Well, actually, if you're reading this, which means you're in my reality and haven't become a "Whatever Happened To..." for me, then you may already have noticed that we're on a "new Earth," which is to say a 5D version of Earth. Yep. Sources say we shifted as planned on 12/21/12, as predicted by the Mayans thousands of years ago, and by many other soothsayers since. Obviously, it didn't mean getting hit by a comet or starting a nuclear conflagration or succumbing to a deadly plague, although there were some natural and man-made disasters for sure in the months leading up to the shift, and many human beings and animals continue to leave the planet in record numbers. 

But here we are, well into 2013. We made it!

Disappointed? Were you hoping for a "big bang" of some sort? Does the world still look like it did in 3D to you? Well... take another look. The rules have changed. That is the first round of the shifting process. Next come the outer changes that always flow from inner changes, and many of you made big inner changes in 2012. This first quarter of the new year/new Earth was a chance to catch our collective breaths, but my sources and many people around me say things are heating up again, getting ready for the next Wave.

Yep, those bigger and bigger outer changes are coming, and coming soon, changes that will make the superstorms of last November, and the tragedy of the school shootings in Connecticut, on the dark side, and Barack Obama's re-election and the election of Elizabeth Warren and several other more socially conscious Democratic women to the Senate, on the positive side, look tame. In any case, those kind of remnants of the 3D shake-out are not what's most important to focus on, now.

What is important is to discover and practice how to use the new operating system that's been downloaded into our reality.

Here are some of the basics:

 1. Murphy's Law is officially reversed. The old adage - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" (See the Pathwork Guide Lecture: "The Superstition of Pessimism") - is now re-written: "Anything that can go right will go right... if you let it." 

What does that mean? 

It means you can stop swimming against the current if you want. The powerful river that is the force of our Higher Selves is inevitably taking us downstream to our first best destiny. That's always been true. The 3D game, however, has been to make that ride challenging by having obstacles to overcome, adversaries to confront, resistance to our inner callings, and belief systems rooted in dualistic ideas like good and bad, right and wrong, worthy or unworthy, etc. Now, in 5D, you can easily turn around and go with the flow and let the current support your journey at a much accelerated rate, and with significantly less effort.

2. Creating your reality and its experiences from your emotions and your ego is obsolete. Creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective, is the 5D way of living. 

Whew! What does that mean?

It means, first of all, that you can get off the emotional rollercoaster ride of 3D. On that ride, in that game, if your ego deemed something to be good (for it), you experienced an emotional high and a feeling of victorious inflation in your personality; if the ego felt defeated or disappointed, you experienced depression and feelings of failure or worthlessness in your personality self. In 5th Dimensional consciousness, because you are always aware that you are connected to everyone and to All That Is, and aware that when you are creating your reality it is the energy of All That Is and your Higher Self channeling through you, you are egoless, and therefore, not prone to excessive emotionality. You are in, as it is aptly called, "The Zone." In The Zone, there is no judgment, so dualism falls away. Antiquated notions like winning and losing, success or failure, give way to just experiencing your creations in the moment with fascination, excitement and harmony.

[On a personal note, as an emotional person of Italian heritage (in my fading 3D life), I can feel the loss of this one in my ever-quieting emotional body. Those highs and lows were addictive. In fact, the attachment to those surges of emotion, the adrenaline-rushing hysteria of it all, have been the source of many other addictions in human beings. One of my favorite movie moments, speaking of an addiction to food and drama, was when "Primo," the chef in "Big Night," brother of Stanley Tucci's character, sung the praises for a particular dish made in Italy by proclaiming: "Lasagne bolognese so good you have to kill yourself!"]

3. Time isn't really real. (Thank you James Taylor and Albert Einstein!)

That's right. In 5D, events do not have to "take time" in the way we are used to, nor is time something we need to be in a "race" against. Rather, time in 5D is merely an "environment" we travel through, a climate we play in. If we desire, we can slow down or speed up time, consciously. We already did this in 3D unconsciously, experiencing "time flying" when we're doing something we enjoy, or things "taking forever" when we're impatient. 

This of course effects the idea of an "aging process," as well. Instead of time being an enemy, it is merely something to use and enjoy as we see fit, and aging can be experienced as a process of refinement and growing into depths of joy and selfhood never before known to us. 

4. The past is no longer prologue. In fact, the past, as such, is more or less merely a flexible representation of the present. 


See, once the emotional body has been cleared, which is what everyone in an holistic therapy/healing process has been working on lo these many years, once the feelings caused by the ideas we have carried around inside about what our childhoods and earlier life experiences were, once they have been released, we discover that the past is much more pliable as a reality than we thought. Not only does the past stop influencing our present, we can rewrite is just as if it were Act One of a screenplay we're creating. Any event, no matter how damaging we have thought it was for us in 3D, can be now seen as beneficial to who we are now. And furthermore, you can discover that who you thought you were in 3D no longer has to represent who are are now. This is truly the rebirth you have been hearing about, only without having to go through another childhood, but rather, a birth into a higher level of existence.

More on the new 5D rules to come, folks. But take a good look around and try out your new self. You've done some great clearing work to arrive to this place, and the treasures you prepared for yourself are ready to start manifesting. Say good-bye to what was, including to who you were, keep clearing if there are still some dust bunnies hanging around, and saddle up for the next quarter on the 2013 ride.

Oh, and you can still have lasagna to die for if you really want!

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Annette said...

This was simply BRILLIANT!! Thank You Peter..I needed to hear this today:-)


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