No, not Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz or W. Not Limbaugh, Beck or Joe Wilson. Not even Joe The Plumber (and that's some real stupid there!)

Nope. The winner is... the right wing bloggers on the POLITICS FORUM on CRAIGSLIST!

Surprised? Well, let me explain.

Here's a place where uncensored discourse can take place on any subject related to politics, where whatever anyone wants to express is posted for all to see, without filtering or screening, free of charge, and yet, this spot in cyber space has become a repository, a veritable dumpster for the screeds of the most inane, ignorant and inarticulate of the English-speaking (barely) population. The brain-addled vitriol that is spewed on a daily basis on CL POLITICS is not just racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, and paranoid... that kind of material could easily be found on many sites, or even on FOX News. No, the stuff I'm talking about is downright, low-down, not-even-trying stupid! Facts are either made up or considered non-essential to those making their mostly unintelligible "arguments" here, and the level of writing and schoolyard name-calling is such that my 3rd-grade daughter would be embarrassed by it.

Stupidity is not just a function of education, folks. One can be formerly uneducated, yet still be smart, still be coherent, still be able to discern fact from fiction and able to express themselves in a fashion that is worthy of being called a human being. No, stupidity is in many ways a choice. A choice to close off one's mind and emotional connection, a choice to rely on superstition, dogma and base impulses, a choice to act for all intents and purposes - soulless.

So, congratulations to CL POLITICS! In a decade of major bar-lowering in so many areas of civilization, you have set a new, low standard.

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