Fifty years ago today, in another linearly measured reality, President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. I was nine. I don’t "remember" much from the actual day, and my memories are blended with all the footage and stories of the events over the subsequent years. I remember being sent home from school with the whole world seeming to be focused on the event. Everything stopped in a way that is rare. Being just a kid at the time, I remember being disgruntled that I couldn’t watch any of my favorite TV shows because they were all pre-empted. After all, there were only a few TV channels in 1963, and Mom and Dad were watching only the news that day.

The murders of Martin Luther King and RFK in 1968, John Lennon’s murder in 1980, the Challenger explosion in 1986, and of course, 9/11 all were in the same world-stopping category of events. But somehow, the assassination of JFK looms larger and more unique. I realized in watching a documentary about JFK’s presidency recently that his singular mission here on earth may have been to turn the world away from nuclear annihilation, which he effectively did during the Cuban Missile Crisis. More or less on his own. The world never got back to that brink again, and now here we are, alive and well, shifted to a new vibration and ready to meet our galactic and intergalactic neighbors.

JFK’s death was the beginning of the end of seeing "politics" and "social movements" as the solutions to anything related to our further evolution. The Viet Nam War, Watergate, Kent State, and for me personally, and finally, the election of Ronald Reagan turned me inward in my search for ways to improve life on Planet Earth. That search and inward turn have never relented, and I would have to say today, have yielded much fruit.

“The kingdom of Heaven is within each of you.”

Indeed it is, and many are beginning to get that those words were not meant metaphorically. Life is an inside job. Creating reality, individually and collectively, begins within each of us.

I look around me today, as a reflection of looking within, and I see many people waking up. It’s beautiful. We made it. Good job, everyone. Nicely done. 

Enjoy the coffee.

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