I have been practically screaming about this for years, now. (Read some FPL articles on this HERE... HERE... and HERE.)

One of the biggest lies ever told by modern parents is that they are "staying together for the kids." Read this article by David Wygant entitled: "CAN DIVORCE BE FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN." It's on the Huffington Post.

Here are some excerpts: "Do you realize how children learn to love? They learn how to love a partner by watching their parents interact with each other. That is how children learn how to love. That is how children learn to communicate in relationships when they get older. If you and your spouse don't love each other, and you don't display love for one another, then that is what your child is going to learn about love and how to treat someone in a relationship as they move forward in life. How do you think we all got so screwed up in our interpersonal relationships? We got this screwed up because this is what we saw as kids. Some of us are really lucky to have amazing parents who were in love with each other. For many people, though, they were products of dysfunctional families in which they saw (and learned) these behaviors."

As I have said so often, in 30+ years of practicing therapy, I can count on one hand the number of people who've told me they wished their parents hadn't gotten divorced. On the other hand, I can't even count the number who've said they wished their parents had split up.

Folks, please stop lying about this. If you are not in love with your spouse and you are a parent, you are fucking your kids up royally. You are not staying together for them. You are staying together because you are a selfish coward. Get out!

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