THIS was in the New York Times today, an open confessions of a self-described "mad housewife" who has been violent with her children. It is very honest and courageous, and I applaud KATHERINE ELLISON who revealed herself in this way.

Here's Katherine saying something shocking but true that really needs to be said:

"The mad housewife is a reliable comic icon, her trials trivialized as boredom and cabin fever. It’s hard for most people to accept that mothers — even maybe their own mothers! — can be unloving, and sometimes unsafe."

Right. Being a parent, in no way, shape or form, guarantees that a child will be receiving love. My readers know that I have written and spoken a great deal about the terribly dysfunctional state of marriage and childrearing in our society. I am also going to talk about it on video soon. During this past week, we have been filming a promotional video for our upcoming debut of the FULL PERMISSION LIVING SHOW, which will be a regular web television program on the soon-to-be launched CITY ROCK NETWORK.

Here's an excerpt from one of the episodes of the FPL Show:

"Parenting, as we know it, folks, is not only dysfunctional, it is impossible! In the soon-to be-extinct nuclear family model (just follow the statistical trends), two people (usually young) are expected to undertake the most incredibly taxing job on earth, twenty-four-seven, for two decades, with no qualifications! That's right. Parents, of all available adults, are usually the least qualified to raise children. You need to pass two tests to get a license to drive a car or sell real estate. It's required to have a college degree or some period of focused training for most careers. Yet, to have children, one of the most important and difficult occupations in our society, all you have to do is (excuse me) fuck somebody!"

Stay tuned for more, and once again, thank you, Katherine Ellison, for speaking the truth.

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