"Who’s this Derek Jeter guy? People tell me he has more hits than me.”

Sir Paul, who just got married again and is planning a European concert tour, cracked that joke as he performed for 2 straight hours, without even stopping for a sip of water, during a concert earlier this year at Yankee Stadium. A reporter covering the concert for the Wall Street Journal (?!!?), Jon Friedman, wrote:

"All night long, McCartney played, by my rough count, 27 Beatles songs and nine others. He remained faithful to the vintage musical arrangements from the Beatles, Wings and McCartney solo records. He never even stopped to take a sip of water. McCartney, who just turned 69 years of age, rocked even harder last night than he did when I last saw him perform, two years ago at the then-new Citi Field across town."

Friedman went on to say that McCartney was "at the top of his game."

Okay, you see where I'm heading, right?


Top of his game?

How old are you? Or should I ask: How old do you think you are? And how's your game going?

I've written several blog posts here on the illusions and beliefs about the so-called "aging process." You can check them out HERE. The point is that growing older, like everything else, is what we say it is, individually and collectively.

Personally, throughout my life, even as an adult, I have looked forward to being older. I always presumed/understood that life only gets better with the passage of time, especially if you get that time doesn't really "pass." In a linear line of reality it does appear to, but in the higher, truer reality of our existence, each and every moment is created anew. Therefore, if one can get to a point of living fully in the now, even while choosing to play the linear time game, which includes the illusion of "accumulating" experience, one can really choose to enjoy life more fully, perhaps by playing shortstop at Yankee Stadium as you enter your 40's, or performing rock concerts there into your 70's!

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