Here's Anonymous:

"Just ran across your blog through the 'Next Blog' button on top of the Blogger format. I love the disparity between this post and the blog's description: 'On this blog, we will explore ways in which we can reconnect to our true selves and live lives of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and material fulfillment, while remaining in a state of harmony with others and with the world around us."

Here's PL:

I'm assuming that by "disparity," Anon, you're thinking that being in a "state of harmony with others" means you don't call them "rodeo clowns" and "psychopathic bimbos?" But the very next line in the FPL description you quote starts out with these 5 words: "We will discover the truth..."

You see, being in a state of harmony doesn't mean being "nice" anymore than it means being "nasty." It means being in truth.

I do indeed believe that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are aspects of All That Is and therefore, aspects of me. Those aspects are presently acting out from a very low vibration in the current drama being played out in 3-dimensional reality, and so by exposing them, by making fun of them at times, and mainly by challenging the low level of consciousness they represent, I am connecting to myself, loving myself and working towards raising my own vibration.

Hope that clears it up. You betcha!

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Anonymous said...

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