Below is a link to a very interesting piece by Tim Kreider, a man who had a near-death experience that truly changed him and made him happy... but only for one year. After that, it was back to the muck.

Why should that happen?

It is our self-made (in childhood) character structures that cause our lives to be repetitive and not fully gratifying. Logically, it would be the removal of said structures that could lead to fulfilling, spontaneous lives, right? Yes, but... no external event, regardless of how dramatic - a life-threatening illness, a tragic loss, falling in love, or winning the lottery - can by itself undo what we have created. Such events, however, can open a window to our souls temporarily, giving us a glimpse of what life can be like outside of the confines of our defenses. These "free samples from the Universe," as I like to call them ("A glimpse of grace," Tim Kreider calls them.), are opportunities to pursue the inner self-work necessary to keep the window open. It can be done, and more rapidly today than ever before, but it is determined work, and more transformative even than... being stabbed in the throat.

Alas, Tim concluded, erroneously, what so many have:

"It didn’t last, of course. You can’t feel grateful to be alive your whole life any more than you can stay passionately in love forever."

Yes, you can, Tim. It's just not enough to almost die. You have to decide to do whatever it takes to get free and stay free.

P.S. For one of FPL's favorite Pathwork Guide lectures on how one can stay in love forever, I refer Tim, and everyone to this lecture: "THE FORCES OF LOVE, EROS AND SEX."

HERE is the link to Tim's article.

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