Here's a headline from today's news: Taliban Stone Couple For Adultery In Afghanistan

Is it not simple enough to understand that a society in which such things are possible is so primitive and rooted in the lower levels of 3-dimensional reality that they cannot be elevated in a single lifetime? Only through the arduous and slow process of death and rebirth over many lifetimes can a consciousness operating at that level evolve.

Furthermore, is not equally simple to see that a society engaged in war with such a primitive culture cannot be very much more evolved than those doing the stoning? Ideological leaders in Afghanistan think stoning people to death for having consensual sex makes sense, and political leaders here think that being at war with that country for 9 years makes sense.

Cut to:


Raising your vibration through self-awareness, understanding and knowing by connecting to your inner thoughts and feelings will consciously connect you to your spiritual nature and to All That Is, and so will carry you to 4th Dimensional reality, especially right now, because the Wave is upon us.

That's it, folks. There's no "reforming" the current system, except in miniscule increments, and that requires that you stay in the system. The world without deadly sexual repression and war already exists. It's already there, "waiting" for you to enter it. That world in the news isn't going anywhere anytime soon, though, so I don't know about you, but... I'm outta here!

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