Someone sent me THIS headline story this morning: "Scientists Blow The Lid on Cancer & Sunscreen Myth"

Below is the list and links of FPL posts I'm adding this story to.

Remember, folks, conventional wisdom is an oxymoron.

Enjoy! Summer's just around he corner!!

Here we go again! I've written about this many times (HERE and HERE), especially when celebrating the good 'ole summer time, as I am right now. I've posted links to studies showing that sunlight improves eyesight, and that the sun's dosages of Vitamin D help prevent cancer. Well, here's yet another article on the benefits of sunlight, this one entitled: "The Real Key To Improving Brain Function." 

Nicholas Spitzer, professor or neuroscience at the University of California and editor-in-chief of, has a message for all of you out there who are listening to classical music and doing crossword puzzles as a way of improving your brain functioning:

"Stop it right now!"

According to Spitzer: "What we have learned is that exercise  and exposure to sunlight are the key things for better brain function." 

Come on, folks! It's a brilliant, sunny, summer Sunday in early August. Get out there - to the park, the beach, the country, to whatever your version of a natural paradise is, and heal yourself - of everything or anything that ails you.


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