Yep. This is from an ad by OREO COOKIES that ran in South Korea with the caption: "Milk's Favorite Cookie!"

I didn't make this up. GO HERE to read the story.

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Melanie Brand said...

I think this is interesting for a number of reasons. Amongst the shocking, bizarre, and quite frankly downright unacceptable stuff we see in movies, including kiddies movies (we walked out of Ice Age 4), I find this tame (my 6 year old would get it) even and worthy of a giggle because if you've ever nursed a child you will KNOW, yes PL "KNOW", that 1. No nursing mother's breasts look like THAT (unless its a Korean standard - which even then I doubt), secondly that if you put a camera in the face of a nursing child (not infant of course) they are likely to look at you in exactly the same way. they frown, they frown when they're nursing anyway, it takes concentration, and YOU'RE a distraction. 3. No nursing child is going to have ANY interest in an Oreo. Promise. Now call me crazy, but THAT is the simplicity with which i view this image. With all the taboos we are bombarded with daily, I really think its a good shot at getting attention, and from an advertisers point of view is likely to sell Oreos (to sleep deprived Moms and Dads maybe?). Why, please explain, is this controversial? with all the taboos we are exposed to that so few appear to flinch at. I see a lot of frighteningly off center stuff come out of Penguins of Madagascar and can think of far worthier violations to demonstrate against and create laws to prevent. So, if we stopped making this controversial it wouldn't be, but for now remains a good ad, because its up for discussion, if it wasn't controversial, it would be sweet and heartwarming. I think it is, but then I guess people prefer pics of cuddly pups and kittens to this, or worse images of war death and destruction that we see n the news everyday. Perhaps the rest of the values supported and espoused by advertisers are so savory and sound? or any other content we're exposed to on a daily basis. Surely images of nursing mothers with their infants should remind us of who we are. I don't see photographers blacking out images of the nipples of nursing tigers or any other animal for that matter. Oh dear. I hope this is put into stark perspective soon.
Hope everyone can just relax about the nursing mother - bared breast dilemma, its no biggie really, get over yourselves. Its not a trauma, its reality. One of the more reassuring ones in an ocean of ever more warped ones.
Mom - ex- USA resident, SA


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