Then think about it.

Then read a description HERE of the Psychopathic Character Structure.

Understand a few things - having a Psychopathic Character Structure doesn't automatically mean you're a serial killer or a gangster or some other kind of "sociopath." Sociopathy is a particular subdivision of psychopathy at the extreme end of the scale of this structure. Many human beings in socially acceptable occupations are psychopaths. Nonetheless, even those people with this personality distortion who may never commit a legal crime are capable of doing heinous things... like cutting off a pair of healthy breasts.

Every person I've ever known with a primary character structure that is psychopathic has an extraordinary fear of death. Extreme emotional numbing, which is the main defensive process that distinguishes psychopathy from the other character structures, leaves one incapable of experiencing the fullness of life. This is why psychopaths are known for craving intensity and drama and "larger than life" experiences. 

Not feeling fully alive is what leads to a fear of death, because no one wants to die numb. 

One of the major legal crimes committed by our medical establishment is the drugging of so many peopleeuphemistically called "pain management" - in the final stages of their lives. This reckless use of power has sadly made dying in a state of numbness the norm for so many. 

Another heinous crime, the one now making for all the tabloid headlines, is calling the drug, slash and burn atrocities of mainstream medicine "healing" or "life-saving." 

Really, Doc?! 

Removing healthy body parts in anticipation of a possible future illness is the best you've got? 

Folks, look, first of all, the body never lies. (See "The Truth About Everything, Part Five")

This is an excerpt from the Psychopathic Character Structure chart:


- Body is “designed” to serve the purposes of dominating or seducing and can take almost any form, following whatever main image the person is primarily attached to (i.e.- athletic and powerful, youthful and innocent, sexual and alluring); generally, however, there are two types of body formations typical of this character structure:
1. The “overpowering type” which is inflated on top, “blown-up” looking, with a barreled chest, broad shoulders, and large head, while rigid and small in the pelvis, with small buttocks and thin legs, particularly the calves; or 2. The “seductive type” which is inflated in the pelvis (but numb to feelings there), with broad hips and hyperflexibility in the back, while deflated and immature in the chest area;
- Armoring is particularly marked in the chest, diaphragm, legs and shoulders;
- Eyes are highly charged, often large, and frequently gleaming or sparkling; in the dominating type, the eyes are penetrating and compelling; in the seductive type, they are soft and intriguing, cunning, dreamy or sleepy looking (“Bette Davis eyes”);
- Often, there is a pronounced split (correlates to a lack of integrity in the personality) between the head and the body (mature body, with a small child-like face and head, or visa versa); this split is facilitated by severe tension at the base of the skull and in the shoulder girdle, which holds the head tightly in place (“I must never lose my head.”);
- Arms tend to be immobilized and away from the body (due to the inflated chest and severe shoulder girdle tensions);
- Feet tend to be “pulled off the ground” and may be small; calves and thighs may be short and thin, even when the torso is heavy;
- Physical illnesses are often not felt or manifested until late in life due to extreme willfulness and numbness (later life problems may be in the hips, prostate, pelvis in general, or the heart);
- Spine may be twisted or fused and immobile;
- Chronic areas of tension: base of the skull, shoulder girdle, chest and rib cage, including the diaphragm, waist and abdominal muscles (which are often hard and clenched to pull sexual energy away from genitals), pelvic area in general, genitals specifically."

See anybody you recognize there? 

Secondly, the actions of a person both follow the body and control and create the form the body takes. This is also from the Psychopathic Character Structure chart:


- The will is powerfully exerted to control others and to control feelings; feelings are alive in the body, however, but denied recognition by the mind;
- Feelings and the body are denigrated and not trusted, so neither are the external senses; therefore only what’s in one’s head, only one’s own ideas in the moment, are treated as valid and real;
- Power rather than pleasure is sought from life;
- The mind is the servant of the will in this structure, so reasoning can be dramatically inconsistent, though capable of brilliance; arguing both sides of a situation or mixing lies with truth is common if it suits a manipulative purpose to gain power or be “right”; one’s own lies are often believed; there is also a tendency to poor judgement and an inability to learn from mistakes;
- Pain is numbed, and genuine feelings are denied, but dramatic emotionality and false feelings are acted out to achieve some purpose, like intimidation or seduction;
- Fear of being wrong or of submitting to the will of others is extreme and is powerfully denied;
- Intuitive capacities of the mind are formidable, with very strong abilities to read what is going on inside of other people, although the understanding of the meaning of what is going on is often very distorted."

Here's a an excerpt from a piece by Daniela Drake, MD, in today's Daily Beast entitled: "Why I’m Not Having a Preventive Mastectomy"

"My genetics suggest a high risk of cancer, like Angelina Jolie. But I’m not convinced that preventive surgery is a good idea. This is supposed to be patient-centered care. But it feels more like system-centered care: the medical equivalent of a car wash. I’m told incomplete and inaccurate information to shuttle me toward surgery; and I’m not being listened to."

Read Dr. Richard Schulze's take on this matter HERE. Here's an excerpt from the herbalist himself:

"And I am telling you right now, that in a decade or two, surgically cutting off healthy breasts because someone tests positive for the BRCA1 gene will be seen as a huge horrific medical mistake."


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