Are you noticing the incidents of serendipity, coincidence, deja vu increasing? Are certain things just seeming to fall into place in easy or unexpected ways? Have opportunities for money or love made their appearance? Or are you experiencing an upsurge of certain physical and emotional symptoms or conflicts, constrictions in finances or sexual expression, or disturbed sleeping patterns, weight gain and restlessness?

All of the above?

Well... welcome to 5D!

Now, don't misunderstand. The days of good or bad, right or wrong, this or that, etc., are gone. We are now out of dualism, so it's this and that, now, and it's all good. But you've got to get used to the new "operating system" you installed during the last month, the download of energy and information many of you have been preparing to receive by doing several years of determined self-work. 

The "new rules" of 5D, outlined in my recent post, "Which Earth are you on?", are now in effect: 

 - Murphy's Law is officially reversed
 - Creating your reality from your emotions and your ego is obsolete
 - Time isn't really real
 - The past is no longer prologue

The learning process for applying those principles is what we are immersed in right now, but take heart, it will be a short and accelerated education. And while there will be residual resistance to the shift in consciousness, the processes of moving through those resistances will be relatively short-lived, especially if you don't judge the resistance.

Regarding the first new principle - "Murphy's Law is officially reversed" (i.e. - Whatever can go right will go right... if you let it) - you might wonder what would possibly be the resistance to that? Everything going right, going your way, your highest excitement and preferences coming to fruition readily and consistently? Come on, PL. Bring it on!

Well, check it out - the main things we all found exciting about 3D consciousness for thousands of years were the ideas that there were obstacles to overcome, barriers to break through, adversaries to thwart, wars to survive, battles to win, etc. Just look at our movies, TV shows, literature... and our history, as we think of it. The hero's journey was always about battling something or someone, resolving conflict, striving against all odds, resisting oppression. 

Well, now, that limitation has been lifted with the rise to 5D consciousness. There is no need any longer to maintain your warrior identity, or to wield your emotional and mental swords and shields that you once believed protected and defined you. You're free. The war is over. But... the acceptance of peace and harmony and prosperity without conflict and strife and stress means letting go of what once constituted excitement, and even moreso, letting go of who you once thought you were.

Indeed, you may wonder what will be the source of excitement in this obstacle-free dimension? Many have been asking this question since the beginning of 2013. What will be the impetus for each day, for awakening in the morning, if there is no battle to win? What will be the challenge?

Take a breath and see if you can get it.

Got it? No?

Well, here it is...


That's right. Creation. That's what will be exciting about every day, creating whatever it is that your soul desires to create through you. Might be a screenplay, might be a meal, might be a painting, might be a love-making experience, might be a sunny day or a parking spot in front of your house. You see, in higher vibrational dimensions, creating is the never-ending expression of All That Is, without the 3D experience of obstacles and barriers. Not that there is anything wrong with obstacles, but been there/done that for a long time. Long time! We're on the other side, now. It's an open field. Really!

So, instead of waking up in the morning and preparing for battle by asking yourself what you have to do (i.e. - overcome) that day to feel accomplished or satisfied or safe, you will simply ask yourself and keep asking yourself: "What do I desire to create now? What do I desire to create now? And now? And now?" And rest assured, you will not be bored, folks. 

More to come on the 5D experience. Enjoy your creations!

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Aracelis Aquino said...

I knew I was on the right train....happy to be on this side...your words describe so well the ways I am experiencing life now...


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