"If you're trying to generate creative work, you should really consider taking a daily walk."

That's a quote from an article in Slate Magazine on several creative geniuses who relied on long walks to free up their creativity. While the article is mainly descriptive, and doesn't offer much in the way of deep dynamics, it touches on something that I regularly prescribe to the people I work with - TAKE A WALK!

Just as I often recommend taking a nap to refresh the body and soul, and recommend writing in a journal to keep in touch with one's inner life, I equally suggest walking as a way of grounding the body energetically. Putting one's feet on the ground (barefoot is especially good) and moving the body gently through walking almost immediately reduces anxiety and clears the head of repetitive thoughts. Naturally, that process then makes room for creativity to flow through the mind and body.

Spring is here, folks. Get off the couch. Shake off the winter blahs, breathe, absorb some Vitamin D... and take a walk!

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