Okay, now check this out. This is a true story. It was in the Huffington Post today. The headline: "Prince The Dog Returns Home After 5 Years, Finds Owner Myrna Carillo's New House!"

Here's an excerpt from the news item:

"If you move four times in five years, it's hard enough for the mail to find you, let alone a dog. But that's just what one smart Shih Tzu did this past week. According to NBC News, Myrna Carillo lost her beloved dog Prince over five years ago in California. Since then, she has married, had two boys... and moved four times. And yet, somehow Prince showed up on her doorstep last week. Myrna immediately recognized the furry dog, and more impressively, the dog recognized her. Prince is already bonding with Myrna's sons, and is reacquainting himself with his rediscovered family.
This isn't the first pet miracle. Last year, a cat returned home after going missing during Hurricane Katrina five years ago. And an Australian dog returned home after a nine year disappearance. As for Prince -- while his house may have changed four times in his absence, there seems to be no place like home."

This story demonstrates perfectly that there is a collective consciousness that transcends space and time and our five physical senses, that we all really are connected in ways we normally don't see. If you really think about it, a story like this should be major news, and should change everything. Instead, it's just a "cute" story hidden in the back pages, if it's even reported at all. "Coincidence." "A mystery." "Whatever." "Can't explain it."

Oh well, what's for dinner, Prince?

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