5D is taking its toll on our idols, isn't it? 

Sports heroes have been accused or found guilty of everything from cheating with performance-enhancing drugs (Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens to name just a few) to murder (NFL star Ray Lewis, and most recently, Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorius). A war hero General stepped down in a sex-related scandal in 2012 (David Petraeus) and last week a Pope (Benedict XVI) resigned, the first time in over 600 years, amidst the exploding sex-abuse cover up in the Catholic Church.

Yes, indeed, heroes are joining the ranks of the "Whatever happened to..." crowd I've been writing about here on FPL. As I've said recently, if you're reading this, you're in 5D consciousness, but those whom you might know who either decided to stay in a 3rd Dimensional vibration, or who are insisting on operating by 3D rules in 5D, may be fading from your inner circles, maybe even out of your life.

This is happening both individually and collectively, and at a rapidly increasing pace. Not only are our heroes falling from view, but "old school," ego-driven leaders in business, entertainment, politics, etc... are also disappearing (The way they've been imploding in recent times, the entire Republican Party may not even exist by the next presidential election cycle.).

This phenomenon isn't going away, folks, and this is an ego-less dimension we're in. Be humble. Be yourself. You can be great without needing to be.

Oh... and...



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