HERE is a link to Ani DiFranco's song: "ANGRY ANYMORE," and below are the lyrics.

It is an ambivalent message at first glance, seeming on the one hand to say, "I understand, Mom and Dad, what you went through, how you became those people stuck in limitations that I then had to endure in my childhood," and in that understanding, "I'm not angry anymore." 

On the other hand, Mom and Dad, I don't want to become you or be like you, fighting a subterranean, internal "cold war," or learning to "just get by" in my life. And so in that separation from you, and in my letting go of my identifications with you, "I'm not angry anymore."

This is the work, people. Becoming aware of, revealing, and owning the truth of where we came from in a given lifetime, and who we came from, and then effecting the work of separation and individuation. It's a row to hoe, but you can do it!

Here's Ani in her words:


growing up it was just me and my mom
against the world
and all my sympathies were with her
when i was a little girl
but now i've seen both my parents
play out the hands they were dealt
and as each year goes by
i know more about how my father must have felt
i just want you to understand
that i know what all the fighting was for
and i just want you to understand
that i'm not angry anymore
i'm not angry anymore
she taught me how to wage a cold war
with quiet charm
but i just want to walk
through my life unarmed
to accept and just get by
like my father learned to do
but without all the acceptance and getting by
that got my father through
night falls like people into love
we generate our own light
to compensate
for the lack of light from above
every time we fight
a cold wind blows our way
but we learn like the trees
how to bend
how to sway and say
i, i think i understand
what all this fighting is for
and baby, i just want you to understand
that i'm not angry anymore
no, i'm not angry anymore

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