beings. In other words, when we don't interfere, we naturally live at a higher and higher vibratory rate as we mature, more and more filled up with the energy of spirit until, once again, we go back to being pure spirit, as we were before physical incarnation.

Many of us were conditioned to fear this process, and so look upon what is meant to be a glorious evolution as a deterioration instead. And as we know, what you believe is what creates your reality. So, for many, what can be an experience of greater vibrancy, potency, wisdom and creativity over time instead becomes a depressing time of loss (and loss of time).

Julia Moulden, in a piece entitled,  "
Over 50? You're at the Height Of Your Powers," used Jack Palance as an example of someone who remained vital well into his elder years, and showed it off at the 1992 Oscars when he did his famous one-handed push-ups on stage, at the age of 73. (Palance won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in "City Slickers" that year.)

Life is meant to get better and better as you grow and progress through it, folks. And the more light that shines through you as you move forward on this journey, the more truly beautiful you become - at every level. If you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror, you're vision is tainted by negative beliefs. 

Hey - Don't fear the reaper. Rather, just start reaping!

Thanks, Jack!

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