A while ago, I wrote a piece, simply titled "BORED TO DEATH?," in which I cited a study, the results of which demonstrated that those who reported they had been very bored were two and a half times more likely to die of a heart problem than those who hadn't reported being bored.

Well, recently, a group of metaphysical truth seekers and I received some very interesting and powerful information on this subject. It seems that our Higher Selves can indeed "pull the plug" on a lifetime in which the incarnated personality has become so congested, disenchanted, bored, etc., that finishing out the lifetime isn't worth it... not just to the human being, but to the Higher Self as well.

In some existences, and perhaps this is more often the case than not, a Higher Self may have many incarnations going on simultaneously, and in a certain sense, there is, then, a distribution of energy from the Higher Self to the various incarnated selves that takes place. Last night's information suggests that the Higher Self has its own priorities when it comes to the disbursement of that energy.

Now, this does not amount to the Higher Self "murdering" the incarnated self. Since all aspects of the self, from the child/lower self to the adult and on up, are one with the Higher Self, it is always a joint decision, though the human aspect may not be conscious of its decision to end a lifetime.

So, what does this mean for we humans, practically speaking?

Well, if you're going to live... then live!

"Every death is a suicide," spiritual teachers have said in variously different ways. In other words, there is always a decision being made, and always an agreement involved, when a physical life is ended. If you are aware of your desire to live, and do whatever it takes to actualize yourself into a life that you feel is worth living, your Higher Self will support you. If you exhaust yourself with anger and resistance, or boredom, if you decide your life's not worth living, your Higher Self will support you in that as well.

It's always up to you.

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