This is from Toni Nagy's entry on, entitled: "How Better Parenting Could Produce Fewer Greedy Bankers and More People Who Care About the Future of the Earth."

"So the question is why is money more important then our survival? My answer is bad parenting. The human race is sprinting towards its own destruction because we think that money will make us feel better about our mommy and daddy never loving us enough or teaching us how to love ourselves. It is not your mom and dad's fault, or even their parents'. We are talking about generations of people who have not figured out that nothing will make you feel emotionally fulfilled if you are not genuinely emotionally fulfilled on your own. Maybe the 99% of us so blindly support the [super-wealthy] 1% because we spend our adult lives resenting our parents and trying to find happiness through material possessions, power over others, success in our jobs, and looking at pictures of each other's vacations on Facebook."

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Brian Scott McFadden said...

This is true...But the problem is to talk about this IMMEDIATELY touches one of the "third rails" of human psychology: It requires us to define what GOOD parenting is...Which then unfortunately seems to require SOME comparative frame of reference defining what BAD parenting is...And this is where people's heads explode! Because few want to acknowledge how truly BAD and destructive SO MUCH of what people today call "parenting" truly is. That would require criticizing their own parents and acknowledging their own pain as well as their parents unexamined cluelessness...That's a tall order. Think how glowingly some people talked about the "Tiger Mom" approach (Wait ten years till those currently high achieving "tiger cubs" are all successful Summa Cum Laude Julliard graduates...with severe eating disorders, huge social anxiety & an inner emptiness that's gonna make Franz Kafka look like one of the Muppets...)
But....hopefully...slowly...ever so slowly... people are evolving:)


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