The Republican Party is nearly dead!

Barely intelligible, pseudo-political miscreants on the internet and FOX News want to fantasize that Scott Brown's win last week was an omen that stupidity was back in business, but Brown's election was the best thing to happen to President Obama and the Democrats since November 2008. Obama is coming out swinging as he always does, once he's on the ropes. (Think Ali's rope-a-dope.)

There's no "there" there in the GOP, no ideas, no direction, and most significantly, no intellect. The very notion that a drug-addled blowhard like Rush Limbaugh or a bi-polar clownshow like Glenn Beck could be the focal point of dialogue on the right says it all. George Will, David Brooks, even Joe Scarborough have become the fringe elements on the right because they actually think!

The right is all about costumes and bellicosity now, wearing tea bags on their hats while ranting about socialism, fascism and communism all in one breath, as if they had any idea what those terms actually meant. The mostly working class right wingnuts railed against health care reform, not even understanding that they were the ones who were most abused by the present system that feeds the beasts known as insurance and drug companies.

These folks are so behind the times and so unable to change that having a man of color as president terrifies them for no other reason than that he is... a man of color. They've actually started an all-white basketball league, for Christ's sake, to "get back to the fundamentals." (Think "fundamentalism," as in Pat Robertson, who decried that the devil is skulking around making deals and causing God to kill poor people.)

The pretenders to the ravaged right want you to forget George Bush, their brush-clearing hero for eight years, who's only true "mission accomplished" was to destroy our economy and our credibility in the world at large, after allowing the worst terrorist attack on American soil in history to occur and then waging a futile war against the wrong country in retaliation.

Now, the teabaggers say they are "independents," even though they're celebrating Brown's brief moment in the electoral sun as the second coming of... the Republican Party!

It's Sunday morning in America, folks. And it's taking a while to get over the hangover from the binge of stupidity and corruption we've endured. But believe it - Scott Brown's election was the beginning of the recovery.

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