That's the subject of a piece that was on the Huffington Post a while ago by Justin Buzzard.

Here's Justin:

"Hollywood leads us to think singles (or married people carrying on affairs) have all the hot sex while married couples have boring sex, or little or no sex. Yes, I've been having sex with one woman, the same woman, for nine years. But, on the other hand, I've been having sex with a different woman each time. A good marriage is dynamic--always changing, a new experience around every corner. A happy marriage involves two dynamic people who are always changing, developing, growing and learning how to better love each other."

I would add, Justin, that specifically, the "changing, developing, growing and learning" needs to be in the area of self-revelation and discovery of the other person. The Pathwork Guide is very eloquent about what keeps Eros alive:

"As long as there is something new to find in the other soul and as long as you reveal yourself, Eros will live. The moment you believe you have found all there is to find, and have revealed all there is to reveal, Eros will leave. It is as simple as that with Eros. But where your great error comes in is that you believe there is a limit to the revealing of any soul, yours or another's. When a certain point of usually quite superficial revelation is reached, you are under the impression that this is all there is, and you settle down to a placid life without further searching."

This is the challenge, folks. Continuing to reveal yourself and continuing to seek greater depths of knowing of a partner requires a determination that is not common, which is why so many people assume that "hot sex" in a long-term monogamous relationship fades away. And mind you, I'm not saying that "contractual monogamy" is a positive thing. "Spontaneous monogamy," however, and a truly "open marriage," can afford a great opportunity for exploring the depths of love, Eros and sex to you, but... as always, it comes down to self-work and self-will, doing the former, letting go of the latter.

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