This is hot off the 4th Dimensional Press!

Channeled by Wendy Kennedy on The Wave of accelerations to come in 2011, this little gem of a passage below is about how we can make changes in our bodies ("vehicles") in the year that's just begun by becoming heart-centered.

Take a breath, open your heart and check it out:

"2011 is to be a year of significant change. One of those changes will be that you can leave behind the notion that your vehicle [body] is 'real.' Your body is, in fact, a projection of your vibrational state, which can be shifted as you shift at the energetic level. Many of you try to work from the body level to shift your energies, and to heal your bodies. In the past you were able to make some adjustments at the physical level to get your frequency up to make small changes at the energetic level, but that's no longer going to be effective. Now, you're going to need to go straight to the template, straight to the energetic level to really alter your patterns, heal your bodies and make divine changes. In order to find perfect health and balance, it's simply about letting go of all judgment, about seeing everything from a neutral vantage point. It's not positive; it's not negative. It just is. When you get to that level of perception, you're able to transform your reality very, very quickly, including your physical body, which is designed to live for hundreds of years! Your body is very easily altered by shifting frequency. The mind and your beliefs make it very difficult, but when you get heart-centered, that's when you're really able to transform yourself."

Okay, still breathing? Good. Then, just throw out all of what you have been conditioned to believe - in fact, throw out all of your beliefs, period - and then do whatever it takes for you to let go of your judgments and live from your heart!

Ha! Sounds too easy, huh? Well, I hear you, and you're right, sort of. You can't fake it, that's the thing. So, you may need some guidance, some support to surface and challenge those beliefs and judgments you've been holding all these years, and you will definitely need some "coaching" and coaxing to reconnect to those suppressed emotions clogging up your heart, but you can do it. You just have to choose.

And what the hell, it's better than dieting!

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