I am back from two weeks, linearly speaking, of life at the shore, channeling and communing with "Helios," the personification of the sun in Greek mythology, known also as "Sol" in Roman mythology.

As is always the case when it is one's intention, this year's journey to the sea was revelatory and transformational at many levels. The first affirmation that came to me from Helios early on was: "Things are never going to be the same!" This invocation was to be said not the way human beings typically say it, with a sense of tragedy or remorse, but rather with a spirit of excitement and celebration.


Ha! Try it out. Say it with an energy of positive anticipation and see how it feels.

Anyway, I look towards "vacations" as a time for me to let go of familiar environments, habits, routines, and mental patterns in order to refresh my spirit, reboot my mind, and cleanse my energy field, while absorbing the exquisite healing energy of nature's best. There are few things in life - orgasm, deep meditation and a great sleep are among them - that compare with the sheer joy of immersing myself in the ocean under a bright sun bursting forth through an azure sky. When I am taken by a wave while body surfing, the laughter that roars out of me is a true harmonic between my personality and my soul. I laugh so strongly because I am simultaneously so awed by the power of the water to do with me what it will, and yet in that seeming helplessness, I also feel a knowing comfort that all is right with the Universe.

The Wave that I've often written about over the last 2 years, is strong and getting stronger, folks. As some people are soaring forward into a place of self-actualization, creative expression and pleasure in love, Eros and sex, others are getting slammed and slammed hard. People died out here on Fire Island this year, young people, in their twenties, overdosing on drugs, drowning from recklessly swimming while under the influence late at night during a storm. People who are unconscious or in denial (same thing in a way) will say these were just tragic accidents, the result of youth or maybe depression, etc., and at a superficial level, there is veracity in such an understanding.

At a deeper level of understanding, though, those souls left the planet because they weren't prepared and/or willing to ride The Wave. I am neither being glib nor grim about this. Our souls know that we are eternal and every journey in physical existence has its span of time. However, if you are on the borderline of awakening to your true nature, but are hesitating in doing what it takes to raise your vibration up to that awakening, just know that there is an opportunity for a great deal of help right now, one way or another.

I say ride that Wave! (More pictures to come!)

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