Okay, let's start at the top with this one... You exist because you are fully supported. That's it. The Universe, All That Is, your Higher Self, nature, life... however you want to frame it... fully supports you. Period. If you were not fully supported, you would not exist. In fact, you are so supported that you even get supported in your imaginings that you are not fully supported.

What? You say. People suffer, people die, people are broke or married to the wrong person or slaving away at jobs they hate... 

Yes, that's right. People do create suffering, and they are completely supported in so doing. People also create joy, abundance, health, pleasure, and also do things they love to do... and they are fully supported in that as well. We are always in a state of abundance, in other words. Some human beings create and experience an abundance of material things, love, adventures; others create and experience an abundance of lack and pain. In fact, if you believe in the illusion of death, as most do, you will have the death experience, and then set about experiencing whatever else you wish to experience after death. And so on.

You see, whatever you create, the Universe backs you up... completely! And without judgement. So, whether you put out a call through your inner intentions for impoverishment, illness and loneliness, or prosperity, vitality and deep love, the energetic "creation factory" you exist in will fill your order. When things "happen" in your life that you deem to be negative, how often do you have that "See, I knew it" feeling? Or that "This always happens to me" state of being? Do you believe that "Murphy's Law" applies to you? 

There's an entire Pathwork Guide Lecture on this subject: "The Superstition of Pessimism." Here's a passage from the lecture:

"The superstition of pessimism begins as a superstitious destructive playfulness, but then you get lost in its very painful effects. You may really believe in what you first assumed as a safety measure. However, denying the positive and believing in the worst to appease the gods, as it were, is destructive. You do not know the power of such thoughts. 
"The power of this game needs to be made conscious. It can apply to many things in your life. When you have an illness, it may apply to the healing. When you find yourself alone and unloved, you may playfully -- safely, as you think - express the belief that it will always be that way. When you lack funds or a fulfilling profession you say to yourself, 'I had better believe it must be that way, so maybe then it can come to me unexpectedly.' It is as though you hoped for some idealized parental figure to assuage your doubts, to come forth and tell you, 'No, no, my child, it is not that bad, it is all going to be wonderful.'
"Without knowing it, you dictate into your soul a belief creating circumstances that prove it. You then 'forget' that you had started this game in a spirit of superstition or perhaps in a spirit of emotional manipulation. You become so involved in what you have unwittingly created that you really begin to believe that the negative is the reality. What started out as a superstitious safety measure gradually becomes belief on another level of your consciousness. The belief creates the reality and you stay in exactly that position."

Look, here's the physics of it, folks, and this really runs through all of the Truths About Everything - everything is made up of particles and streams of energy. Everything. If you could put your hand or your shoe or a pencil or the air you breath under an electron microscope, what you would see is that we are all "composed" of particles and streams of energy living in a vast sea of that same energy. So, what makes one thing appear separate and different from another? Consciousness. Quantum physics has demonstrated that anything being observed is changed by the fact of it being observed.

Consciousness moves and arranges everything! Get it? The abundance that is all around you, that is yours for the having is... again... everything! All around you. 

If your intentions were free and clear, in other words, not clouded by old, conditioned beliefs in limitation, for example, you could literally turn lead into gold as the ancient alchemists were said to be able to do. You could end a drought by making it rain, as Native Americans were known to do. You could create or attract financial prosperity, vibrant health or the love of your life. And it's no secret.

There's more than enough for everyone to have more than enough. The vast, unlimited, infinite "stuff" of the Universe is yours to command. 

What are you waiting for?

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