Most FPL readers have seen my post from the beginning of 2013 ("IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!") in which I outlined the basic rules now in play in 5D, the dimension that everyone you know on Earth has shifted to. 

Rule # 2 states: 

"Creating your reality and its experiences from your emotions and your ego is obsolete. Creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective, is the 5D way of living." 

Well, someone I am working with, in what she described as a personal "epiphany," recently came to understand and experience how Rule # 2 works.

Here, in her own words is her story:


I’ve always “Labeled” myself as “THE HUSTLER.” From growing up on suburban Long Island and yearning to get out, to doin dope on the Lower East Side, to being an addict in recovery, to be a working actress HERE in NYC. As a matter of fact, just the other day in conversation I shared with another actor:”...well Im a “HUSTLER” so I have no problem “Making IT Happen.”  That’s always been my motto: Im gonna “Make IT Happen.” Hustle, Hustle, Hustle...Take the action, connect the dots and “Make IT Happen.”

This “Label,” as Tolle speaks of it, or “Idea” of myself as well as the characters I play has become so ingrained in my identity. An identity that gives me: strength, courage, confidence, hutzpah and charge.....or so I thought....

To be honest, my deepest desire is to “BE” a COLLABORATOR.  And so the question is raised: How do I step into “BEING” a COLLABORATOR? Notice the word “BEING” has replaced “THE.”  Already there is a shift happening. And as I marinate on this thought/this DESIRE, I arrive at what I call a “CONNECTION EPIPHANY.”  I’m well aware of my “HUSTLER” identity and have always worn it proudly until...The “CONNECTION EPIPHANY.”  In that moment I realized: If I TRULY DESIRE TO “BE” A COLLABORATOR THEN I MUST LET GO OF “THE HUSTLER.”  Then the gates opened so to speak....”THE HUSTLER” has not been serving me, it keeps me separate, pushes people away, is not inviting and in fact is aggressive and warlike (Its ME AGAINST THE WORLD), it’s untrusting, hordish, selfish coming from a place of scarcity, lack, inadequacy and not “BEING” enough.  In essence it negates the very thing I deeply DESIRE “BEING” a COLLABORATOR. WOW! So not serving and totally counterproductive.  Once the “CONNECTION” was made I started to bring my awareness and acknowledge every time “THE HUSTLER” came up. hhhhhmmmm.....there’s “THE HUSTLER.”

Making a conscious shift into “BEING” a COLLABORATOR I had the realization that I felt vulnerable, open and exposed....and if I shared whatever it was that I was sharing I would lose it and it would be taken away from me....hhhmmmm.....INTERESTING... Now I know, that is FAR FROM THE TRUTH.  However, it was an unconscious belief that had surfaced for me.  Pulling that thread made me take a look at a challenging professional relationship I have had.  Now, little back story: Throughout this relationship I was always quick to point the finger. “THIS PERSON” was NOT “BEING” a COLLABORATOR.  With this new realization, I can see now that I wasn't “BEING” a COLLABORATOR at the table.  Unconsciously, I was guarded due to fear of being vulnerable and exposed.  With this realization I’m now able to consciously shift this egoic relationship into one of COLLABORATION. Why just the other evening when I was at a film festival I shared casually in conversation, I AM A COLLABORATOR.....hhhhmmmmm......INTERESTING....

These are exciting times we are living in...To Create from the place of 5D, Oneness, Allowing, Trusting, Not Knowing as a COLLABORATOR; opposed to 3D, EGO, the same situation over and over the HUSTLER.

I know which line of reality I’m switching to......Do You?


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